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How to Properly Store Your Cannabis Vape Oil

Californians have gone ape for vapes, according to the early 2018 consumer data. The rising popularity of cannabis oil and concentrates begs the question, what’s the best way to store your vape oil cartridges to maximize shelf life and potency?

Geno Guerrero, Lead Extraction Technician at Caliva, has the answers to your frequently asked questions about marijuana vape oil storage.

Caliva's popular Daybreak cartridge should see limited light if not in use. 

Caliva's popular Daybreak cartridge should see limited light if not in use. 

What’s the best way to store marijuana vape oil to extend its shelf life?

  1. Avoid heat. According to Guerrero, 70℉ is the ideal temperature to store vape oil cartridges. High storage temperatures can degrade the taste and potency of the oil, and can also cause cartridges to leak.
  2. Avoid sunlight. The sun degrades oil quality in the same manner it degrades flower quality. Oil exposed to light will become darker and less potent over time. And, like with flower, heat from the sun can also play a role here.
  3. Cold is okay. Cannabis vape oil doesn’t have the same issues with colder temperatures that flower does, like humidity problems and/or trichromes falling off buds. Despite a greater tolerance for cold, your oil (or concentrates) shouldn’t stay in the freezer, as that can still create moisture issues inside a cartridge.

These factors mean the best storage places for marijuana vapes are cool, dry places, like a desk drawer or refrigerator. If possible, keep the cartridge upright and not on its side, to help prevent leakage.

How long will my cartridge be good for?

There's no set time limit on the life of vape oil. The better conditions you store it in, the longer it will retain its potency, terpene profiles, color, etc.

The oil in this cartridge is darker than when I first purchased it. Is it still okay to vape?

Yes, although the taste and potency may have changed. Guerrero says, “Finding an old vape cartridge with darker oil will still work and will be safe for consumption. Darker oil just means that the vape was probably left exposed to light and has darkened the oil through oxidation; potency might be lower (not significantly lower) now, but it’s still safe for consumption.”

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