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All the Reasons Sex While High Is the Best, Science Says

Scientific studies and plenty of anecdotal stories confirm we’re not imagining it — cannabis and sex are quite the combo.

Curious about what it’s like to get high and get it on? For a deeper understanding of how cannabis might help with your sex life, we cover advice for bringing cannabis into the bedroom and the best products for high sex.

Cannabis Consumers Have More Sex

A 2017 Stanford University study shows that cannabis consumers have 20% more sex than non-users. Yes, analyzing survey responses from more than 51,000 American adults between the ages of 25 and 45 of all races and demographics — including married and unmarried people — consistently showed the same result. As recreational legalization progresses through the U.S., it’s likely that even greater numbers will start to recognize the joys of sex and cannabis.  

People Report Sex While High Is Better

Besides frequency, many people find that cannabis enhances the pleasure of their sexual experiences. A study published this year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 68.5% of those who have sex while high describe their experience as more pleasurable, while 60.6% enjoy a boosted libido and 52.8% find their orgasms more powerful.

There are few likely reasons cannabis can lead to better sex.

1. Heightened sensations: Cannabis helps shift your perspective from practical matters to the realm of sensation. Food tastes better, a gorgeous sunset will have you in visual rhapsody, and — yes, pleasurable touch from massage to cuddling to sex can feel more vivid and stimulating. 

2. More focus on the moment: For many people who consume, getting a little high before sex helps them feel more present in the moment and in tune with what their body wants.

“It takes my mind off my to-do list and puts it on my to do list,” says Gina.

Sherri, an enthusiastic combiner of cannabis and sex tells us,

“It feels like I’ve gained a whole new set of nerve endings. I can feel sensations more deeply, or in new ways, and feel sensations I’ve never felt before!” 

3. Increased arousal and ability to orgasm: Cannabis also helps Sherri climax easier and even expands her erogenous zones to places she doesn’t normally associate with orgasmic touch. This is likely because of the effects THC has on the cannabinoid receptors in the skin and the nerve pathways. 

cannabis and sex

Research from 2017 suggests that 2-AG, an endocannabinoid, is released in humans after orgasm. From that and other studies, we can hypothesize that these compounds may be involved in normal sexual response and that elevated levels could contribute to a more satisfying experience.

Cannabis is also a known vasodilator. That means it opens blood vessels and increases blood flow — all good things for enhancing arousal and orgasm.

The Best Cannabis Products for High Sex (+ Non-Psychoactive Options)

Edibles and tinctures tend to have the kind of full-body effect that can lead to great sex, but according to our Caliva budtenders, a little goes a long way. If you’re new, stick to microdosing — 5 mg of THC is a good place to start. Or if you’re experienced, consume enough to get your groove on without melting into a puddle of mellow.

Edibles and Tinctures

humboldt love potion cannabis.jpg

Humboldt Apothecary Love Potion #7

This tincture helps you get in the right mood when taken under the tongue. If you aren’t looking to feel high, can also be used externally to enhance pleasure without the psychoactive effects.

sensuali-tea kikoko sex while high.jpg

Sensuali-Tea by Kikoko 

Each sachet in this 10-pack contains seven grams of THC and a tasty blend of aromatic herbs like hibiscus, rose petals, orange peel, and clove. “This tea,” said Caliva’s Education Supervisor, Murphy Adams, “makes me feel like cuddling.” 

Lubes and Massage Oils


Foria Pleasure Lube 

Formulated specifically to boost women’s pleasure, is a spray-on product that both relaxes the vagina and increases blood flow to the area, which in turn heightens sensation and arousal while decreasing dryness. Since better circulation = easier and better orgasms, it’s a natural choice. Take note that Foria lube is not compatible with latex condoms. It’s also non-psychoactive.


Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Body Oil 

Featuring a 1:3 ratio of CBD to THC and an infusion of eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lavender, it’s perfect for the kind of massage that segues to sensuous foreplay. 




If classic flower-smoking is your jam, more than a few respondents — both male and female — recommend the strain Jack Herer for sex. Caliva’s cross between Jack Herer and Black Domina will do you right. Its clear, energizing high will help focus your attention without a trace of sleepiness. 



Caliva wellness consultants reach for this fragrant hybrid before they get busy. Zkittlez is widely known as a great strain for intimate moments, and Z-Cube is a tri-cross of the Zkittlez strain.


Venom OG

If it’s sensuality and romance you’re craving, Caliva wellness consultants recommend Venom OG. Despite the intimidating-sounding name, this balanced hybrid heightens sensitivity to touch.  

What to Keep in Mind When Pairing Weed and Sex

Follow these guidelines so that you’ll happily say, “yes, please,” to cannabis and sex for a long time to come. 

 Choose the right strain — for you

Remember, everyone responds a little differently to cannabis strains. Your partner’s go-to sex strain may not be yours, and vice-versa. Some strains will chill you out so much that you’d rather slip into blissful slumber. Obviously, you’ll want to skip those if your plan involves getting your groove on. Likewise, it can be a real bummer if you light up before a night in only to find yourself buzzing with “gotta organize my spice rack” energy. So it helps to try a variety of strains and products to get acquainted with their particular effects on you. 

Experiment with new sensations

Because your senses will likely be magnified while high, Sherri recommends bringing different materials, fabrics, and toys to the bedroom. “Those,” she said, “might include silk, feathers, latex, metal, ice, heat — whatever you can think of!” 

Pay attention to your emotions

Dusti, a 31-year-old entrepreneur who uses cannabis to enhance sex, recommends making sure, “you’re in a good spot [mentally] prior to toking up. You want to set yourself up for success — and that means starting with great communication with your partner from the beginning.” 

Be safe

As always, practice safer sex — whether or not you choose to include cannabis.

And keep in mind, cannabis is a mind-altering substance that sometimes lowers inhibitions — so be sure you trust your partner. If you’re experimenting with someone or something new in bed, it’s best to have a consent discussion before partaking. 

Weed Works for Solo Sex, Too 

When considering what cannabis can do for your sex life, don’t overlook solo experimentation. Even though cannabis can enhance your sense of connection to other people, it also deepens self-awareness. Masturbation is a natural and healthy part of sexuality, too — and another area where cannabis can boost pleasure.

Interested in giving cannabis and sex a try? Talk to one of our Caliva wellness consultants. From product recommendations that help women grow their libido to strains that reduce anxiety and inhibitions around sex they’ve heard all the questions and are happy to help.

CBN (Cannabinol): Everything You Need To Know About the "Sleepy" Cannabinoid

In your trio of best friends, one of you isn’t sleeping well at night. That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): More than one-third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis. 

According to experts, of the 100-plus unique chemical compounds (called cannabinoids) scientists have discovered in cannabis, three of the most studied appear to play a part in helping us get that all-important rest we need. You probably already know THC and CBD pretty well.

Let us introduce you to cannabinol, or CBN.

In a country craving more sleep, it’s no wonder that the cannabinoid CBN is starting to stir up excitement for its own benefits.

We’ll explain how CBN works, dig into the actual science around this cannabinoid and recommend the best CBN products below.

What is CBN (Cannabinol)?

CBN is a cannabinoid produced when THC is heated or exposed to oxygen and light over time. So, CBN is usually found in aged cannabis. 

Yep: CBN is basically degraded THC that’s lost its high-inducing potency. If you’ve ever found a forgotten stash of flower in your closet, smoked it and felt sleepy afterward, you may have stumbled upon cannabis with high levels of CBN.

CBN cannabinol a cannabis cannabinoid

What are some of CBN’s effects and benefits?

Again, the research is pretty limited, but what we do know so far is that CBN may:

Make you sleepy. When paired with THC, it’s been found to — maybe — have some sedative effects. Maybe. A 1975 study with a tiny sample size of five men found that participants reported feeling “more drugged, drunk, dizzy, and drowsy” than they felt when they were given THC alone, though another small study found “CBN produced no detectable changes” in THC’s effects.

Relieve pain by interacting with neurons that not only signal pain but also respond to local tissue injury.

Treat skin conditions like psoriasis or burns when used topically.

Stimulate appetite. One study involving rats found that CBN made them quicker to eat, eat more and for longer periods of time.

Stimulate bone growth.

“It’s exciting that customers are coming in and asking our Caliva wellness consultants about CBN and its benefits. Both science and the consumer market are just beginning to learn about the potential of several more of the powerful 100+ cannabinoids in cannabis — not just THC and CBD,” Murphy Adams, Caliva Education Supervisor.

CBN cannabinol a cannabis cannabinoid infographic Caliva

How does CBN (Cannabinol) work?

First, a refresher on cannabinoids: These naturally occurring chemicals found in the cannabis plant interact with our bodies to produce an array of therapeutic effects and improve our health. They are, essentially, what make cannabis medicinal. Cool, right?

CBN is no different. When CBN, like other cannabinoids, enters your bloodstream, it attaches itself to receptors in your endocannabinoid system throughout your body (called CB2 receptors) in a lock-and-key fashion. It may also bind with receptors in the brain, called CB1 receptors, though researchers believe their connection with CB2 is more powerful.

The result of this interaction differs depending on where the receptor is located, but the goal for all cannabinoids is always to restore balance. CBN may also affect how various hormones and neurotransmitters work, and could be effective for pain management and inflammation, appetite, bone health and other conditions. 

While more research is needed to understand how CBN works on its own, experts do believe the compound plays an important role in “whole plant medicine.” 

In other words, CBN works in synergy with other cannabinoids and cannabis compounds to enhance the overall benefits of a product — this phenomenon is called the “entourage effect,” and it’s pretty powerful stuff.

How does CBN compare to CBD and THC

The million-dollar question, of course, is: Will CBN make you feel high (like THC does) or calm (like CBD does)? Well, TBH, science isn’t quite sure.

Some research indicates CBN is non-psychoactive, and other studies suggest CBN has very mild psychoactive effects. Either way, you probably won’t feel like you’re flying after consuming a product rich in CBN.

In fact, while CBN currently has the reputation of being an effective sedative, there’s actually very little quality research to back that claim up.

Dr. Ethan Russo, Director of Research and Development at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, told Leafly that while CBN isn’t a proven sedative, the addition of CBN (or another cannabinoid in general), may increase the powerful entourage effect (when multiple cannabinoids multiply each others’ effect).

