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The Ultimate Valentine's Day Cannabis Gift Guide


Holidays are a pretty big deal here at Caliva. We’re smitten with the idea of showering those closest to us with a little extra love in February. With Valentine’s Day being just a few days away, we’ve created a Cannabis Gift Guide tailored to all the loves of your life. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas:

Because Nothing Says Love like a Massage

jjsm8afo5ptlvy3pwuxu (1).jpg

Infused with a subtle scent of citrus, Cannuka’s soothing cream provides a light, refreshing feel. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and silky. Delightfully smooth, our Nourishing Body Cream provides immediate relief and hydrates skin for hours. Gentle enough to use every day for supple, well-nourished skin. The anti-inflammatory benefit of CBD calms skin making it the perfect lotion for massage. Bonus? It’s the perfect lotion for dry winter skin.

Because Gal Pals Are the Best Pals

download (1).jpeg

We love the Strawberry Divine Gio vape for a night in with girlfriends (helllllllllo Galentine’s Day) This fruit-forward, indica-dominant hybrid has just enough sativa to stir up mischief while you settle back and contemplate your next move.

Because Traditional Picnics Are so 2018

The Grower’s Series by Francis Ford Coppola is a fun gift idea to bring to a party or to give to someone special. This limited edition collection features: three unique 100% organic cannabis flower strains, one gram each, hand-selected to offer distinct and memorable experiences - Sour Diesel, Blue Zkittlez, and Sour Tangie. The collection also includes everything you'd need to enjoy those flowers: a quality pipe, a pack of Raw Hemp Rolling Papers, and a pack of quality wooden matches. And it all comes in a fun and unique "wine bottle" which will look right at home on your wine rack.

Because Romance (Isn’t) Dead

Love Potion #7 is a favorite for both“I tried the aphrodisiac (appropriately named Love Potion #7) and I gotta say, that stuff really works.” This tincture is the perfect relief from stressful feelings and promotes an overall positive mood, healthy libido, and euphoric feelings. Extra bonus? It can also  be used externally for enhanced pleasure.

Because Nothing Says Valentine’s Day like Chocolate

From classic milk chocolate bars (think Kiva’s chocolate) to Satori’s chocolate covered strawberries with an added boost, we have something for everyone. Looking for a delicious microdose for the holiday? We’re loving Somatik Sparks. These organic super berries are covered in exquisitely smooth vegan chocolate that enlightens as you chew. Slowly melt the chocolate in your mouth and experience the magical relaxation of the satisfyingly fruity CBD bite.

Because Traditional Gifts Are so Overrated

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Caliva has curated a collection of 7 high-quality Cupid-friendly products that will bring a loving smile to everyone. These best-sellers all come with a Gift Box should you decide to give rather than receive, and you're aiming Cupid's arrow for the heart of your special Valentine!

How to Choose the Right Edible for Sleep

"New Year, New You," right? For countless people, January marks an exciting opportunity to kickstart their goals and revolutionize their lives. Some of the most common intentions for starting the new year off right include drinking more water, working out, eating healthier, and getting more sleep. Because sleep impacts our mood, mental abilities, energy level, focus, and overall health, it may be the key component to achieving the rest of your goals. According to a recent study, one in four Americans develops insomnia each year. For millions of people, could sleep actually be the one thing holding them back from their achieving their best selves? The good news is, cannabis can help.

Cannabis, in all of its myriad forms, can be a safe, effective aid to help you get the rest you've been missing. Small doses of the right products can help quiet the mind, address pain, mitigate stress, and not only fall asleep, but stay asleep—all with minimal to no side effects. More and more people are coming into dispensaries looking for sleep aids and discovering products that produce sedative effects to help them rest at night. Indica-rich cannabis strains, whether in the form of a pre-roll, vape cartridge, or good ol’ fashioned flower, have been found to be the most effective options to help you quickly fall asleep. However, while the effects of inhaled cannabis are felt within a few minutes time, they only last about ninety minutes, on average.

For many dealing with insomnia, further assistance is needed to stay asleep throughout the night. This is why we suggest adding an infused cannabis edible to your nightly routine.

Edibles are known to take thirty minutes to two hours to take effect. This delayed onset is worth the wait, however, as edibles offer hours of relief compared to inhaled cannabis. The next time you are getting ready for bed, try ingesting a small (5mg THC or less) dose of cannabis edibles, along with a couple puffs of your favorite indica strain. While your body is waiting for the effects of the edible, the flower can help quiet your mind, address any aches, and help you drift off.

