CALIVA Weekly 4/4: Introducing Caliva Crew Rewards, April Events & More News

CALIVA WEEKLY: The latest news, knowledge and CALIVA culture at large.

It is now officially April here at Caliva! We've got a month chock-full of stellar member deals, 420 specials, events and more rad stuff. Not to mention that today we've officially released our brand new Caliva Crew Rewards loyalty program, making sure that you get rewarded for your loyal membership. We can't wait to celebrate the 420 holiday with you later this month, don't miss our pre-420 member-appreciation day on April 16th either. All the details, features and CALIVA Culture below...

All products and special pricing listed in CALIVA Weekly are pre-tax (8.75% California Sales Tax and 10% San Jose MBT are added upon checkout). Don't forget to take advantage of our daily walk-in member specials!

Introducing Caliva Crew Rewards


CALIVA culture is built on our member-community, our budtenders, vendors and everyone else who make things tick. That's why we've introduced the Caliva Crew Rewards, so that we're all rewarded for our contribution to the cause. If you're new, here's what you can expect from your first few visits to Caliva. If you're already a loyal member, expect to receive your Crew Rewards Cards soon and start enjoying the benefits of being on the Caliva Crew.

What to Expect...

  • 1st-Time Patient Gets a Free Gram

  • 2nd Visit Gets a Free Pre-Roll

  • 3rd Visit Gets a Surprise Gift

  • 10th Visit Gets 4 Caliva Crew Rewards Cards

  • 11th Visit & Beyond - More Perks, Special Event Access & Surprise Gifts

If you're already a loyal member of Caliva (4-10 visits and beyond), look for an email coming your way shortly with details about redeeming your Caliva Crew Rewards cards!

420 Specials and Announcements

Featured Product: Buzzkill by Von Baron Farms


This unique product from Von Baron Farms contains CBD and a proprietary blend of ingredients meant to reverse a high that has become too intense for the user. It is the perfect antidote to have on-hand, especially if you are new to some stronger indicas and other products that might trigger an intense high. Here is what Von Baron Farms has to say about it...


BuzzKill is here. This drink will offer protection against the marijuana high. If you need to reduce the intoxicating effects of THC, such as psychoactive effect, memory impairment and paranoia.  Then drink one bottle and wait 30-45 minutes.  

Bud Tender Review: Silver Haze

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Bud Structure: Whispy, very Sativa-like structure, light.

Appearance: Light green, covered in trichomes.

Taste: Earthy and pungent, almost an incense type of woodiness on the exhale.

Experience: Very smooth. Could tell that this train received a proper flush and great cure. Very comparable to Neville's Haze in effect, taste is closer to Super Silver Haze. It is a total mood-lifter, this strain could be great option for someone suffering from depression, while those suffering from anxiety may want to stay away from this strain. 

Vendor Day with Absolute Xtracts 4/5/16

We're stoked to have Absolute Xtracts in-store tomorrow! Drop by for some insight and get 10% OFF Absolute Xtracts while they're in store.

Vendor Day with Kushy Punch 4/8/16

Kushy Punch is one of our latest favorite products on the shelf. We're excited for the producers to come through the store on Friday April 8th. Come on down and grab 10% OFF some of their fruity deliciousness!

Caliva Supports Do it Ourselves Fest 2016 in Support of Music Enrichment for Special Needs

We're proud to announce that we're an official supporter of the 4th Annual Do it Ourselves Fest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The event benefits music enrichment for special needs at Camp Krem. It's an amazing local event that raises money for a great cause. If you like great music and good vibes, check this event out and come say what's up to the Caliva Crew!

Do-it-Ourselves Fest is 3 days of music, art, camping and stoke at Camp Krem in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It's a grassroots little festival that brings together some of the best talent and rad folks across the Bay Area in one place to celebrate life and give back to Camp Krem. Camping is first come first served, and parking is especially tight so it is crucial to carpool. Everyone always brings the good vibes and the preformances are a thing to remember. There's also other stuff like a pool, hot food, hiking, live art and all kinds of DIO stuff. Event is family friendly. Check out the "fest guide" on our website at

Have a Lifted Week Friends


We're looking forward to celebrating with you in April, with all kinds of specials, deals and our 420 events coming up! Stop by Caliva to get something tasty and say hello to the crew. We're open 9AM to 9PM Monday through Saturday and 11AM to 6PM on Sundays. We'll be stoked to see you... #higherstandards