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Special Edition: Member-Appreciation Today + Debuting Caliva Collection Flower!

Well friends, it's true. We're here at Caliva today kicking off 420 with our member-appreciation day. The store is looking fresh and folks are walking with some tasty product and rad swag like Caliva sunnies, t-shirts, prerolls and more from the Caliva Game Wheel. We're also proud to introduce our top-shelf line of house flower, the Caliva Collection (see our budtender reviews of these tasty top-shelf buds below). So come by today anytime 'till 9pm! We'll be going on all day. Any purchase over $100 gets an extra spin! 

Plus, bring your receipt from today back to the store on 420 for a FREE gram alongside the FREE pre-roll and scoop of ice cream that every customer will walk with in celebration of the four two oh. 

And don't forget the stellar deals and Caliva Collection special pricing available everyday until 420!


Steals and Deals Everyday 4-16 Thru 4-20!


Introducing the CALIVA Collection


Come Back on 420 for Tasty Treats, Deals & Celebrations

Have an Awesome Day. See You Soon...

Let the games begin. The deals are flowing and vibes are high. Visit us everyday today through 420 and you'll get treated right. #higherstandards