3 of the best CBN Products

Though it’s still a fairly new — and growing! — category, Caliva has a handful of high-quality CBN products available. While you can find small amounts of CBN in some flowers strains, edibles are the most effective way to consume CBN. Here are three of our recommendations.

1. Kikoko Tranquili-Tea Canister - 10 Tea Bags

Is there anything more soothing than a cup of warm tea before bed? Each tea sachet includes 3 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBN, and infused with peppermint, chamomile, valerian root, lemon myrtle, licorice root, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender and cornflower petals. We’re sleepy already. Also available in single dose sachets.

2. Sunday Goods Effects Disposable Pen - Rest

Everything you need to know about this product is in the name. With a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, plus CBN and lavender aromatherapy, a few hits off this disposable vape pen before bed may be all you need to call it a night. 

3. Mary's Medicinals CBN Capsules

For no-muss, no-fuss medicine to help you chill, these 100% plant-based, vegan and non-GMO capsules contain 5 mg of CBN and include three terpenes known for their relaxing effects. 

Sleep well!

The Best Cannabis Products to Pair with 7 Songs of Summer

You might notice the smell of cannabis wafting past you as you head to Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco — or another end of the season music festival — this weekend. That’s because the magical pairing that is cannabis and music has been fueling concert-goers and music-lovers for decades (if not longer!).

Have you ever listened to a song while high and thought to yourself, “Wow, this song is taking me on a spiritual journey?” Or that your body and mind were more attuned to the beat, vibrations or meaningful lyrics than ever before? You’re not alone, according to science. That next-level feeling is thanks to what researchers call a “musical time-space” perception that cannabis unlocks.

In honor of the incredible experiences cannabis + music can bring, we created an Outside Lands-inspired mixtape complete with some of our favorite cannabis pairings. So go ahead: Turn the music up real loud, spark up that joint and prepare to get down with the beat.

Listen to the Spotify playlist

1. Childish Gambino, “Telegraph Ave” + Z-Cube flower

Z-Cube is an indica-leaning hybrid that we love to partake in before listening to the main man at OSL this year, Childish Gambino. A calming body sensation washes over you like the smooth melodies in this track while the smell of lemons and pine makes you grin from ear to ear. Best smoked at an outdoor festival with your BFF, expect vibrations from the bass to feel especially powerful.

2. KYGO, “Stole The Show” + Alien Og flower 

One’s of the OSL 2019 headliners, Kygo’s plinky plonky island beats are made even better with a whimsical video that centers around an astronaut love story. The video’s silliness pairs quite nicely with a doobie filled with potent Alien OG! An extremely giggle-friendly cannabis strain, Alien OG adds the perfect touch of euphoria necessary to get down with this funky beat.

3. A$AP Rocky, “Sundress” + Lola Lola Pre-roll 3 Pack - TranSCEND

A$AP Rocky achieves a catchy blend of hip hop and indie with this summer tune. Do it a favor by lighting up a Lola Lola “Transcend” pre-roll. Created by blending together a variety of strains from Sour Strawberry to Orange Dream and made even better with added cold-water hash, the end result is a potent indica blend that’s sure to have you seeing stars in no time. Close your eyes and dance like you’re at the disco.

4. Lizzo, “Tempo” + Mr. Moxey's Energizing Peppermints

Nothing gets us dancing up a sweat like OSL veteran Lizzo. Turn the volume up to the max for “Tempo” and bust out a tin of Mr. Moxey’s Energizing Peppermints (5mg of THC each). Starting to feel the buzz? Time to grab a friend and get down with your bad selves. Feel the need to re-create the video in your local parking lot? You do you, boo.

5. Jimi Hendrix, “Purple Haze” + Caliva Kiss The Sky vape cartridge 

Jimi Hendrix explained in an interview the idea for the song “Purple Haze” came to him in a dream. We don’t doubt that one bit, though we think there may have been another secret player to thank: our good friend cannabis. 

The Kiss The Sky vape flavor is an homage to that great tune considered by many to be the first heavy metal song of all time. A half gram cartridge that’s 510 thread compatible, this sativa-dominant hybrid will lift your mind up into the heavens in no time at all. Tell Jimi we say hey.

6. Kacey Musgraves, “butterflies” + Caliva Toasties "Classics" 5-PacK pre-rolls 

Our favorite country-pop soul, Kacey Musgraves’ “Butterflies” makes you wanna dance with someone you love... and smoke a joint or two. Keep a hand on your partner’s waist and the other on a freshly lit Toasty for one hell of a night.

7. Beyonce, “Formation” + Deli Sour Diesel Lemon Kush Pre-roll

Get a bright and energetic start to your day with a little Queen Bey and a pre-roll fit for a queen. A cross between Lemon Kush and Sour Diesel, this one gram pre-roll packs a punch for a mere $7. This strain will bring a whole lotta energy to the party, while also keeping your body relaxed and feeling groovy. It’s the ultimate smoke for anyone looking to dance their hearts out like no one’s watching. And who better to dance to than the Queen herself? 

For these and other songs that pair perfectly with a doobie, listen to the Spotify playlist.

Celebrate Friendship Day with the Best Products to Share With Friends

Whether you're hitting the festival scene, enjoying the serenity of the great outdoors, or just chilling on the beach, time spent with good friends is time well spent! And as we all know, cannabis is a great addition to any friend-outing. 

For many people, weed is great for socializing. Sure, some strains can leave you wishing you were at home watching Netflix, but others leave you feeling open and unguarded, ready to be social and hang out with your best buds. Not only that, but it’s a perfect way to make new friends! 

In honor of International Friendship Day on Sunday, August 4th, we rounded up some of our favorite products to share with friends.

Pick up something for the group, call your buds, and let the fun begin! Scroll to start shopping!

”Cannabis has always played a special role in my closest friendships.”

“I have a bit of social anxiety and I get antsy just sitting with acquaintances, trying to make small talk,” says Rachel, a writer from Colorado.  “But when you have a smoking friend, it gives you a reason to hang out often and the slow, relaxing process of smoking is a natural setting for sharing mundane, small moments from your day.” 

When she moved to Colorado, Rachel says she had a tough time finding that feeling with her new friends. “It wasn't until I found another girl who smokes... that I felt that really special bond again. We definitely went from acquaintances to real friends because of the intimate, quality time we spent toking together.”

The best strains for socializing

For most people, we’d recommend to go for sativas over indicas. Sativas are known for giving an energy boost and a clear head, so you’ll be more alert and ready to hang with friends.

Sativa-dominant hybrids are also a good choice, especially for a relaxing chill sesh with friends. If you have anxiety, including social anxiety, though, reach for an indica or indica-dominant hybrid.

Caliva friends

Share with friends: Our shareable faves

If you’re looking for the perfect shareable to bring to a barbecue or use as an excuse to invite a friend over, Caliva’s got you covered!


SHOP Sunday Goods Delight Variety Prerolls, 7-Pack, $45

Want to take the edge off a little before heading out to a party or gathering? These cute hybrid pre-rolls (0.5g each, 19%+ THC), can’t be beat for easing social anxiety and giving you a bit of a confidence boost. Great for sharing with acquaintances at parties or during deep bonding with your besties.


SHOP PLUS Blackberry Lemon & Sour Watermelon Gummies, 100mg THC, $15

Does it really get any better than THC-infused gummies? Why yes, yes it does — just add blackberry and watermelon! These gummies will have you and your friends ready for your next adventure, wherever life leads you! What will your crew like more: Sour Watermelon or Blackberry Lemon?


SHOP Caliva Venom OG, 18.89% THC, $35

Caliva’s own flowers are for the DIYer in all of us. Perfect for joints, bowls, bongs, and bubblers, Venom OG is bursting with bright shades of orange and purple and notes of pine and lemon. It’s a tropical jungle all its own. 


SHOP Bad Apple Citrus Kush, 18.38% THC, $45

Want to roll a joint with something extra special? You and your best friends will receive your best ideas from the heavens with the sweet, lemony Citrus Kush from Bad Apple.


SHOP Bad Apple G Pen GIO Eden’s Haze Cartridge, 0.5g, Hybrid, $35

SHOP Heavy Hitters Lemonade Cartridge, 1g, Sativa, $55

No muss, no fuss, a vape is the perfect on-the-go goody for a night out with friends. Alert and confident, enjoy mixing and mingling with new friends and old after a few pulls on these delicious blends.


SHOP Biscotti Chem Krush x Chem D Hash, 1g, $30

Sharing special occasions with friends really is one of life’s little joys. Take it one step further with this incredible hash.

How are you sharing cannabis with your friends this International Friends Day? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @gocaliva.

Quiz: Toasties Classic and Toasties Bold: Which Toasties Style Is For You?

Anyone who’s already a fan of Toasties Classics knows there are reasons year round to want a perfectly portable, discreet pre-roll option. But with plenty of road trips, backyard barbecues, outdoor music festivals and nights closing down our favorite neighborhood watering hole coming up, we’re declaring summer the #1 season to get toasty with a discreet pre-roll. 

toasties classic caliva on the beach

With the launch of a second, more potent option — Toasties Bold, coming in at around 12% THC — you can now choose your own adventure.

Both Toasties Classic and Toasties Bold feature the stuff you love: 

  • 0.5g of indoor-grown, hybrid flower

  • A filter and tightly-packed bud for a smooth smoke and even burn

  • A straight-walled cannabis cigarette look for under-the-radar smoke sessions

Is your warm-weather style or activity more of a low-dose, chill situation fit for breaking out your 5-pack of Toasties Classic (approx. 8% THC)? 

Or are you heading out on a daring road trip, planning to pass a joint around the fire — or just enjoy a more formidable high solo? Toasties Bold could be calling. 

Take the short quiz below to find out which style of Toasties should be your summer calling card.

We’re Celebrating Our 4th Birthday In Style

That’s right, on July 10, Caliva turns four years old. From a newly formed business in 2015 to a thriving, 600+ person company today, we’ve grown immensely over the past four years — and have had a great time doing it. We captured four of our proudest moments from the past year below.

To celebrate such a momentous year, we went big for our 4th birthday with a Limited Edition Birthday Cake All-In-One vape pen. Yes, we made a delicious party vape so you can celebrate with us.

Our special 2:1 (high-CBD, low-THC) formulation tastes just like a classic vanilla birthday cake that’s layered with berry filling and topped with sweet cream cheese frosting.

