CALIVA Weekly 5/23: No Summertime Blues at Caliva

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We've been having a whole lot of fun down here at Caliva as we speed into summer. With every passing day there is something new, something changing, something to be excited about in the cannabis industry. We're lucky to be building such an amazing community around Caliva and we're stoked to have our core customers like you along for the ride. Our budtenders have been churning out some great reviews, highlighting some of the best new products and helping us to develop our new product lines. Stay tuned for an update on our latest project, Caliva Labs, where we treat you to the latest flavor and strain combinations coming from our in-house concentrate production facility. All good stuff friends, stoked to share more with you soon! 

Find all the best flower, concentrates, edibles and more in the South Bay right here at Caliva. And you know the vibes are always good when you walk through these doors. Hope to see you this week...

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Budtender Review: Tangie & Khalifa Kush

Down here at Caliva Joe has been busy left and right reviewing some of our best strains and sharing his insight regarding experience, effect and overall vibe. Enjoy his insight, and hopefully he helps you #staylifted just the way you want next time you pick up some flower at the store...

Flower Review by Joe: Tangie

Tangie, in a word: amazing! It had a sort of fruity flavor, not like a GDP, but still very nice. It was one of the cleanest, energetic strains I have smoked in a long time. A new favorite of mine up there with Allen Wrench (my all time fav). The high definitely came on quickly and lasted a good hour, if not longer. I was very upbeat on this strain, with an unbelievable feeling of well-being and happiness. It felt like Christmas eve. Some cons: it caused a noticeable sense of aphasia, where I was grasping for words that just were not there. Other than that, not bad at all. No noticeable dry mouth and it finished nicely by just tapering off, no crash.

Rating: 9/10


Flower Review by Joe: Khalifa Kush

Wow, what a heavy indica. I am going to sleep well tonight. Nice mild flavor, noticeable body high, and severe mental impairment. (I am having a hard time typing this in fact). Mental clarity is very low and I lose my train of thought very easily. However, I do feel very comfortable, calm and relaxed. Overall, I could see spending a complete rainy fall or winter day watching old movies or listening to music on this. A great "take me away" strain for a variety of heavy-indica reliefs.

Rating: 8.5/10


Staff Pick: Varavo Vape Cartridges

We're stoked to be carrying these delicious Varavo vape cartridges. Here's what one of our store managers Adam has to say about it...

We've just started to carry Indica and Sativa vape cartridges from Varavo, one of my favorite new vape brands. The cartridges are non-strain specific and test between the 70’s and 80’s for potency. They currently come in 1/2 gram cartridges. The taste is amongst the best I have tried in wick cartridges. Come try one for yourself!


Staff Pick: Sensi Chews

Insomnia is the most common complaint our customers have, so we're always on the lookout for products that offer that type of relief. It was an obvious choice to pick up Sensi's Insomnia chew, which includes a 4mg dose of melatonin and 100mg’s of Indica derived THC. Needless to say, the Insomnia chew is very effective. There is also the Energy chew, which includes 50mg of caffeine to really take that sativa buzz to the next level. And lastly the CBD Gold 1:1 chew contains 50mg THC and 50mg cannabis derived CBD for a balanced effect. These edibles are a great choice for a variety of needs and relief.


Vendor Day 5/27 4-9PM: Botek & Day Deamer's

We can't wait to host Botek Syrups and Day Dreamers Chocolates for a double vendor day on Friday 5/27 from 4-9pm! These are two of our favorite and popular edible vendors, so come meet their reps and learn a little more about how to get the ultimate experience from their unqique and delicious edibles. 

We're proud to carry Botek Syrups and Day Dreamer's Chocolates at Caliva. Get 10% OFF all their products from 4-9PM on Friday!


Have a Rad Week Folks


Looking forward to seeing you soon friends. Come on down to Caliva this week to say hello - and don't forget your everyday member benefits. See you soon!  #higherstandards #staylifted