One important factor to keep in mind when shopping for an edible is what type of extract it contains because it can greatly affect how long the effects last. If an edible is made with cold water hash, like Blueberry Terra Bites from Kiva, they can generally last in the system anywhere from 4-6 hours (depending on the dose and a few other factors, including your own metabolism and if you have any food in your system). Edibles made with a distillate extract may only last for 3-4 hours, which may not give you the rest you're looking for.

Another factor to consider is what complementary ingredients the edible contains and whether they are specifically formulated to help those looking to improve their sleep. Kiva's Wild Berry Camino gummies contain essential oils like linalool and myrcene, which are known for their sedative effects. These essential oils are called terpenes, and they can be found in fruits, vegetables, and plants. Fascinatingly, it's actually the terpenes in cannabis that give us the calming, energizing, drowsy, or joyful effects that we have come to associate with our favorite strains.

With a new year is upon us we have a brand new opportunity for us to take our health and well-being into our own hands. Instead of relying on addictive pharmaceuticals, legalized cannabis now presents us with a safe alternative option to manage our aches and pains, our stress, and our insomnia. By giving us back our sleep, cannabis' 'lazy' reputation might finally be dispelled as more and more people discover that they have more energy to tackle what really matters to them... no matter what time of year it is.

7 Cannabis Products Women Are Loving

According to a recent study from Cannabis Consumers Coalition, more women than ever are using cannabis. Whether it’s to reduce anxiety, improve their sex lives or just chill out, we’ve seen a huge uptick in women’s wellness purchases in our own store. From bath soaks to balms to vapes, here are some of the products women are loving most.

For the Ultimate Party Host

Caliva Stash Pack

Sometimes you can get exactly what you want in one convenient box. This kit includes everything you need to roll the perfect doobie: an indica Reef Leaf pouch (5g of pre-ground flower), king size rolling papers, white-tipped matches, and a glass crutch. No matter if you’re a grom or guru when it comes to rolling your own, the Reef Leaf Stash Pack is perfect to just grab ‘n’ get rippin’.

20.7% THC | $29.99

For the Discreet Vaper

Eel River Organics Fog Berry

A tried and true varietal, Fog Berry is a standout Indica with heavily relaxing effects.  Predominant tasting notes of floral, earth and clove pair well with the THC potency of 80%. Plus! All Eel River products are dry-farmed on their farm in Humboldt County with using environmentally-friendly practices!
76.89% THC | $30

For the Foodie

Utopia Raspberry Macaroons

Healthy cannabis users rejoice! These gluten free, vegan, and tasty macaroons are a healthy dose of loveliness to keep your day a hop, step and a jump above the rest. 10 delicious macaroons with 10 mg of THC per piece.

$18 | 100mg

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Papa & Barkley Releaf Body Oil

This oil is a perfect solution for pain because it is formulated for minimal friction and maximum cannabinoid exposure. Infused with the Right Ratio, each product contains a 1:3 mixture of CBD: THC. This is the perfect supplement for an active, wellness-focused lifestyle!

This versatile body oil can be used for: massages, localized pain/inflammation reduction or as an “all over” body oil. Apply to the desired area and rub in for 20-30 seconds. Store in a cool to room temperature setting and keep away from direct sunlight.

300mg THC 100mg CBD | $39.99

For the Pleasure-Seeker

Dosist Passion

Enhance your sensuality with Passion by dosist. The THC-dominant formula is balanced with a 8:1 THC to CBD ratio and has limonene, myrcene, and nerolidol.. The formula delivers a euphoric feeling designed to increase your sensuality and heighten your sexual experience; building stronger and more intimate connections.

$100 | 405mg THC 45mg CBD 

For Anyone Looking to Chill Out

Prism Blends Flourish - CBD Preroll

Prism Blend's "Flourish" is made with the Bio Vortex CBD strain. Noted for its restorative, relaxing non-psychoactive properties. Perfect for those looking for the medicinal benefits of cannabis without any mind-altering effects. Their pre-rolls are packaged fresh in organic rice paper and crafted with extra long filters to keep fingers away from the face and cannabis smoke out of the eyes, because Prism cares about their user's experience.

$10 | 2.66% THC 9.23% CBD

For Anyone Looking to Dose on the Down-Low
Petra Eucalyptus Mints

Introducing Petra, the delicious microdose mint that puts you in control. A precise blend of CA grown cannabis, green tea matcha and eucalyptus oil, our refreshing Eucalyptus Petra is perfect for clearing the senses. All Petra flavors are sugar free and contain the natural, plant-derived sweetener xylitol. At 2.5 MG THC per mint, Petra gives you the ability to titrate your dose in precise increments. This accuracy allow you to integrate Petra more easily into your active lifestyle.