Put on your party hat and snag our Limited Edition Birthday Cake vape for $20. We’ll also have plenty of promotions going on through July 14th in-store only. Come wish us Happy Birthday and ask your wellness consultant about the deal of the day. 

4 Things We’re Celebrating From Caliva’s 4th Year Around the Sun

1. 3.5X growth — and a lot of new faces at Caliva

Looking back to just one year ago, our incredible growth seems almost surreal. But at Caliva, we now know the sky’s the limit. We grew by nearly 3.5X year-over-year in revenue from 2018 to 2019. That means we served more customers and saw our products become available in new areas of California. 

Our 4th birthday is really about the people (eating cake and wearing party hats just isn’t as fun solo). Since our founding in 2015, we’ve hired 600+ people. Since January 2018 alone, we’ve hired over 500 people, with 250+ of them joining since the start of 2019! 


We wouldn’t have been able to grow without our passionate team. The people of Caliva believe in the power of the plant, and sharing cannabis in its best form with Californians. You see that love, attention and thoughtfulness that our team brings to each role in our final products and customer experience. 

Want to help grow Caliva together? Visit our Careers page

Caliva 420

2. Giving back to the community all year — and for our birthday

One of the themes of our 4th year we’re most proud of is investing in the community and supporting causes we believe make the world a better place to live.

For our 420 (the unofficial holiday for cannabis enthusiasts) Puff Puff Pass It Forward Campaign this year, Caliva donated 4.20% of all wholesale and retail sales on 420 weekend to Clear My Record, a Code For America program working to clear eligible cannabis records. 

Ben & Jerry’s — our favorite socially-active ice cream company — and nearly 60 of our dispensary partners joined in for the 420 event.

For our 4th birthday, we’ve giving back again. For every Birthday Cake Vape purchased, Caliva is donating $4 to Our City Forest, a San Jose nonprofit who’s also on a mission to create a happier and healthier Silicon Valley. Our City Forest does this by cultivating and planting trees around the Bay Area.

Caliva High Times

3. Award-winning and record-setting flower

Our cultivation team has kept the wins coming all year. Most recently by taking home the gold at High Times for Best Hybrid Flower for Z Cube! 

Not only is taking first place at the Cannabis Cup for flower the highest honor for cannabis cultivators, but the cultivation and Caliva Labs teams had put a lot of time into Z Cube. That’s because Z Cube was cultivated in-house at Caliva. It was part of a one-year phenohunt, or cultivating seeds (rather than plants) and evaluating their qualities to find the best new strains. 

The cultivation team, led by Ryan Brantley, worked with Caliva’s in-house lab to collect data on potency, terpene profile and yield over multiple harvests — ultimately locking in the award-winning Z Cube.

Alien OG, another one of Caliva’s prize production strains, tested in state-certified labs for a crazy-high potency of 35%! Several batches of Caliva have tested over 30%, and we believe Alien OG is record-setting in terms of consistently potent flower.

Caliva lotion

4. Diving into other form factors: pain-relief lotions and beverages

This April, Caliva expanded into wellness with a new form factor for us: topicals. Our pain relief lotions are all-natural and allow us to tap into a new audience and category.

Unique in the cannabis industry, we have our own internal innovation lab here at Caliva that crafts custom products. The Caliva Lab, led by Director of Research Maya Kochman, has been working closely with physicians who are experts on pain for over a year to develop these pain relief lotions.

And we aren’t stopping at lotions; beverages are on the horizon. In June, Caliva acquired Zola, a plant-powered hydration company, and the CEO of Zola, Chris Cuvelier is leading our foray into THC and CBD drinks. We can’t wait to be refreshed by what he and Maya develop.

Stay tuned over the next year for big things. We’re feeling really good about Year No. 5.

9 Rainbow Cannabis Products to Make Your Pride Weekend Shine

There are several brands — available at Caliva — that are pledging generous donations to nonprofits that support the LGBTQ community. We wanted to highlight PLUS’ Rainbow Sorbet gummies.

Made with an uplifting Sativa blend, each perfectly dosed Rainbow Sorbet gummy contains 5mg of THC. What makes these gummies even sweeter? For every tin sold PLUS will donate $1 to the San Francisco LGBT Center.

The mission of the San Francisco LGBT Center is to connect the city’s diverse community to opportunities, resources and each other to achieve its vision of a stronger, healthier, and more equitable world for LGBT people and allies.

SHOP PLUS Rainbow Gummies, 100mg THC, On Sale for $12.75

Beyond these companies supporting the cause, there are also plenty of products that’ll fuel your pride weekend.

Shop the rainbow

himalaya sativa vape orange.jpg
FU preroll yellow.jpg
olo green.jpg

Getting High, Demystified: A Guide to Using Cannabis for the First Time

Your neighbor, your college roommate and your friendly local supermarket cashier all enjoy cannabis. Whether or not she admits it, your mom may have even tried it. So maybe you’re thinking it’s time for you to give weed a whirl.

Not sure where to start? This guide to getting high for the first time will help you choose a product that’s good for beginners — and maximize the fun and chill-factor.


What It Feels Like to Get High for the First Time

You may get stoned. Great! Time may slow down quite a bit and you may find yourself feeling peaceful, euphoric and downright happy. Your senses might be heightened, so expect music and touch, for example, to feel extra incredible, loud, layered — you name it. You might get giggly over YouTube cat videos, or start contemplating profound topics like the interconnectedness of every living thing.

Rest assured, deep thoughts — and off-the wall ones — are all normal. Have fun with those mental meanderings. Cannabis can lead to wonderful conversations and bonding between you and your favorite people.

Prepare with Water and Munchies

You’re likely to get thirsty when stoned, so make sure you hydrate before, during and after your session. You may also, at some point, get hungry and enjoy food in a whole new way. This, as you probably know, is called the munchies and it happens to the best of us. But don’t worry — it needn’t end up with you elbow-deep in a bag of potato chips while wielding spoonful after spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Healthier food tastes amazing when you’re high, too, so surround yourself with the good stuff and that’s what you’ll enjoy.

You May Not Get Stoned

“It took me quite a few tries to actually get high,” says Lillian, now a comfortable cannabis user. You might experience that first-time absent high if you don’t inhale fully. Remember that you want to bring the smoke into your lungs, not just your mouth, so taking a little extra sip of breath after pulling on the joint will help. But there’s no need to hold it in for too long. You’ll feel the effects as long as the smoke reaches your lungs.

Or, it may just be that your first high is subtle enough that you don’t quite recognize the sensations yet. Either way, it’s perfectly fine — you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know your new friend cannabis.

Caliva Toasties

How To Have Your Best First High

There are myriad ways to consume, and it’s true that a trip to the dispensary could leave you feeling overwhelmed with options. So, what should you choose for your first time getting high?

What to Avoid

Edibles, while delightful to many cannabis connoisseurs, are not recommended for first-timers because they take a while to kick in and last longer. Also, avoid using a bong or any highly concentrated products like extracts because they probably pack too much punch for your first experience.

Beginners Should Opt for Flower or Vape Pens

Flower Options

Budtenders at Caliva recommend the old-fashioned way for newbies: smoking cannabis flower, or “bud.” Flower is ideal for your first time getting high because you’ll feel the effects quickly. That makes it easiest to gauge when you’ve had enough.

Caliva’s Hybrid House Doobie or Indica House Doobie are good options, since you won’t need to own a pipe or roll or joint to get started. Toasties, low-dose pre-rolls that clock in at a moderate 10% THC, are also a great option.

Vape Pen Options

Smoking cannabis is less harmful to your lungs than smoking cigarettes, but for those who prefer to avoid smoke, vaping is another good choice. A pull of Caliva’s Afternoon Delight or Kiss the Sky vape flavors can give you that pleasantly altered state without the conspicuous weed smell.

High-CBD Vape Pens

Vape pens are also easy for beginners because high or balanced-CBD formulations are easier to find than high-CBD flower. CBD tempers the effects of THC, so you might feel a slightly less psychoactive — but still very relaxed — high.

Opt for Caliva’s CBD Lavender 3:1 vape cartridge, Care by Design’s CBD-Rich 2:1 formulation or Dosist’s Relief vape pen, a 2:1 THC to CBD formulation.

Start Low and Go Slow

If you’re new to weed, remember that a little can go a long way. “Start low and slow,” recommends John, a Caliva budtender. “I would suggest starting with one to two puffs of a hybrid or indica.” After that, he recommends waiting five to 10 minutes before possibly taking another hit.

Caliva Cannabis

Different Highs: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

As you shop for flower or a vape pen, you’ll notice many are designated indica, sativa or hybrid. Here’s what to expect from each.

Indica Strains

Generally speaking, an indica strain will yield a mellow high that’s best suited to activities like a sunset stroll on the beach followed by a home-cooked meal. (Pro-tip: you might want to actually cook your meal or do anything that requires a stove before you get high.) Dinner will taste extra scrumptious, and you may get the urge to snuggle with your dog, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, before drifting off to a sweet night’s sleep.

Sativa Strains

Sativas, on the other hand, are likely to make you feel like doing something more active like hitting the trails, or possibly color coding your spice rack and bookshelf, and are thus best suited to a morning- or middle-of-the-day session. Sativas are also known to heighten creativity, and so they’re a good choice for enhancing your photography, sketching or jam sessions.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrids are — you guessed it — situated somewhere between the two and may give you a middle-of-the-road high that’s neither too energetic nor too chill.

Regardless of the strain you choose, avoid driving, going to work or doing anything that requires your utmost focus and coordination. At least until you’re more experienced with what works for you, think of cannabis as enhancing your playtime, not your work and responsibilities.

When in doubt, ask your budtenders! They field newbie questions on the daily and it’s their job to help you discover what you like. It’s always okay to take your time at the dispensary so you feel comfortable with what you’re about to bring home.  

caliva with friends

Setting up for a great experience: location and People

For your first time getting high, choose a day that’s wide open. With enough time to relax and enjoy the experience, it’ll be much more pleasant than if you have a research paper or a shift at work waiting on the other side of it.

Opt for a comfortable space like your own home or a peaceful outdoor setting to set the tone for ease and good vibes. And last, choose people you trust to get high with the first time. A good rule of thumb here is to smoke with people you enjoy hanging out with when not smoking.

What If You Get Too High?

You’re likely to avoid unpleasant experiences if you follow this guide, but it’s true that cannabis does sometimes make people uncomfortable. Rapid heartbeat and paranoia are both some of the less desirable possibilities. If you’re ever hit with this, remember that it will pass soon. If you’ve smoked cannabis flower, your maximum high will last only a few hours.

