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New Year, New Fun!

New Year's Specials at Caliva

The New Year is upon us and Caliva has specials for all the moments of the holiday. Habit drinks are the perfect pairing for a holiday celebration and vape specials will help you stay discreet while medicating at your holiday parties. 

For recovery, we have everything from CBD chews, to Bath Soaks, relief balm and gum. 


We are totally psyched on Viceland's new show "Bong Appetite," a deep dive into the world of cannabis infused food and drinks. It's a great inspiration for those looking to try recipes at home. 

Pink Boost Strain (13.73%THC) 

Pink Boost hails from the magestic Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Pink Boost hails from the magestic Santa Cruz Mountains. 

We're not all looking for a hard core THC percentage. Much like the lower alcohol craft beers and wines, many of us are just looking for that chill hybrid to accompany some nature therapy; a beach walk, picnic, outdoor barbecue or a mountain hike. We selected Pink Boost for our connoisseur shelf for this reason. 

Hailing from the famed Blue Belly Farms, Pink Boost nice, dense and sweet. The high is a true hybrid, very even keeled. The genetics are from Hard Candy Farms in the Santa Cruz Mountains and was created by crossing Pink Candy with Boost. 

*Caliva is the only dispensary in the Bay Area carrying this special strain!