100 MG | $24

Our Favorite Gummies of 2018

Camino.IG.Family.Pink (2).jpg

Meet Camino Gummies - the latest addition to KIVA's delectable confections family. The name Camino was inspired by the historic El Camino Real, the 600 mile California road that connects some of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in the state. Camino's four flavors are designed to transport you to a specific location and put you in a “California State of Mind.”

Each Camino gummy combines modest dose combinations of THC, CBD, and a range of carefully curated terpenes to produce a tailored cannabis experience like no other on the market. Camino was thoughtfully developed over a 2+ year period to ensure a great tasting, high quality edible that delivers the intended effect - every time. 

In order to dial in the desired effects, KIVA sources plant-based terpenes as opposed to cannabis-based terpenes, which are not able to be completely isolated yet. It is these plant-based terpenes that gives KIVA thorough control to create the distinct experience of Camino’s four delicious gummy flavors.

The “Chill” Wild Berry flavor is inspired by the relaxing vibes of California’s stunning Pacific Northwest coast. It pairs calming indica terpenes with notes of wild blackberry and fresh raspberries for a laid-back weekend feel encouraging you to take a break and relax awhile.

“Uplifting” Pineapple Habanero combines energy-stimulating sativa terpenes with ripe pineapple and a touch of heat for the perfect daytime lift. Plan a trip through the Mojave and invigorate your senses with this tangy yet sweet habanero flavor that gets you up and going!

“Social” Sparkling Pear is truly unique, combining an unconventional ratio of 6mg of CBD and 2mg of THC for a subtle, euphoric high without any anxiety. Fruity sparkling flavors transform your day into a lovely visit to California’s unparalleled wine country.

“Balanced” Blenheim Apricot is a flavor that is near and dear to the founders of KIVA. Blenheim Apricots are native to the orchards of what is now known as Silicon Valley.. In the 1980’s a European varietal of apricot was introduced to the farming communities of California and the Blenheim Apricot, despite its fleshier bite and sweeter flavor profile, was nearly made obsolete. KIVA is paying homage to this signature California apricot as a way of honoring the founders' own family members that continue to farm one of the last Blenheim Apricot orchards in Hollister, California. A thoughtful combination of indica and sativa terpenes with notes of Blenheim apricots and a hint of lime offer a functional medicating experience. This balanced gummy centers your mood and brings you back to the apricot orchards that once populated Northern California’s abundant countryside.

All of these low-dose gummies boast a distinctive, pillowy texture and enticing fruit flavor unlike any other cannabis-infused gummy. The hardest decision you make will be selecting the flavor you crave and the effect you most enjoy! Whichever route you decide to travel, let Camino be your guide to a “California State of Mind.”

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The Ultimate Cannabis Dessert

Medicated Cream Puffs with Lemon Verbena featuring Alien OG

The holidays are upon us and with that comes holiday parties, family dinners and more. We worked with Sous Weed to whip up a cannabis infused dessert everyone is sure to love! These medicated cream puffs are lightly infused with Caliva’s Alien OG, an indica-dominant hybrid with an earthy, citrus aroma that pairs nicely with a lemon verbena cream filling. While cream puffs may look challenging, with a little preparation, it’s a great make-ahead recipe for your next holiday party. All you need to do is assemble before serving and add a little dusting of powdered sugar. One bite will take you on a euphoric, out-of-this-world experience!


Medicated Cream Puffs with Lemon Verbena

Makes 24 cream puffs

Strain: Alien OG from Caliva

Dosage: Approximately 10 mg per cream puff


Ingredients for Pâte à Choux:

•  ½ cup unsalted butter

•  ½ cup water

•  ½ cup whole milk

•  Pinch of kosher salt

•  1 tsp cane sugar

•  1 cup all-purpose flour

•  5 large eggs, beaten, save 1 Tbsp

•  Confectioner’s sugar, to finish



Medicated Lemon Verbena Pastry Cream Filling:

•  2 cups whole milk

•  ½ cup cane sugar, divided

•  1 Tbsp dried lemon verbena, in a tea bag

•  4 large egg yolks

•  ¼ cup cornstarch

•  Zest of 2 Meyer lemons

•  Pinch of kosher salt

•  2 Tbsp cannabis-infused butter (using the Sous Weed method)

•  1 tsp vanilla extract

Cream Filling Prep:

1.  In a medium saucepan, bring milk, ¼ cup sugar, and lemon verbena tea bag to a light boil over medium-heat.

2.  Meanwhile, in a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together egg yolks, ¼ cup sugar, cornstarch, Meyer lemon zest, and salt.

3.  Once the milk mixture comes to a boil, turn the heat to medium-low, and discard the lemon verbena tea bag.

4.  Begin dropping spoonfuls of the egg mixture slowly into the saucepan, whisking constantly so the eggs do not curdle. Cook for another 1-2 minutes while whisking until the mixture thickens.