CBD, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, is known to moderate paranoia and mellow a THC high, so you may want to have a quality CBD oil handy, like OM Elixirs CBD 18:1 Tincture, in case you find yourself in that situation. Several drops held under your tongue will take effect pretty quickly. Some also swear by eating a black peppercorn, taking a shower or exercising as ways to bring down an unpleasant high.

Remember that cannabis varies a lot by strain and potency, and everyone responds to it a little differently. If you tried something that didn’t agree with you the first time around, you may want to keep exploring to find your sweet spot.

Don’t Overthink It

Cannabis enriches many people’s social lives and free time — all without icky hangover symptoms! Remember to start low and go slow, and you’ll have many good experiences ahead of you. Above all, “trust your instincts,” says Chelsea, a Cailva budtender. “You know your happy place and your limits.”

9 Cannabis Products That'll Brighten Your Summer Days

We’re guessing you have a lot of major plans this summer. Dancing at a music festival till the sky is purple, taking an epic road trip with friends up the 101 and too many backyard barbecues to count? We’d sure say those are #summergoals.

If you’re hoping to brighten your summer days a little more with cannabis, you might have some special requests of products to fit your summer lifestyle: portable, convenient, soothing — or social — and great for sharing with friends.

Slip into summer with these 9 refreshing, share-worthy picks.

wyld gummies.jpg

1. WYLD Enhanced Gummies

Flavors: Huckleberry, Marionberry and Raspberry

100mg THC, 10 gummies per container

Made with real fruit and delightful terpene flavors, Wyld edibles have become a fast favorite of Caliva wellness consultants.

“I love the raspberry Wyld gummies for sunbathing. They’re mood-elevating, so even if you’re in the sun all day, they’re still uplifting. Wyld gummies don’t come in flavors that you’ll find everywhere — their flavors are interesting and unique. Plus, since they’re made with distillate, the don’t taste like cannabis — they’re just delicious and delightful.” - Christina, Wellness Consultant

Kiva Petra

2. Kiva Petra Mints

Flavors: Mint, Tart Cherry, Pineapple, Saigon Cinnamon and Citrus CBD

2.5mg per serving, most flavors THC only, Citrus is CBD only, 40 mints in tin

An incredible low-dose option for those hours of daylight you now have to enjoy after work. Or better yet — as discreet, convenient cannabis option for road  trips, hikes, outdoor music festivals and the like.

“I took a tin of Petra Mints and a tin of Terra Bites on a Memorial Day weekend camping and whitewater rafting trip with friends, and they were all gone by the end. My friends loved both, but the Petra Mints were especially great because they’re very low-dose (2.5mg), super tasty, and don’t melt in the sun. They’re not only convenient to travel with, but super fun to share because people get really excited about them.” - Evan, Director of IT


3. OLO Sublingual Strips

Flavors: Active, Chill, Focus, Social

8 strips per pack, 5 or 10 mg per strip

Caliva wellness consultant Chelsea was impressed by how much she felt a single OLO Chill 10 mg strip — noting they also come in precisely-dosed 5mg strips. They’re perfect for on-the-go this summer, since they won’t melt, and will make your breath smell minty fresh. There’s one to fit every moment under the sun (or shade).

“This is the [OLO SOCIAL] strip I find myself using often — it’s perfect for parties, brunch (and dinner parties), nights out, music festivals and lively conversations. Try some for a brainstorming session, or a fun chat on your front porch. The 5mg strips make me feel bubbly and playful and engaged. Best when shared with friends and lovers.” - Marcia Gagliardi in a My Milligram article

Caliva beach 510 vape pen

4. Caliva Universal Vape Cartridges

Flavors: Seven flavors with a range of effects

Half gram of vape oil

These affordable vape oil cartridges are flavorful, lightweight and practically made for summer. We refine and formulate our vape flavors in-house, using botanically-derived terpenes for incredible flavor and effects that are juuuust right. These slim vapes are super convenient to bring along when you’re out in the world all day embracing the summer. You know — from morning workout to work to a rooftop happy hour and then a beach bonfire. These cartridges are compatible with 510 universal battery.

lola lola prerolls.jpg

5. Lola Lola Prerolls

Blends:  Calm, Imagine, Mingle, Relax and Transcend

Sold in a 3-pack

Not only a quality high and amount of flower (1.5g/3-pack) for $20, you’re guaranteed a smooth smoke with Lola Lola Prerolls.

“I’ve tried the Imagine and Relax blends of Lola Lola Prerolls and I’ve enjoyed both. Imagine is a tasty sativa blend that gave me energy and made for a lovely Saturday afternoon smoke. I hung around my local park, enjoyed the sunshine and shot the shit with my friends. I'd recommend these prerolls to anyone looking for an uplifting, social smoke.” - Sam, Field Marketing Manager

Kiva Terra Bites

6. Kiva Terra Bites

Flavors: Blueberries, Espresso Beans, Sea Salt & Caramel and Peppermint Pattie

5mg THC per serving, 20 bites per container

Kiva’s Terra Bites went from one of the first solid, precise edibles years ago to an established staple. Pre-hike pick me up, post-kayak wind-down, to a goodie before a dance party in the redwoods — is there a scenario these aren’t good for?

“The THC-only Terra Bites chocolate-covered blueberries are a gift from the gods — they work, they fit nicely in my purse, and they’re delicious. I also take [the espresso bean bites] when I’m extra sore from running or Krav Maga.” - Karla Alindahao for Forbes

select weekender.jpg

7. Select Weekender Disposable Vapes

0.3g of vape oil, with THC potency based on flavor

The awesome range of Select Weekender flavor options mean no matter what adventure you’re about to go on, there’s a flavor or effect for you. Toss one of these babies into your bag and get to making some wild summer memories.

“I love using my Select CBD Vape Pen (I reach for Master Kush or Strawberry Banana) to help soothe my mind and body, after a busy work week or during a hyped-up day hanging out with friends at the beach. I can throw it in my tote and go anywhere, which also makes it super easy to bring to barbecues and share with friends. It's become an addition to my self-care routine — and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.” - Alyssa, Influencer Marketing Associate

Caliva pain relief lotion

8. Caliva Pain Relief Lotions

Four formulations with varying levels of THC and CBD content

1.7 fl oz

All the vacations and time spent outdoors are some of the best parts about summer. But all that airplane and car travel, strenuous hiking, and sleeping under the stars — instead of comfy beds — can lead to tired and achy muscles.

Your body might need a little extra love to reset. Try our all-natural, non-psychoactive lotion designed specifically for people looking to ease discomfort and speed up recovery for sore muscles.


9. Kiva Chocolate Bars

Flavors: Blackberry, Espresso, Ginger, Mint Irish Cream, Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Chai

100mg of THC per bar, some flavors also have 100mg CBD

One of the most versatile products, saying Kiva knows what they're doing in the chocolate department is an understatement.

“There’s nothing better than long summer nights, but with it being lighter later outside, I find myself staying up way later during the week… and paying for it the next day. Now, I try to unwind with a book or a bath around 10PM, and eat a piece of 1:1 CBD:THC ginger chocolate 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep. They’re an essential part of my spring and summer sleep routine.” - Whitney, Senior Content Marketing Manager

How to Get Started Using Cannabis for Stress Relief

Folks are feeling more stressed than ever these days. If you’re one of the eight in 10 Americans who are frequently stressed, having go-to relaxation techniques is absolutely necessary to help you wind-down from those long, vexing days. Some people do yoga, some people meditate, some people exercise. And some people use cannabis!

If you’re looking to up your self-care game or enhance an already-established stress-relief routine, you might want to consider adding in cannabis. It’s not always obvious how to get started or how to achieve the best stress-busting results.

If thinking about using cannabis for stress is leaving your head spinning, here are a few things you should know before you get started. You’ll be a pro at using cannabis for calm in no time.

1. Play around with dosing.

Consuming small amounts of cannabis, less than 5mg, might be just what you need to let the stress of the day roll right off your shoulders without being impaired. Small doses, or microdoses, are best taken in edible form or in tinctures so you can be sure of the concentration you’re getting. It’s easier to over-consume when you’re using a vape or smoking flowers, which can leave you a little too chill for daytime activities.

Alternatively, consuming larger doses of cannabis at the end of a long day might be the key to unwinding and relaxing without being distracted by or worrying about your day. See which method works best for you by starting with a microdose, taking notes, then possibly upping your intake.

humbolt sweet jane.jpg
kiva petra cinnamon.png

SHOP Kiva Petra Mints - Saigon Cinnamon: 100mg THC, 2.5mg CBD. $15.99

2. Add in some CBD.

THC may be the component that gets all the buzz, but it’s far from the only active chemical found in cannabis. There are over 60 other cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis and all of them have some effect on your endocannabioid system. Sometimes they complement one another, increasing the effects of one another. One of the more well-known phytocannabioinds (cannabinoids from plants) is CBD, or cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol works with the ECS by allowing recpetors to take up more of other cannabinoids, like THC.  Adding additional cannabinoids — like CBD — to THC will heighten the medicinal or therapeutic effects of cannabis without making you feel more stoned. This is commonly referred to as the entourage effect. Simply said, adding CBD won't get you high, but it’ll bolster the anti-stress properties, which is exactly what you want!

“I use cannabis for stress relief in all forms; flower, tinctures, vape, patches, etc. CBD plays a huge role in my feeling of relief.”
— Chelsea, Caliva budtender
lav gio.jpg

SHOP Caliva G Pen GIO - CBD Lavender 3:1 Vape Cartridge. $28.99

3. Find the right strain.

When you’re aiming to soothe your stress, choosing the right cannabis is important. Go to a reputable source, like Caliva, to make sure you’re getting high-quality, pesticide-free, and California-state-tested cannabis. At Caliva, our knowledgeable and friendly budtenders are also there to help you out. Tell them what you’re looking for (like stress relief), ask questions about the strains they have available.

“I use cannabis daily for stress and anxiety. It helps me stay calm and not get worked up in stressful situations. It also helps me relax right before I go to sleep because if I don’t smoke an indica at night, I tend to stay up past 2 AM.”
— John, Caliva budtender

Shoot for strains high in THC and/or CBD, according to a Washington State University study that tracked how effective nearly 12,000 cannabis sessions were on stress. Or try to stick with indica strains or indica-dominant hybrids — as opposed to sativas. Indicas are known for being more relaxing than sativas, and you certainly don’t need a high-energy mind high when you’re already obsessing over your to-do list.

x_retail_photo_1 zcube.jpg

SHOP Caliva Z Cube - Indica 22.73% THC. $10.99.

