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New Shelf Additions


Platinum Cookies | Top Shelf Indica

This clean, crisp top-shelf indica is the perfect strain for winding down after a long day. In addition to providing intense feelings of well-being and happiness, these sticky buds are guaranteed to take you to a euphoric and relaxed place.  

PK-47 | Bottom Shelf Hybrid

This slightly indica-dominant hybrid knocks out pain in a hurry. PK-47 provides consumers with a relaxing, tingly body sensation. The gentle body feeling is coupled with a rush of mental energy, making this a balanced hybrid.


Fresh Budtender Reviews


Indica Flower Reviewed by Claire

Structure: Dense
Appearance: Dark green with touches of Brown
Taste: Musty and Earthy
Smoothness: Mild
Overall Experience: Not the prettiest flower but a very mild and relaxing high. Good choice if you're looking for a low-potency indica. 


Platinum Cookies

Indica Flower Reviewed by Andrew

Structure: Densely Cured. Tight. 
Appearance: Light green with shades of orange. 
Taste: Musty, Pungent, Diesel, Earthy
Smoothness: 5/5
Overall Experience: Giggly, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Hungry, Body High. Excellent relaxing indica dominant strain. Slight head high with an excellent body high. I loved it for the enhanced television watching experience and pizza consumption.


ABX Hippie crippler

Hybrid Flower Reviewed by Adam

Structure: Dry and Fluffy

Appearance: Pale green with orange interspersed.  
Taste: Clean, Crisp, Fresh, Citrus, Lemon, Pine, Sweet
Smoothness: 4/5
Overall Experience: Creative, Giggly, Happy, Uplifted. This was a super tasty hybrid, but honestly not quite potent enough for me. (17.5% THC). This may be a better choice for someone looking for a less intense high. 


Upcoming Vendor Days


Korova September 30TH 4-7PM

Korova will be back with us again on Friday, September 30th from 4-7pm. Come say what's up and grab 10% OFF their products while they are in-store!

Vet CBD October 1st 12-4pm

Join Vet CBD in-store on Saturday, October 1st from 12-4pm. They'll have free 10ml samples, stop by and grab some! 


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