5.  Once the mixture thickens into a curd-like consistency, immediately remove from heat and stir in cannabis-infused butter and vanilla. Mix until the butter has fully incorporated into the cream. Strain medicated pastry cream through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap, pressing it directly onto surface of cream. Refrigerate to set for at least 2 hours and up to 2 days.


Pâte à Choux Prep:

1.  Preheat the oven to 400ºF and line two baking sheets with silicone or parchment paper.

2.  Melt butter, water, milk, salt, and sugar in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a simmer then turn the heat to low.

3.  Add flour and stir for 2 minutes until the mixture is fully incorporated and smooth, making sure the bottom of the saucepan does not burn. Remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes.

4.  Transfer dough to food processor and add beaten eggs. Save 1 Tbsp of the beaten egg for an egg wash before baking. Pulse until the dough is uniform and shiny. The texture should be thick like cake batter.

5.  Transfer the pastry dough into a piping bag with an 1A tip. You can use immediately or refrigerate for later use.

6.  Sprinkle a little water on each baking sheet for the pastry to rise without drying out.

7.  Pipe 2” mounds approximately 3” apart on the prepared baking sheet. Lightly brush with egg wash. Bake for 20 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 350ºF and bake for another 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

8.  Remove from oven and transfer to a cooling rack. Using a knife, poke a small hole each puff to prevent the puffs from getting soggy from steam. Allow to cool completely.

Caliva_SousWeed_CreamPuffs-6340 (1).jpg

To Assemble:

1a. Poke a hole in the pastry puff and pipe the medicated filling inside.

1b: Alternative assembly - Cut the pastry puff in half and pipe medicated filling on the bottom piece and add chopped berries. Add the top piece back on.

2. Dust confectioner’s sugar on top to finish. Enjoy!

*Note: The amount of cannabis infused butter specified in this recipe is a very loose suggestion. If you’d like to have a lighter dose, substitute the cannabis infused butter with regular butter.

Dosing homemade edibles can be tricky, so the best way to test for potency is to start with one serving and wait one to two hours, then make an informed decision on whether to consume more. Always dose carefully and listen to your body, and never drive under the influence of cannabis.

How Many Of These 2018 Emerald Cup Winners Have You Tried?

The Emerald Cup is known to be the Academy Awards for cannabis. Some brands are made at shows like the Emerald Cup and Caliva is lucky enough to carry some of the winners in our online and retail store. Check out the list below to see how many of these brand and products you’ve tried.


Raspberry Macaroons by Utopia

It's no secret, we love the raspberry macarons from Utopia—winners of first place in THC edibles at the Emerald Cup 2018. These sweet, berry cookies each contain 10 mg of THC, so make sure you start low and go slow. Ten cookies per bag. $17.99


Om Edibles Bath Salts

Cannabis Hydrotherapy deserves a category of its own. Medicated baths are not psychoactive, but have a very strong affect on one's body. Amazing for aches, pains, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and dermatological imbalances, these ultra-therapeutic soaking salts are nothing short of a miracle! Om epsom salts are pharmacological grade, Om essential oils are therapeutic grade, and Om Cannabis Flowers are full spectrum and organically grown. An array of aromas are available, each bringing a different aroma-therapeutic benefit. These salts may also be used for hand and foot soaks as well.


Om Edible Gummies

A big congrats to OM Edibles for their CBD Gummi Melange win at the Emerald Cup. We love OM Gummies because they are 100% vegan and 100% delicious. OM has been making superfood edibles since 2008 and we can’t wait to see what they come out with next!


Humboldt Apothecary

One of our favorite tincture companies, Humboldt Apothecary, won both the CBD Tinctures and THC Tinctures category. Our customers love the Sweet Jane THC Tincture for it’s help with appetite stimulation and restful sleep. For new users we recommend starting with a quarter of a dropper under the tongue and increasing from there.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide For The Cannabis Lover

This holiday season is set to be the best yet as the first December with legal recreational cannabis. So, what do you get the canna-fan that has everything? We’ve got you covered with a list of some of our favorites and just-for-holiday specials.

Utopia Strawberry Cough

1. Utopia Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana inherits a sweet fruity flavor that earned this hybrid her name. Known for its heavy resin production and high THC content, Strawberry Banana produces happy, peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory awareness.


2. Dosist Holiday Collection

It’s never too early (or late) to give the gift of health & happiness. Introducing Dosist’s holiday collection: limited edition kits created for friends & family.