4. Don’t forget about terpenes.

All plants contain potent aromatic oils and cannabis is no exception. These oils, called terpenes, are what make some strains good for certain effects. For a more calming high, look for strains that contain linalool or myrcene. Be sure not to overdo it on the myrcene, though. It can have a sedative effect that might leave you relaxed but also stuck to the couch.

lotion lav.jpg

SHOP Caliva Head, Neck + Shoulder Tension Lotion - Maximum Strength Lavender. $44.99.

5. Consider your edible and tincture options.

Smoking is the most well-known way to consume, but cannabis is not a one trick pony! Edibles and tinctures are a great option for stress relief. Different strains and even different buds from the same strain can contain different concentrations of THC, and since you never really know how much of the active compounds you’re inhaling each time, judging the amount of THC you’re getting when you smoke is pretty tricky.

With edibles and tinctures, the concentration is predictable, so if the box says 10mg per gummy, you can be confident you’re getting 10mg per gummy. Likewise with tinctures, if the bottle says 10mg/mL, you know you’re getting 10mg with every milliliter you measure out. It takes the guesswork out of accurate dosing.

kiva sparkkling pear.jpg

SHOP Kiva Camino Gummies - Sparkling Pear: 40mg THC, 120mg CBD. $17.99.

Using cannabis to relieve stress is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day. Your Caliva budtender can help find the right strain, the right method, and the right dose for you!

Caliva's Sponsoring Bay to Breakers for the Ultimate Runner's High

In an effort to usher in a more modern view of the active cannabis consumer, we’re super pumped to announce we’re an official Bay to Breakers 2019 sponsor!

Caliva is a California company through and through. More than that, being born and headquartered in San Jose, we’re deeply connected to the Bay Area.

That’s why getting to sponsor an iconic San Francisco community event means so much to us. We’re honored to be the first major cannabis sponsor EVER to be part of Bay to Breakers.


Where to Find Us at Bay to Breakers

As we gear up for race day, we'd love you to stop by our booth at Origin Wellness Fair on Friday, May 17th from 11am-7pm or Saturday, May 18 from 9am-5pm!

Booth 110 & 111

Pier 35

1454 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94133

Sunday, May 19th: Finish Line Festival!

Find us near the Bay to Breakers finish line at Ocean Beach, between Fulton Street and Lincoln Way. We'll have prizes from the wheel, limited edition Runner's High swag, massages from Acupop, drinks from Zola and more!

We’ve also gathered a team of over 100 employees and Caliva ambassadors that’ll be running or walking the race. If you see a group of folks at Bay to Breakers decked out in Runner’s High outfits having a blast, that’s us! And we’d love to see you there.

Limited Edition Runner’s High Vape Pen

Even if you can’t make the event, we have a special limited edition Runner’s High Vape Pen ($9.99) that’ll make you feel part of the team.

This limited edition Caliva Runner’s High disposable vape pen was designed to be your ultimate running partner. With a high CBD, low THC ratio and citrus flavor, it’s got you covered before and after your next run.

Shop for the limited edition Caliva Runner’s High Vape Pen online or in our San Jose retail location.

Missed out on Runner’s High or want a few more cannabis ideas for your next workout? Keep reading for employee favorites.


3 Cannabis Products Caliva Employees Love for Exercise

A whopping 80% of cannabis users use it before a workout or within a few hours after, for recovery. People who mix weed and workouts exercise actually get 2.5 more hours of exercise a week than people who don’t! Here’s how three Caliva employees up their gym game with cannabis:

Absolute Xtracts Soft Gels

“I take about 10-20mg of a THC capsule 30 minutes before a workout. I find that not only do I work out for longer, but I also concentrate more on my form. I take my time to concentrate on doing each exercise correctly — or hitting every foot placement during a run — and getting the most out of my workout.” - Nate P., Digital Project Manager

Caliva Lavender CBD 3:1 Vape Cartridge

“I love my using my Caliva Lavender CBD 3:1 vape after a run for my post-workout cooldown. I find that it prolongs that relaxed, loose feeling, so I can target muscle groups as I stretch or foam roll that would usually tighten more quickly after a workout.” - Nico M., Sales Operations Manager

Kiva Camino Gummies - 6mg CBD, 2mg THC

“On nights when I have at least 30 minutes to stretch or do yoga, I love to take a low-dose edible, like the Kiva Camino Gummies in Sparkling Pear. The cannabis helps me set aside my to-do list, relax and be in the present. So I feel really mindful of what my body needs, and I take every stretch a little deeper.” - Whitney A., Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Lace Up Those Running Shoes for Bay to Breakers

Now you’re ready to race. Pull up your tube socks, strap on your fanny pack, and grab your Runner’s High vape pen. We’ll see you at the finish line.

5 Moms and Daughters Dish on Sharing a Love for Cannabis

The stats on cannabis are quickly changing, and they reflect what we already knew: The couch-locked stoner stereotypes are on their way out, and thoughtful cannabis use is ramping up among adults of all ages and demographics. Attitudes are changing quickly, too — even among older Americans. In fact, Baby Boomers are the fastest growing group of new cannabis users.

So, do moms and cannabis mix? More and more, it appears that they do. In honor of Mother’s Day, we chatted with five women about their own stories of moms, kids, and cannabis. Here’s what they had to say.

This Grandmother Shares How Views on Cannabis Have Changed From the ‘60s to Today

Beatrice* is a mother and grandmother who told Caliva about how her views on cannabis have changed over the years.

Caliva: Did you use cannabis when you were a teenager in the 1960s?

B: Yes. I started smoking “dope” — which is what we called it then — in high school. I used to cut out with my friends at our Catholic school and go back to class stoned! It was a mellow thing for us, mostly.

But one time I smoked hash and had what I can only describe as an out-of-body experience. That scared me enough that I didn’t try cannabis again for almost thirty years!

Caliva: What reignited your interest?

B: When it started becoming legal in various states, I got curious. I like that you can access more information now about what you’re buying. I prefer edibles — and knowing how much THC is in each serving helps a lot. That way I never take too much!

Caliva: How do you feel when you use cannabis?

B: I feel relaxed and usually kind of giddy. Everything is funny. Food tastes incredible, so that’s a lot of fun. The only thing I don’t like is that I can sometimes forget what I was saying — even in the middle of a sentence!

Caliva: You have an adult daughter who also uses cannabis. Can you tell us about that?

B: Well, you can’t exactly use it and then tell your adult daughter not to use it — especially if you rely on her to get it for you!

Melissa Howland, a Caliva ambassador, with her mother.

Melissa Howland, a Caliva ambassador, with her mother.

Why This Woman’s Mom Went From Uncomfortable With Cannabis to Supportive

Melissa Howland is a fandom influencer and Caliva ambassador living in LA who vapes Gio CBD Lavender 3:1 to help with symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) and epilepsy. She also goes for Caliva’s Daydream vape flavor because, she says, “it helps me feel inspired throughout my day.”

Caliva: Is your mom supportive of your cannabis use?

MH: Back when I was in high school it was really taboo. I remember once my mom had heard on the news that it was 420, and when I came home she was like, “Let me smell you! Did you smoke? Did you use a roach clip?” and I was like, “What is going on?”

Of course, I had smoked weed with my friends earlier that day!

Now my mom is incredibly supportive, though she still doesn’t quite know what to call it. It’s kind of funny to hear her say — if I’m in pain, for example — “Did you smoke your marijuana?” Because she knows how much it helps me.

We’re almost to the point now that she’s willing to try it… there are so many different types and kinds, and there’s something for everybody. She’s learning the differences and we’re starting to have more discussions. She’s got knee pain and I think it would help her.

Caliva: Are you comfortable being high around your mom?

MH: I actually have been high around her, and it’s incredibly comfortable. She knows that it’s a way for me to unwind. It’s just something that can be fun for a nice day at the beach, or for painting and crafting — things like that.

And I don’t like to get too high, anyway. It’s kind of like having a couple of glasses of wine versus getting completely annihilated. I prefer a nice balance where I’m not just giggling at everything, and I’m not stuck on the couch.

Melinda, a Caliva ambassador, with her mother and daughter.

Melinda, a Caliva ambassador, with her mother and daughter.

This CBD-Lover Introduced Her Mom to Cannabis for Relief From Cancer Symptoms

Caliva ambassador Melinda is a 26-year old nurse living in San Jose who primarily uses CBD products. Lotions, vapes, and edibles are the main products she uses. "I’ve tried it all,” she says. Her favorite product today is Plus’ CBD Gummies.

Melinda found cannabis a couple of years ago when she and her brother became curious about vaping and using sublingual drops. But her mom, having grown up with strong religious views and negative feelings about cannabis, was at first unhappy with her kids’ choices. Melinda tells the story of what happened next.

Caliva: What changed your mom’s mind about cannabis?

MT: My mom was diagnosed with stage four uterine cancer, and after a while her pain medications weren’t working anymore. My brother and I kept trying to convince her to at least try drops or edibles… something.

We eventually found that Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and edibles really worked for her. She was more relaxed. She was laughing. She could eat. Even though she was on hospice, I didn’t have to give her any narcotics or pain medication. It was pretty amazing.

Caliva: What’s your advice for talking about cannabis with moms, especially those who could benefit from pain relief?

MT: It’s a lot of playing around, finding the right dose, but I think in the long run it really helps. For my mom, it was a great alternative to pain medication.

Joy Joyner, a Caliva ambassador, with her mother, Linda. Joy is also open about cannabis with her son.

Joy Joyner, a Caliva ambassador, with her mother, Linda. Joy is also open about cannabis with her son.

How Three Generations Came to Enjoy Cannabis in Different Ways

Caliva ambassador Joy Joyner uses cannabis medicinally, though she also enjoys a nice recreational high once in a while. “Caliva's lotion for inflammation is my new go-to for rheumatoid arthritis pain, and the Wyld Gummies are becoming fast favorites,” she said. Joy loves Caliva’s cartridges, and the Beboe Downtime vape helps kick insomnia.

Caliva: Is your mother supportive of your cannabis use?

