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Altai Brands & Dixie Elixirs Vendor Day + Weekend Specials

We've got a great weekend lined up for the Caliva community! Here's the lowdown... don't miss out!

Vendor Day on Friday, February 19th with Altai Brands and Dixie Elixirs

We'll be kicking things off tomorrow (Friday February 19th) with an Altai Brands and Dixie Elixirs vendor day (10% OFF all of their products while they are in-store). Stop by, meet the vendors and grab a deal while you're at it. Call the collective to find out when they'll be there.

Weekend Specials

We'll be featuring some great daily specials through the weekend. Come say hello and grab the deals while they last...


FLOWER SPECIAL: Sour Diesel - $55/$100/$195
VENDOR DAY: Altai Brands & Dixie Elixirs


FLOWER SPECIAL: Super Glue - $65/$120/$230


FLOWER SPECIAL: Super Glue - $65/$120/$230

Caliva in the Community...

We're happy to announce that we've donated to help fund the building of the new home for the Western Buddhist Practice in Sacramento. We wish them the best of luck in their project and look forward to seeing it come to fruition!

Have a Lifted Weekend Friends...

Stop by the collective for one of the specials to complement your weekend relaxation - and say hi to our team of helpful budtenders! Visit us anytime 9AM to 9PM Monday through Saturday and 11AM to 7PM on Sundays. We'll be stoked to see you. #higherstandards