Reef Leaf stash pack

3. Reef Leaf Stash Pack

Reef Leaf Stash Pack is bringing rolling your own doobies back! The perfect gift for any flower-lover, this kit includes everything you need to roll the perfect doobie: an indica Reef Leaf pouch (5g of pre-ground flower), king size rolling papers, white-tipped matches, and a glass crutch. No matter if you’re a grom or guru when it comes to rolling your own, the Reef Leaf Stash Pack is perfect to just grab ‘n’ get rippin’.


4. Releaf Patch

The Releaf Patch's slow-release formula offers 12 hours of consistent relief, activated with more than 30mg of cannabinoids per patch in a variety of THC:CBD ratios. Unlike some other patches that act only as a topical, the cannabinoids in P&B patches are absorbed into the bloodstream to provide body-wide relief. (1).jpg

5. Kiva Peppermint Bark

Kiva Confections is excited to announce the return of a special, holiday favorite, the Kiva Peppermint Bark. This limited edition 100mg Kiva Bar is made of delicious, infused dark chocolate topped with swirls of white chocolate, completed with a dusting of crushed peppermint candy. This seasonal treat will make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.55.33 PM.png

6. Purple Unicorn

Purple Unicorn from Eel River is an uplifting Indica that has a terpene profile known to balance the mind with both relaxation and motivation. This varietal’s flavor profile consists of sweet plum berry, lavender, and subtle notes of black pepper. The perfect vape for those cozy holiday nights around the fire.


7. Bad Apple Z Cube

Z Cube is an indica hybrid with a surprisingly energetic edge. Yes, you’ll find it relaxing, but think of the effect as more “rested and ready”. Perfect for making small talk with your boss's husband or your annoying in-laws, Z Cube will be everyone's favorite this holiday season. This sweet, tropical blend relaxes the body and readies the mind for a truly revealing journey.

8. PAX Strawberry Cough

Known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and an expanding sensation that can make even the most seasoned consumer cough, Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa blend with mysterious genetic origins. The skunky, berry flavors will capture your senses while the cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria that is sure to leave a smile on your face. Strawberry Cough is a great solution for managing social anxieties and to balance yourself in times of elevated stress - AKA the perfect holiday vape.

8 Reasons Why We Love CBD for Pets

Controversial and beneficial – the ongoing debate on the effects of marijuana have always garnered our attention. This has resulted in the plant, considered long ago to be illegal in many countries and territories, to be studied and discussed in so many aspects.

Modern medicine has resorted to many claims, with highlights of the plant being beneficial to man – being able to alleviate pain, help with muscle spasms, epileptic seizures or even cancer. But what about its effects on animals? While studies have been done for the benefit of man, there were just rare instances that studies were done with aims of determining the plant’s benefits to animals.

And so to give chance for the good effects of the plant to take center-stage, here are the 8 known benefits of CBD for pets.

1.    Reduces Anxiety

Humans are known to have a biological system called the endocannabinoid system. It affects sleep, appetite, memory, pain, and all kinds of moods. The same biological system exists in other vertebrates like cats and dogs.

Cats, dogs, and other animals also suffer from stress and anxiety just like us humans. It may be caused by a lot of things but during these times, serotonin levels fluctuate in animals which may cause such moods.

In relation to this, some studies support that the use of CBD for pets helps in managing symptoms of these mental states, including anxiety and phobia.

2.    Boosts a Healthier Immune System

The National Cancer Society states that cannabinoids sort of “trigger” specific organs inside the body to produce medicinal effects; effects that are beneficial to the nervous and immune systems.

Such a process results in a boost to our pet’s fight against illnesses and diseases. Cannabidiol or CBD is known to lower inflammatory cytokines – one of the major factors that play in autoimmunity to pets.

3.    CBD for a Healthier Nervous System

Just like us humans, dogs and cats are also susceptible to diseases and illnesses that come with age. As they age, our pets are also vulnerable to degenerative diseases like brain cell death or osteoarthritis.

Recent studies show that cell death is common in dogs as they age. This is caused by toxins and radicals that are present in the environment. CBD is known to protect your dog’s brain as it ages as it stops NMDAr, AMPA, and Kainate Receptor-Mediated Neurotoxicity.

4.    CBD and Tumor Growth

One of the most groundbreaking discoveries of what cannabis can do to pets is its amazing effect in relation to cancer. CBD is known to contain anti-tumor effects and can stop cancer cells from replicating. It is also known to destroy existing tumor cells.

CBD also has the capacity to stop cancer cells from producing energy, leading to the death of these cells. For pets that are undergoing cancer treatments, CBD can also make the effects of conventional treatment more effective.

5.    Convulsions No More!

Does your pet suffer from seizures? While there are already existing medications that can control seizures in cats and dogs, recent studies have shown CBD to have the capability to control tremors, seizures, spasms, and tics. Studies have also shown that there is an improvement in the overall well-being of pets with epilepsy after taking CBD for about 5 months.