JJ: Yes. She sees the relief cannabis gives me. I deal with chronic pain from a few different autoimmune diseases, as well as a digestive disorder. Once I started augmenting my traditional treatments with cannabis, my daily function became much better, which she was very happy to see.

Caliva: Has she always been supportive?

JJ: She was a bit nervous about it at first, but open minded. She asked me lots of questions and was receptive. She now sees how beneficial cannabis is to my overall health.

Caliva: Does your mom consume, too?

JJ: She is now an avid user of topicals… and the very occasional edible.

Caliva: Do you consume together?

JJ: The first couple of times she had some "magic chocolate" we consumed together. They were very fun evenings full of giggles and snacks!

Caliva: You’re a mom to a 21-year old son. Can you tell us about your attitude toward cannabis with him?

JJ: I have always been open about my medicinal cannabis use. I felt it was important to normalize it and teach my son how to be safe and responsible around cannabis in general.

When he was in college and having some serious anxiety, he told me he tried a CBD vape to help with sleep on an especially stressful night and was pleased with the results. It was enough to bring his anxiety down so that his usual stress reduction techniques could be more effective. That he felt safe enough to let me know made me happy and opened up more conversations about cannabis and responsible use.

Now in his 20’s, he’s a regular CBD user and has just started venturing into THC usage. I'm impressed with his careful, measured approach. He is researching the different cannabinoids, their effects, products… the whole nine yards!

Caliva: Have you visited a dispensary with any family members?

JJ: I took my son to his first dispensary visit at Caliva last week. I've taken my mom to Caliva, too. Three generations in my family are enjoying cannabis. It’s pretty amazing!

100mg THC 50mg CBD
Caliva Wyld Beboe
$44.99 $15.99 $49.99

This Nurse Is Open About Cannabis With Her Teenagers

Alicia* is a nurse in northern California and a mother of two teenagers. A holistic health enthusiast, she discovered cannabis’ many health benefits a few years ago and began experimenting with juicing, smoking, consuming edibles, and growing her own.

Alicia never tried to keep cannabis a secret from her teens. She showed them her plants and discussed the many uses of cannabis—adding that her kids might one day find some benefit, too. “I told them ‘this is cannabis.’ I didn’t call it pot. I didn’t call it marijuana. I wanted them to hear the truth from me about what it is and what it can do.”

Caliva: What do you want your kids to know about cannabis?

A: Cannabis is the best way to relax and get into your zen spot. It’s a healing herb with the only downside that, if overused, may lessen your motivation to accomplish things. But when used responsibly, it’s sweet and innocent and only has benefits. If I were to choose what my kids enjoyed if they ever wanted to relax, it would be cannabis over anything else.

*Name changed by request

11 Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Cannabis-Loving Mom

There are more parents consuming cannabis than ever. In fact, the majority — 54% — of Americans who use cannabis are parents. And 30% are parents with children younger than 18.

Raising kids is hard work. And stressful. (Sure, sure, among all the rewarding moments.) Parents need to chill out sometimes, too, right? But it goes beyond that.

With legal recreational cannabis in California, moms can use cannabis to cut back on alcohol, soothe anxiety and pain, get some sleep, and make craft days with the kids (or time away from the kiddos) that much more fun.

At Caliva, we also talk to a lot of people interested in sharing the power of cannabis with their older parents, primarily to help them with pain, sleep problems or another medical condition.

So, while you, grown child, might not want to have that convo about cannabis with your mom, Caliva has news for you: Your mom might already shop here.

11 Mom-Approved Cannabis Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift (Sunday, May 12) for a Supermom in your life that currently has kids in the house, or you’re an adult child buying a special present for your mother, we’ve gathered a list of 11 products that are Mom-Approved.

We’ve provided plenty of non-psychoactive, discreet, low-dose ideas below that are adored by Caliva’s moms of all ages.

For the Mom with Arthritis or Who’s an Exercise Enthusiast

Caliva pain relief lotion

Caliva Head, Neck + Shoulder Tension Lotion: Maximum Strength

Melt away tension with this powerful all-natural, non-psychoactive formula. THC from California-grown cannabis, combined with the calming effects of organic lavender essential oils will let your mom’s joints and muscles relax, helping bring both stress and pain levels down.

$44.99 | 340mg THC 

Pap and Barkley Releaf Patch

Papa & Barkley Releaf Patch: 1:1

The Releaf Patch's slow-release formula offers 12 hours of consistent relief, activated with more than 30mg of cannabinoids per patch in a variety of THC:CBD ratios. Unlike some other patches that act only as a topical, the cannabinoids in P&B patches are absorbed into the bloodstream to provide body-wide relief.

This is the perfect supplement for an active, wellness-focused lifestyle!

$15.99 | 14.53mg THC and 16.15mg CBD

The Mom Who Believes “Weed Mom” Is the New “Wine Mom”

Caliva Toasties image

Caliva Toasties Classics 5-Pack

These 0.5g low-dose solos are filled with pure cannabis for a simply smooth smoke, every time. With low THC, Toasties are made to be mellow, and their discreet, cigarette-style appearance makes using them without drawing attention easy, too.

$14.99 | ~8% THC

utopia_macaroons at caliva

Utopia Raspberry Macaroons

Healthy cannabis users rejoice! These gluten free, vegan, and tasty macaroons are a healthy dose of loveliness to keep your day a hop, step and a jump above the rest. 10 delicious macaroons with 10mg of THC per piece.

$17.99 | 100mg THC

joy tonic

Mood33 Joy Sparkling Tonic

Turning frowns upside down! Enjoy this infusion of yerba mate leaves, freshly picked peppermint and dried lemon peel. Just don't forget to share your smiles! What's inside? 10 mg THC. 33 calories per bottle. Also contains Yerba Mate, Peppermint, Lemon Peel, Limonene, B-Caryophyllene, Alpha Pinene. Could possibly result in positivity, happiness and elation.

$7.99 | 10mg THC

The Mom Looking to Unwind


Sunday Goods Effects Disposable Pen: Soothe

Sunday Goods’ Soothe vape pen is designed to calm, relieve and restore. Put the kids to bed, make some tea and draw a bath, because your self-care routine is about to get real.

$49.99 | 37.83% THC 38.46% CBD 

CareByDesign CBD-Rich Tincture

Care By Design 1:1 Tincture 15ml

Fast-acting CBD relief in easy-to-use drops that are great for nighttime use. The 1:1 ratio may be psychoactive for some folks, and may cause sleepiness. To take, you place drops with measured dropper under the tongue. Let drops absorb (rather than swallowing) for quicker effect. Includes organic coconut oil to aid absorption.

$21.99 | 240mg THC and 240mg CBD


The Mom That Values a Discreet, Low-Dose High


LVL Tablingual 5mg: Soothe

Microdosing is becoming popular with everyone — not just moms. But the benefits of having more control over how high you get, plus the quick onset (5 minutes) of these discreet sublingual tabs are perfect for the mom who wants a mild, relaxing high.

$21.99 | 45mg THC in 15 tablets


OLO Sublingual Strips 5mg: Focus

Another great discreet option, these hybrid, 5 mg strips will give you day a happy edge, whether you mom is at work, gardening, or balancing the books.

$29.99 | 60mg THC in 12 strips

The Mom Who Craves a Good Night’s Sleep

Caliva GIO G PEN vape cartridges

Caliva G PEN Gio Pillow Talk Vape Cartridge

This deeply relaxing indica blend will help you unwind your day and hit the hay. Grape and tropical fruit flavors make for the sweetest of dreams. Cartridge is compatible with a G PEN GIO Battery. Not quite ready to dive into Indica blends? Our incredibly soothing CBD Lavender 3:1 might be the blend for you (or your mom).

$34.99 | 70% THC


kiva chocolate

Kiva Ginger CBD Chocolate Bar

This delicious CBD chocolate bar mixed with ginger is handcrafted by the Mendocino, CA company. It offers just the right balance of CBD to THC for a calm and relaxing effect, helping you get to sleep and stay asleep, without feeling groggy the next morning. It breaks apart into 20 pieces.

$28.99 | 100mg THC 100mg CBD per bar

Bring Your Mom Into Caliva For A Special Mother’s Day Deal

Did see anything you think the mother in your life will love? Chat with a Caliva wellness consultant in-store or online at for help nailing down the perfect Mom-Approved present.

Visit Caliva in San Jose this Friday, May 10 – Sunday, May 12, 9AM to 9PM

Bring you mom* or your adult children, and you’ll each receive 20% off your in-store purchases.**

PLUS! Try our new Caliva Pain Relief Lotion for just $1 when you take advantage of our Mother’s Day promotion.

Can’t join us in-store? From May 10 – May 12, when you order a Sunday Goods Effect Pen, you’ll  get a 7-pack of Sunday Goods Pre-rolls for just $1. Visit and use promo code SUNDAYGOODS at checkout.

*Or grandma, aunt, older sister, wife, a woman who’s basically a second-mom to you… you get it.

**Please note: One of the two people shopping must be a first-time Caliva customer. Offer may not be combined with any other promotions, discounts or coupons. Must be redeemed in-person at the Caliva San Jose store. Must be age 21+ to shop at Caliva.

Caliva Is Puff Puff Passing It Forward This 420 for Criminal Justice Reform

We’re donating 4.20% of Sales this 420 to Expunge Old Cannabis Convictions

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype around 420 — in fact, we’re pretty pumped about our 420 bash this weekend at our San Jose store. 

But at Caliva, we’re also well aware that the road to legalization of cannabis — and subsequent normalization of a plant we’re big fans of — has been a tough one. Too many of our friends, particularly those in marginalized communities, have been and continue to be impacted by prohibition and the historic War on Drugs.

As amazing as it is to live, work and play in a legal state, cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 drug by the feds. 

Here are some grim numbers: In 2017, more than 659,000 people were arrested in the U.S. for cannabis-related crimes. Among all drug violations, 37 percent were for simple cannabis possession.

In other words, hundreds of thousands of Americans are punished every year for dealing with a product we cultivate and sell legally.

That’s why on the unofficial holiday for cannabis enthusiasts, we’re unveiling the Puff Puff Pass It Forward campaign.

On 420, Caliva is donating 4.20% of all wholesale and retail sales to Clear My Record, a Code For America program working hard to clear eligible cannabis records in California.

