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Caliva Weekly 4/18: 3 Days 'Till 420 & the Deals are Flowing!

We couldn't be happier about the success of our member-appreciation day this past Saturday! The game wheel was in full swing and every member was walking out with a smile to kick off their 420 week. Today we're running 25% off edibles, and 5 for $25 premium pre-rolls tomorrow! And then.... 420 celebration on Wednesday with a free ice cream cone and pre-roll for every customer with purchase!

And don't forget... our brand new line of Caliva Collection flower (Blackjack, GDP and White Buffalo) are at unbeatable prices through end of day on 420. Seriously, don't miss out on this special celebratory 420 member pricing!

Happy Monday friends, weed love to see you every day this week. #staylifted with #higherstandards at #caliva.


3 Days Left to Grab Our 420 Celebration Deals!

  • Caliva Collection Special Pricing 'Till Wednesday at 9PM!
  • Monday 4/18 - 25% OFF All Edibles!
  • Tuesday 4/19 - Five-Pack of Premium Pre-Rolls for $25!
  • 420 Celebration - Free Pre-Roll and Ice Cream Cone with Purchase

All specials available while supplies last and subject to change. Join us for 420!!!



Have a Great Week, Let's Celebrate Everyday 'Till 420

It feels like Christmas everyday around here right now, and we don't mind it one bit. So come through and enjoy the blessing of cannabis everyday this week until Wednesday, and make this a 420 to remember. It's our first 420 here at Caliva, and we couldn't be happier with how things are going. Be well friends, we'll see you at Caliva! #420 #higherstandards #staylifted.