6.    Rids Your Pets of Nausea; Improves Appetite

You may never have had any problems with your pet cat or dog in the past. This is so until one day, your pet just stopped eating altogether. Not eating could be because of a lot of things. It may be because your dog just got tired of all the usual food. Or it could be that the appetite loss, which is a symptom of cat depression, has already paid your cat’s life a visit.

Your pets unable to communicate about how they feel would just look you in the eyes and not eat or erratically behave. It is up to you to realize that something is wrong.

You should know that if your vet recommends CBD, there’s no cause for panic. Studies have shown how CBD can be beneficial in improving the appetite of your pet dog or cat. Research has supported the thought of CBD being the main producer of an antiemetic and an anti-nausea effect.

The same effect has been shown when CBD is given to those pets that suffer from nausea and vomiting due to chronic illnesses.

In such a study, a new method of ingesting lab rats with cannabis vapor has found how the drug can turn on hunger hormones in pets. This rids your pet of the nausea feeling. This can also alter eating behaviors that may seem a problem before the ingestion of CBD.

7.    Pain Reliever and Anti-Inflammatory Effects for Pets

One of the most popularly known benefits of cannabis to humans and pets is that it alleviates pain. It also has anti-inflammatory characteristics that could be beneficial to those who suffer from osteoarthritis and other related illnesses.

Research has it that CBD equates to pain relief and so results in improved mobility in dogs and cats. The better news is that there are no known side effects that go along with ingesting CBD to pets.

8.    Improves Overall Wellbeing

Cannabis is not only used to rid pets of illnesses. It is also ingested for their overall well-being. It is more like a preventive measure and recently has been made part of their regular regimen.

As CBD is known to improve appetite amongst pets, pet owners see fewer problems in getting their furry friends eat. This results in proper nutrition and well-nourished cats and dogs. The nourishment is needed for their overall health.

CBD is also known to promote bowel motility and so toxins are easily flushed out of the system.


While vets still do not have full liberty in prescribing CBD treatment to pets, certain studies have already backed up so many of these claims that cannabis prescriptions are being pushed to the forefront of animal well-being. In California, veterinarians will soon have the ability to prescribe CBD to their clients thanks to the passing of senate bill AB 2215.

Please remember that every animal is different and what works for some may not work for others. Always consult your veterinarian before using CBD on your pet and use trusted brands like Fiori or VetCBD.

Caliva Cannabis Delivery Expands North Into South San Francisco

Caliva is excited to announce our expanded delivery range and new, lower minimums into South San Francisco.

Customers throughout the Bay Area can now enjoy the same, trusted service they receive in our state-of-the-art dispensary online. Caliva’s online store offers the flexibility to either shop for in-store pickup or same-day delivery.

While our previous delivery range focused on the South Bay and lower Peninsula, we can now deliver north to South San Francisco and west to Pacifica. Starting in December 2018, we will also begin piloting deliveries into San Francisco proper.

From the beginning, Caliva’s promise has been to provide customers a superior cannabis buying experience, with a wide selection of products, in-house grown flower, and friendly consultative services. With expanded delivery, that promise hasn’t changed. We will continue to carry a breadth of products in-store and online. And customers can easily chat with a trained wellness consultant (a.k.a. budtender) while shopping online by clicking the blue chat box in the lower right-hand corner of every page online.

Check out our new delivery range >

Caliva’s online store includes up to 300 different cannabis products for people to choose from. We understand that in this newly-legal landscape, many customers are trialing new products frequently to discover what strains, patches, vapes, topicals and tinctures work best for their individual needs.

Caliva online delivery menu

The best part of our expanded delivery is we can deliver to anyone who is at least 21 years old in a variety of locations: their home, at restaurants, workplaces, nearly everywhere! (We can’t deliver to places where there is a populous of underage persons.)

We’re thrilled to begin offering cannabis delivery to more people, but you can always come in and visit us in San Jose as well!

5 Tips for Microdosing this Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays - the "most wonderful time of the year." Even the most festive of us can't deny that the holidays can also bring a lot of stress. Juggling family get togethers, office parties, and traveling can be downright overwhelming. The good news is that you don't have to go through it alone. A low dose edible can be just the friend you need to get you discreetly through the season. Whether you're a cannabis novice or a seasoned veteran, here's some tips to ensure your holidays are merry and bright.

1. Make sure you are well fed before venturing out to deck the halls. Too many times, we make the mistake of not taking care of our basic needs before going into social settings- and this is especially important once you throw cannabis into the mix. Perhaps you thought that cocktail party was actually a sit-down dinner- or the sit-down dinner your aunt prepared doesn't meet your dietary requirements. Making sure that your stomach is full will help you have an enjoyable experience whether you have chosen to drink alcohol or ingest some cannabis (and we definitely don't recommend mixing both). Skip the hangry phase and make sure you have at least a snack before taking an edible!