“We believe it’s our duty as a trusted brand in the cannabis industry to pay respect to those who’ve been hurt the most by prohibition,” said Dennis O’Malley, Caliva CEO. “Clear My Record is a transformative initiative that offers people with cannabis records a second chance to get jobs and housing, and ultimately thrive. We’re proud to contribute to that work.”

We’re also humbled to announce that Ben & Jerry’s and nearly 60 of our dispensary partners are joining in on this effort!

Caliva Puff Puff Pass It Forward Donate to Expunge Cannabis Records

The Impact of Having an Old Cannabis Charge

Long after paying their debt to society, people with a history of cannabis-related misdemeanors and felonies often find themselves struggling to move on with their lives.

Even the smallest offenses, such as possession, have the potential of turning a person’s life upside down. One recent report found that 8 in 10 Californians with a criminal conviction say they’ve experienced barriers to finding success in their lives. 

Because of past charges — not to mention the persisting stigma associated with cannabis — a person may have trouble finding and keeping a job, securing affordable housing, maintaining custody of their children or even obtaining citizenship. They may also find themselves overwhelmed with debt associated with court fees and penalties.

Recognizing how debilitating the criminal justice system can be, California included a provision in Prop 64 — the law that legalized recreational cannabis — to allow the expungement of cannabis-related misdemeanors and felonies.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. The process to remove criminal charges is complicated, costly and time-consuming.

The Drug Policy Alliance estimates that nearly half a million people were arrested for cannabis-related misdemeanors and felonies between 2006 and 2015.

Yet by March 2018, fewer than 6,000 people had petitioned the courts to clear those records.

Clear My Record Is a Powerful, Do-Gooder of an Algorithm

Because the majority of people who could get their records expunged weren’t investing their valuable time and resources to do so — and who could blame them? — California passed a law last year shifting that responsibility from individuals to district attorneys’ offices.

Enter Clear My Record. Using an algorithm to streamline the record review process, the program automatically determines which convictions can be downgraded or cleared. Technology, FTW!

The first county to use Clear My Record to automatically clear cannabis records was San Francisco: More than 8,100 convictions were expunged, District Attorney George Gascón announced in February. “Using technology, we have been able to proactively bring greater racial equity and fairness to marijuana legalization in California,” the DA said in a statement.

Clear My Record’s goal is to remove 250,000 convictions by the end of 2019.

Welcome to Caliva

Why Cannabis Social and Criminal Justice Work Matters to Us

We believe it’s imperative that companies like ours support social justice efforts to clear old cannabis records — not only in legal states like ours, but nationwide.

This work ensures people’s lived experiences aren’t out of sync with current laws. More importantly, throwing out old convictions is also a step toward social equity, by helping low-income and minority communities recover from punishment for crimes that white people often aren’t punished for.

At Caliva, we recognize the unique position we’re in. In the wake of decades of criminalization, the legal cannabis industry is flourishing, and we’re certainly excited to be a part of that.

With our Puff Puff Pass It Forward campaign, we hope to not only draw attention to the communities that have suffered most from prohibition, but to also contribute to the work to repair those harms.

We think it’s the right thing to do. And it’s more reason to celebrate this 420.


Thank You to Our Partners!

We’re also passing forward the good vibes this 420 with a partnership with the beloved ice cream company Ben and Jerry’s. They’re donating a special surprise to every Caliva customer — in-store and delivery — on 420. They’re also super passionate supporters of cannabis legalization and social justice.

So it’s official in our eyes: There’s no better combo on 420 than Caliva and Ben & Jerry’s. Except for maybe brownie and cookie dough ice cream.

Nearly 60 of our dispensary partners around the state are participating in Puff Puff Pass It Forward, and are also jazzed about the social justice reform element of the campaign.

3 Ways to Celebrate 420 — Plus Its Wild Origin Story

It's all about being stoked to celebrate 420. And, maybe a lil' stoned.

Happy 420! April 20 isn’t just a regular ol’ day to us. 420, an annual holiday also known as Weed Day, is all about celebrating our favorite frosty lady — cannabis.

420 is about rejoicing in cannabis culture, (most likely) getting a little stoned, and sharing the day with good people.

There’s even more reason to spread the happy 420 joy this year. It marks just the second 420 in California since cannabis was legalized. Whether or not you’re in California, with national support for marijuana legalization at an all-time high, this year’s 420 is sure to be bigger than ever.

Learn how Caliva is saying happy 420.

The term 420 (or 4:20, 4/20 or 4-20) is a common euphemism for cannabis use (ahem… getting baked), well-known even to those who don’t partake, and popular long before any legalization took place. It’s a code word that’s not so secret anymore.

But despite it being firmly entrenched in today’s culture, the origin of 420 is a bit… hazier.

Caliva cultivation grow room cannabis plants 420 weed day

Why is 420 Weed Day?

You’ve probably heard all sorts of rumors about where the term 420 comes from — at least if you’ve ever attended middle school or summer camp, where 420 was hot gossip (amirite?). Probably unsurprisingly, your teenage friends were (mostly) wrong.

A few popular but incorrect speculations on the origins of 420 have included linking it to police radio codes, when police officers apparently said there was a “420 in progress” on calls related to marijuana smoking.

This was debunked, however, when it came to light there’s no such code having to do with marijuana use in California, or anywhere else for that matter.

There’ve also been guesses about whether the Bob Dylan song “Rainy Day Women #12 and 35” is responsible for the term. The song appears to hail the joys of smoking with the lyrics “everyone must get stoned” and because 12+35 happens to equal 42. But this has been discredited by the legend himself, with Dylan stating more than once that he “never has and never will” write a drug song.

Then there’s the far-out theory of 420 being linked to Adolph Hitler’s birthday, which happens to be on April 20. No correlation has ever been found between the two, however, and it appears this might have been a fabrication from the “just say no” generation as a way to associate marijuana smoking with evil things.


The True Origin of 420: Bay Area Roots

The actual story of how 420 came to mean smoking weed — and then led to an unofficial national holiday — is even more intriguing than the rumors.

And, like many of our favorite things, it actually originated in the San Francisco Bay Area — San Rafael to be exact.

Back in the 1970’s, a group of 5 San Rafael teens who called themselves “The Waldos” made 4:20 p.m., that perfect witching hour between school getting out and parents getting home from work, their official time to get high.

Enter secret cannabis plants. And a treasure map.

The Waldos got wind that someone working for the Coast Guard had to give up a plot of marijuana. So after meeting up at 4:20, they’d not only roll a doobie, but would head out to try to find the abandoned plants.

One of the original Waldos had a close connection with The Grateful Dead bassist, and friendship and involvement in concerts and backstage shenanigans helped push the phrase out into the general population.  

Former High Times reporter Steve Bloom wrote that while covering a Grateful Dead concert in the 90’s, he was given a flyer that gave the erroneous explanation of 420 being a police code. He published the flyer in High Times, and eventually one of the Waldos stepped forward to explain where the term really came from.

At that point, High Times, then the holy grail of all things cannabis, officially named the Waldos as the inventors of the expression 420.

It quickly grew into a secret code used by teens around the country and evolved into what’s now an integrated part of pop culture. Even the California Senate bill that established the medical marijuana program was named “Senate Bill 420.”


Have a Happy 420: Where to Celebrate

What was once nothing more than casual slang created by some forward-thinking teens is now an internationally observed counter-culture holiday and this April 20 brings plenty of ways to celebrate.

We checked in with a few of Caliva’s budtenders to see what they had planned.

It’s all about sharing the holiday (and high) with friends

One of our budtenders, John, said he likes to celebrate by hanging out with friends in San Francisco or Santa Cruz. “My favorite thing about 420 is being able to hang out with friends and celebrate cannabis,” he tells us.

Chelsea, also a Caliva budtender, agrees, adding “One of my favorite things about 420 is the communal gatherings with other people who are celebrating. Another is just the cannabis; pure and simple. The beach is my ideal spot for 420 celebrating.”

Head to Hippie Hill for an iconic celebration

One of the Bay’s better known yearly events is San Francisco’s 420 Festival. Taking place in Sharon Meadows (otherwise known as Hippie Hill) in Golden Gate Park, this event has been going on for more than 50 years, and serves as an iconic part of the 420 history of the Bay Area. With the legalization of cannabis, organizers are now able to officially partner with city planners, which allows for food vendors, music and art, as well as safety measures such as fencing and security.


Celebrate cannabis culture at Caliva’s 420 Bash.

We know how to throw a fun-as-hell 420 party, trust us.

Caliva’s the place to be on 420. Let’s break down why:

  • SO many major deals on several products.

  • A DJ spinning music. Dance party encouraged.

  • A food truck, popcorn, coffee, and pastries in case you come hungry.

  • Doug the Surfing Magician, because magic is even more magical on 420.

  • A meet-and-great with our Master Grower Ryan Brantley, for all your cannabis science nerds out there (we see you, and we have a lot in common).

  • An awesome raffle and spin-the-wheel prizes. It’s almost like a mini-cannabis carnival.

  • A special treat with each purchase (delivery too!). Our lips are sealed.

You’re good people who love weed, we’re good people that love weed. Let’s have a kickass 420 together. Plan out your journey to our store. Here’s a map.

Regardless of where the meaning came from, enjoying a happy 420 in the moment is what it’s really all about.

And whether you choose to celebrate 420 by chilling with friends or cruising the party circuit, commemorating not only the culture of cannabis but also our hard-earned right to enjoy it legally make for a holiday worth sharing with people you love.

Your 2019 Guide to 420 Deals & Events at Caliva

Starting Monday, April 15th, we’re counting down the days until 420! Get 15% off different products every day of the week as we work through each cannabis category leading up to the holiday.

Then visit us on 420 as we celebrate with the best deals on the best products — and a big outdoor party. Plus, you can join us in recognizing the communities that were (and are still being) impacted by cannabis prohibition. For 420, we’re donating 4.20% of all 4/20 sales to a nonprofit working hard to clear cannabis records.

>> Skip to the 420 goodness >>

Every Day’s A Deal

Every day this week we’re offering 15% off a different category of cannabis. From pre-rolls and extracts to tinctures and topicals, we’re making sure you’re stocked and ready for 420.

If you’re heading to our San Jose store, we’re also raffling off a goodie bag full of Caliva swagger and Caliva Cash every day at 4:20 PM.

Monday, April 15th | 15% Off Extracts and Pre-Rolls

Get 15% off all extracts and pre-rolls. Shop in-store or order online and save with code 420MONDAY at checkout.

