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CALIVA Weekly 5/2: May Sun, Sour Candy & New Bubble Hash

CALIVA WEEKLY: The latest news, knowledge and coastal grown culture...

Well friends, it's May and the sunshine is already here. We've been experimenting with some new house concentrate blends at Caliva and they've been receiving a glowing response. We've also been watching as our recently released CALIVA Collection flower (GDP, Blackjack & White Buffalo) has been flying off the shelf since 420. How could it not? The top-shelf quality and special member everyday pricing is unmatched. So anyways, if we haven't seen you in a while, it's time to come by for a visit and enjoy all your member benefits!

Weed love to see you soon! #higherstandards

All products and special pricing listed in CALIVA Weekly are pre-tax (8.75% California Sales Tax and 10% San Jose MBT are added upon checkout). Don't forget to take advantage of our daily walk-in member specials!


Budtender Review: Nasha Strawberry Banana Bubble Hash

This bubble hash has a really nice fruity smell and pleasant texture. It is easy to work with and burns really clean.  The high was quickly noticeable and started off in my forehead before moving down over the rest of my body creating a very comfortable body high. My cognitive skills suffered slightly while experiencing this hash, but not to the point where I felt overwhelmed.

On the contrary, it was a rather cerebral buzz but with a good amount of body high to go with it. I'm not sure if was the high THC level, or perhaps it is strain specific, but I did start to feel just a bit tired about halfway through my experience. Overall a very clean but heavy high good for pain reduction and relaxation.  

Sarah's rating: 8.5/10


Staff Pick: Big Sur Extracts C02 Oil

These high-quality Big Sur Extracts oils have added terpenes that have been steam distilled from the same strain the oil was extracted from. They have an intense and delicious taste, similar to the other flavored CO2 oils we have seen, but much smoother. Ronnie tried the Pineapple and said it was amazing, and of course Girl Scout Cookies never disappoints. 




Caliva Collection: Sour Candy C02 Oil

DSC_4695 (2).jpg

A cross between Sour Diesel and Candyland, this delicious house concentrate is a tasty addition to the Caliva Collection. A clean and potent oil, it provides a sativa-dominant experience perfect for daytime productivity or day on the town. Come on down and try some for yourself. #staylifted


Caliva Cares: Do it Ourselves Fest


Caliva is proud to say that we were able to support Do-it-Ourselves Fest (DIO Fest) over the past weekend. DIO Fest is a benefit for special needs children at Camp Krem, the summer camp location where the event is held. Every year, DIO Fest raises awareness and funds for Camp Krem's programs by bringing together the best musical talent that the Bay Area has to offer.

The weekend was amazing and we can't wait to go back next year! Learn more about the event here. Learn more about Camp Krem's programs for people with special needs here. Thank you for your membership at Caliva, it is with your loyal support that we are able to contribute to such worthy causes!


Have an Awesome Week Friends!


Looking forward to seeing you soon friends, and we're glad that you've been enjoying our new Caliva Collection flower and concentrates! Come on down to Caliva this week to say hello - and don't forget your everyday member benefits. See you soon!  #higherstandards #staylifted