2. Start with a low dose. This can be anywhere from 2.5MG of THC (the dose in one of Kiva's vegan Petra Mints) to 5MG of THC (as found in one serving of their Camino Gummies, chocolate Terra Bites and Kiva Bars). It's the dose that makes all the difference. The light dose will allow your body to get the most benefits from the cannabis without any of the uncomfortable side effects that can come with higher doses. Remember- you can always take more with edibles, but you can’t take away.  

3. Listen to your body. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to check in with yourself! Cannabis infused edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect depending on a number of factors- including your height, weight, metabolism, and the last time you've eaten. Two hours after your first dose, take notice of how you are feeling and any feelings of relaxation, happiness and wellness. If you'd like to have a stronger experience, make sure to not exceed the potency of your first dose- and wait another two hours for the effects of both to be felt. Edibles' effects can last up to six hours plus because of how they're digested so start low and go slow.

4. Bring CBD for back up. If you accidentally overconsume, consuming a CBD-rich product can be a great help to mitigate any feeling of overwhelm or anxiety. If CBD isn't accessible, be sure to hydrate and find a quiet room to relax in while the feeling passes.

5. Safety first. Always, always remember to store edibles safely. Cannabis products should aways be kept away from where pets or children might find them.

The holidays come but once a year- and with a little preparation, you can navigate them like a pro thanks to the assistance cannabis provides. With stress and social anxiety at bay, you can feel confident and carefree about accepting any invitation. Plus, who doesn't dream about satisfying their munchies with an actual feast? 

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Pro Tips: Cannabis and Your Workout

The stigma against “lazy stoners” is fading fast. Are you part of the movement?

Today’s consumers are increasingly being revealed as active, athletic folks who are focused on using the plant for its wellness applications. The challenge is to find the right product and dosage to enhance the workout, rather than get in the way.

Why Try It?

At first, using cannabis as part of a workout plan might seem counterintuitive. For years, we have been led to believe that THC causes impairment and is inherently unsafe to use.

We now know that it is relatively safe, and in many cases can offer users a complete enhancement of the overall food and exercise experience.

There are a few key points to consider before trying a workout with cannabis. First, you will want to decide why you are consuming, when you would like to consume it, and what kind of products you will be picking up for the occasion.

Before the Workout

Lots of people use cannabis as their favorite pre-workout. Many claim that it synergizes the mind and body to work together more effectively, and helps them achieve that elusive “runner’s high” that comes with physical activity.

Taking a low dose before a workout can help to melt away stress or anxiety you might have, while getting you “into your body” and ready to focus on the fine movements required for your workout.

Running, yoga, and lifting weights are all popular workouts to try after a vape or edible. Everyone’s tolerance is a little different, but we recommend starting with a dosage of 5 to 10mg THC to avoid any impairment of your motor skills.

Flower is the traditional method of consumption for most, but for a healthy edge without the cough, we lean toward the vape. One of our favorite formulas is Caliva’s Day Dream for the Gio. It provides a clean taste of pine and citrus, along with a boost of THC to get you perfectly in the zone.


Cannabis can have even more amazing benefits for recovery when used after your workout, especially when it comes to CBD.

The known neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it perfect for athletes of all ability levels. It helps to keep your nervous system balanced, reduce swelling, and may even help to heal injuries faster. On the other hand, THC can help relax the muscles, relieve pain quickly, and also help you get that much-needed sleep after your most demanding activities.

Combining THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio is your best bet for optimal rest and muscle recovery. We recommend our Caliva Lavender vape pod for the Gio. It’s rich in the relaxing terpene linalool, which gives off a smooth herbal lavender flavor, and also provides a balanced ratio of CBD to THC.

Topicals are also great for athletes to have around the house and in the gym bag. Topical creams and balms can provide targeted pain relief, while medicated epsom salt soaks provide full-body relaxation. We love Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm or Releaf 1:3 Body Soak for easing any post-workout aches and pains.

Ready to start your cannabis and fitness journey? Stop by our San Jose location and ask our friendly budtenders about their favorite wellness rituals - or, place an easy delivery order to get Caliva on demand.

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Which Caliva Pre-Roll is “The One” for You?

We know that not every cannabis consumer is the same. That’s why we love thinking up creative products for everyone’s diverse tastes!

Caliva’s premium flower goes into not one, but four different varieties of pre-rolled joints. Each of our pre rolls has something different to offer - but all of them are a guaranteed good time for you and all of your favorite people. Which pre roll was made for you? Read on to find out.