Tuesday, April 16th | 15% Off Vape Cartridges

Shop your favorite vape cartridge brands and get 15% off in-store or online with code 420TUESDAY at checkout.

Wednesday, April 17th | 15% Off Tinctures, Topicals, and Capsules

It’s Wellness Wednesday! You can save 15% off all wellness cannabis products in-store and online by using code 420WEDNESDAY at checkout.

Thursday, April 18th | 15% Off Edibles

Tasty Thursday is getting a little kick this week. Enjoy your edibles at 15% off in-store or online with code 420THURSDAY at checkout.

Friday, April 19th | 15% Off Flower

We couldn’t think of a better way to wrap-up our daily deals than with flower. On Friday, stock-up and save 15% off all flower in-store and online with code 420FRIDAY at checkout.

Saturday, April 20th | 420!

Too many deals and happenings to list here! Take a shortcut to get the low-down on everything that’s happening on 420.

Sunday, April 21st | 15% Off Select CBD

After a full week of deals, we’re topping it off with 15% off select high CBD products.

What’s Happening On 420?

420 is about celebrating our cannabis roots (and leaves, and buds, and… you get it!). In 2019, we’re making sure you’ll not only get the best deals on the best products, but we want you to #GoCaliva while you’re at it.

What does it look like to #GoCaliva this 420? It means you’re observing this holiday by going one step further. You’re sharing it with friends, enjoying some entertainment, and rejoicing in the moment.

This 420, Caliva is taking it one step further by donating 4.20% of all sales on 4/20 to the California nonprofit Code for America in recognition of its project Clear My Record, which is dedicated to giving people a second chance to get jobs and housing by clearing cannabis records.

As a cannabis company in a now legal state, we feel it’s important to recognize the communities that were (and are still being) impacted by cannabis prohibition. Thank you for supporting us this day in our mission to recognize our past to create a happier future. Read more about our Puff Puff Pass It Forward campaign this year on our blog.

Spend More Save More + Up To 50% Off

No matter if you just want a pre-roll or a whole basket of items this 420, you’ll get a special treat and the opportunity to save big.

Spend $50* Get 10% OFF in-store or online with code HAPPY50

Spend $100* Get 15% OFF in-store or online with code HAPPY100

Spend $200* Get 20% OFF in-store or online with code HAPPY200

Spend $300* Get 30% OFF in-store or online with code HAPPY300

Everyone shopping also gets a goodie with any purchase: a Fun Uncle Purple Diesel Pre-Roll for just a penny. And, if you spend $100+, you’ll get a Caliva tote bag.

PLUS! We’ll be offering up to 50% off a variety of flower, vapes, edibles and pre-rolls from District Gummies, Caliva, Bad Apple and Fun Uncle.

Live, Laugh, And Learn On 420

Thinking about dropping in to Caliva’s San Jose store on 420? Please do! We’ll be well-stocked with food and entertainment ALL. DAY. LONG.

Wake-and-bakers will rise-and-shine to coffee and pastries from Academic Coffee and the first 50 people to visit will get a Caliva Puff Puff Pass It Forward t-shirt.

In the afternoon, we’re welcoming Doug the Surfing Magician to wow our crowd while we dine on food from the Waffle Amore food truck.

To close out the day, Ryan Brantley, Caliva’s Master Grower, will be available for a meet-and-greet along with a preview of some of Caliva’s cannabis-derived terpenes.

420 is all about good people coming together to celebrate cannabis, so we hope to see you there!

*All spend is calculated pre-tax.

Microdose This April With Our New Micro Pre-rolls

Are you a fan of microdosing? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you.

In the past, microdosing cannabis was only really possible with a few drops from a tincture, a low-dose edible, or a tiny pull from a vaporizer. But now, Caliva is excited to share something new we’ve developed for the cannabis microdosing community.

Introducing our teeniest, tiniest, nearly microscopic pre-roll. Not only will this petite pre-roll (or 20!) fit perfectly in your pocket, it’s sure to provide a quick pick-me-up in 10 seconds or less. One puff, two puffs, maybe three if you’re lucky... and just like that, you’re finished.

It's our new favorite way to microdose this April.

Just a reminder: It’s April 1st… and you know that means, right? Happy April Fool’s Day! Now, although these teeny tiny pre-rolls may not really exist, we recommend Toasties, our low dose solos (approx. 8% THC), or — for a slightly bigger bite — try our mini pre-rolls, Dogwalkers, (approx. 19% THC).

If you’re interested in other microdosing options, try Petra Moroccan Mints (2.5 MG THC per mint), Kiva Camino Gummies or Kiva Terra Blueberries for 5 MG THC per serving.

Share this video with your friends for a 420-friendly April Fools Day laugh. Then pass the pre-roll.

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Cannabis Gift Guide


Holidays are a pretty big deal here at Caliva. We’re smitten with the idea of showering those closest to us with a little extra love in February. With Valentine’s Day being just a few days away, we’ve created a Cannabis Gift Guide tailored to all the loves of your life. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas:

Because Nothing Says Love like a Massage

jjsm8afo5ptlvy3pwuxu (1).jpg

Infused with a subtle scent of citrus, Cannuka’s soothing cream provides a light, refreshing feel. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and silky. Delightfully smooth, our Nourishing Body Cream provides immediate relief and hydrates skin for hours. Gentle enough to use every day for supple, well-nourished skin. The anti-inflammatory benefit of CBD calms skin making it the perfect lotion for massage. Bonus? It’s the perfect lotion for dry winter skin.

Because Gal Pals Are the Best Pals

download (1).jpeg

We love the Strawberry Divine Gio vape for a night in with girlfriends (helllllllllo Galentine’s Day) This fruit-forward, indica-dominant hybrid has just enough sativa to stir up mischief while you settle back and contemplate your next move.

Because Traditional Picnics Are so 2018

The Grower’s Series by Francis Ford Coppola is a fun gift idea to bring to a party or to give to someone special. This limited edition collection features: three unique 100% organic cannabis flower strains, one gram each, hand-selected to offer distinct and memorable experiences - Sour Diesel, Blue Zkittlez, and Sour Tangie. The collection also includes everything you'd need to enjoy those flowers: a quality pipe, a pack of Raw Hemp Rolling Papers, and a pack of quality wooden matches. And it all comes in a fun and unique "wine bottle" which will look right at home on your wine rack.

Because Romance (Isn’t) Dead

Love Potion #7 is a favorite for both“I tried the aphrodisiac (appropriately named Love Potion #7) and I gotta say, that stuff really works.” This tincture is the perfect relief from stressful feelings and promotes an overall positive mood, healthy libido, and euphoric feelings. Extra bonus? It can also  be used externally for enhanced pleasure.

Because Nothing Says Valentine’s Day like Chocolate

From classic milk chocolate bars (think Kiva’s chocolate) to Satori’s chocolate covered strawberries with an added boost, we have something for everyone. Looking for a delicious microdose for the holiday? We’re loving Somatik Sparks. These organic super berries are covered in exquisitely smooth vegan chocolate that enlightens as you chew. Slowly melt the chocolate in your mouth and experience the magical relaxation of the satisfyingly fruity CBD bite.

Because Traditional Gifts Are so Overrated

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Caliva has curated a collection of 7 high-quality Cupid-friendly products that will bring a loving smile to everyone. These best-sellers all come with a Gift Box should you decide to give rather than receive, and you're aiming Cupid's arrow for the heart of your special Valentine!

How to Choose the Right Edible for Sleep

"New Year, New You," right? For countless people, January marks an exciting opportunity to kickstart their goals and revolutionize their lives. Some of the most common intentions for starting the new year off right include drinking more water, working out, eating healthier, and getting more sleep. Because sleep impacts our mood, mental abilities, energy level, focus, and overall health, it may be the key component to achieving the rest of your goals. According to a recent study, one in four Americans develops insomnia each year. For millions of people, could sleep actually be the one thing holding them back from their achieving their best selves? The good news is, cannabis can help.

Cannabis, in all of its myriad forms, can be a safe, effective aid to help you get the rest you've been missing. Small doses of the right products can help quiet the mind, address pain, mitigate stress, and not only fall asleep, but stay asleep—all with minimal to no side effects. More and more people are coming into dispensaries looking for sleep aids and discovering products that produce sedative effects to help them rest at night. Indica-rich cannabis strains, whether in the form of a pre-roll, vape cartridge, or good ol’ fashioned flower, have been found to be the most effective options to help you quickly fall asleep. However, while the effects of inhaled cannabis are felt within a few minutes time, they only last about ninety minutes, on average.

For many dealing with insomnia, further assistance is needed to stay asleep throughout the night. This is why we suggest adding an infused cannabis edible to your nightly routine.

Edibles are known to take thirty minutes to two hours to take effect. This delayed onset is worth the wait, however, as edibles offer hours of relief compared to inhaled cannabis. The next time you are getting ready for bed, try ingesting a small (5mg THC or less) dose of cannabis edibles, along with a couple puffs of your favorite indica strain. While your body is waiting for the effects of the edible, the flower can help quiet your mind, address any aches, and help you drift off.

One important factor to keep in mind when shopping for an edible is what type of extract it contains because it can greatly affect how long the effects last. If an edible is made with cold water hash, like Blueberry Terra Bites from Kiva, they can generally last in the system anywhere from 4-6 hours (depending on the dose and a few other factors, including your own metabolism and if you have any food in your system). Edibles made with a distillate extract may only last for 3-4 hours, which may not give you the rest you're looking for.

Another factor to consider is what complementary ingredients the edible contains and whether they are specifically formulated to help those looking to improve their sleep. Kiva's Wild Berry Camino gummies contain essential oils like linalool and myrcene, which are known for their sedative effects. These essential oils are called terpenes, and they can be found in fruits, vegetables, and plants. Fascinatingly, it's actually the terpenes in cannabis that give us the calming, energizing, drowsy, or joyful effects that we have come to associate with our favorite strains.

With a new year is upon us we have a brand new opportunity for us to take our health and well-being into our own hands. Instead of relying on addictive pharmaceuticals, legalized cannabis now presents us with a safe alternative option to manage our aches and pains, our stress, and our insomnia. By giving us back our sleep, cannabis' 'lazy' reputation might finally be dispelled as more and more people discover that they have more energy to tackle what really matters to them... no matter what time of year it is.