House Doobie

You are smart, sensible, and economical. You believe that a great smoke shouldn’t break the bank. The Caliva House Doobies are simple but powerful. These single joints come in your choice of indica, sativa and hybrid blends so you can achieve your current desired effect. Maybe you are a creature of habit who likes to stick to your favorite, or maybe you always like to have one of each on hand, for whenever the mood changes. Either way, the House Doobies will always be there for you to give you a taste of your favorite Caliva flavors!


Life is a celebration, and you love having a smoke for every possible occasion. The DogWalkers are perfectly miniature smokes, ideal for a quick stroll with your best friend (furry or otherwise). Of course, they contain just the right amount of flower for a solo session as well, and are fully potent at 25 percent THC and above. Whether or not you are willing to share, a single pack of DogWalkers will provide four opportunities to get elevated, packaged in a discreet tin. We also produce a line of CBD DogWalkers for a chilled out, healing vibe.


You are always prepared for anything, and that means never running out of pre rolls. Caliva Toasties come five to a pack, to last you all day or night. They are smooth and easy to smoke, rolled with lower-THC flower and filter tips to ensure a hassle-free smoking experience. Toasties contain half a gram of flower, come in their own sweet cardboard pack, and are the perfect low-dose pre roll with the potential to bring all levels of smokers together for a common cause.

Super Session

Out of your social circle, you are the most experienced with cannabis, and sharing the love is one of your favorite things to do! Our Super Session rolls are strong - packed full with only the finest top shelf Caliva indoor flower, hash and kief. This trifecta provides a unique bold flavor, as well as a profound psychoactive effect, testing at 30 percent THC or above. At a weight of .08 grams, these are big enough to satisfy your entire rotation. A Super Session is best suited for connoisseurs and individuals with a higher tolerance for cannabis.

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How to Banish Inflammation from the Body

Feeling inflamed and in pain? Perhaps that’s why you’ve turned to cannabis.

Above all else, inflammation is one of the leading causes of chronic health issues. Both body and mind can be affected, and if not addressed, the side effects can compound, causing joint pain and swelling, headaches, and, worst of all, mental stress or full-blown anxiety.

The traditional solution has been to pop an over-the-counter pill to feel “normal” again. However, we’d like to think that society is evolving, and learning that holistic and preventive solutions are just as good, if not better, at treating inflammation.

Use the following tips to stay one step ahead of your symptoms. 

Feed Your Soul

How intuitive are you when it comes to your diet? Knowing what foods will nourish you, and which will promote inflammation, is the first (and possibly toughest) lesson in overcoming chronic issues with your wellness. 

Some of your favorite foods and treats might actually be putting stress on your body. Avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup like the plague, and say no to processed meats and cheeses at your usual fast food joint. It’s worth adding that drinking alcohol in excess is one of the biggest causes of inflammation among young adults - so practice moderation if you enjoy a drink once in a while.

Aside from conscious food decisions, staying hydrated is a major factor in preventing inflammation. Water is essential to keeping the body lubricated, and you can really never sip too much in one day, especially if you’ve eaten or drank something you shouldn’t have.

Nobody is perfect, but making those steps to be healthier is easier when you have a goal of pain or stress relief!

Get Plenty of Sleep

Did you know that when you are sleep deprived, the negative side effects just keep piling on? 

One good night won’t fix it, either. Every time you pull a late nighter, it takes even more sleep than you missed in order to help your body “catch up.” Make it a habit, and your body and mind will flip into desperation mode - indefinitely.

Sleep is the only time that the systems of your body can quit firing on all cylinders. By keeping them awake, you put stress on everything you need to survive, which can contribute to inflammation deep inside your body that can be very difficult to heal.

Nighttime workouts are great for those who “never get tired.” Start tweaking your bedtime now to get the optimal number of hours, and if you have trouble staying asleep through the night, it can be helpful to try a noise machine to help you zone out and get the z’s you need. 

Consume Cannabis Consciously

Staying healthy, loose and symptom-free is something that cannabis can help with too. Our budtenders typically recommend supplementing your current favorites with CBD for a relaxing, anti-inflammatory effect. 

CBD can be an awesome regulator for the nervous system, but it’s no cure. Without focusing on the other tenets of a healthy lifestyle, you will not achieve your best results.

Of course, there is always room for experimentation with cannabis products, but that’s what makes it so fun! You can have a chilled-out CBD vape experience with our Caliva 3:1 Lavender Gio Pod, or try a routine that includes applying topicals to the skin (we like Papa & Barkley’s ReLeaf Balms & Patches).

No matter what products you choose, we are glad you’re here, and are thrilled to help you on the next step of your wellness journey.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash