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Your 2019 Guide to 420 Deals & Events at Caliva

Starting Monday, April 15th, we’re counting down the days until 420! Get 15% off different products every day of the week as we work through each cannabis category leading up to the holiday.

Then visit us on 420 as we celebrate with the best deals on the best products — and a big outdoor party. Plus, you can join us in recognizing the communities that were (and are still being) impacted by cannabis prohibition. For 420, we’re donating 4.20% of all 4/20 sales to a nonprofit working hard to clear cannabis records.

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Every Day’s A Deal

Every day this week we’re offering 15% off a different category of cannabis. From pre-rolls and extracts to tinctures and topicals, we’re making sure you’re stocked and ready for 420.

If you’re heading to our San Jose store, we’re also raffling off a goodie bag full of Caliva swagger and Caliva Cash every day at 4:20 PM.

Monday, April 15th | 15% Off Extracts and Pre-Rolls

Get 15% off all extracts and pre-rolls. Shop in-store or order online and save with code 420MONDAY at checkout.

Tuesday, April 16th | 15% Off Vape Cartridges

Shop your favorite vape cartridge brands and get 15% off in-store or online with code 420TUESDAY at checkout.

Wednesday, April 17th | 15% Off Tinctures, Topicals, and Capsules

It’s Wellness Wednesday! You can save 15% off all wellness cannabis products in-store and online by using code 420WEDNESDAY at checkout.

Thursday, April 18th | 15% Off Edibles

Tasty Thursday is getting a little kick this week. Enjoy your edibles at 15% off in-store or online with code 420THURSDAY at checkout.

Friday, April 19th | 15% Off Flower

We couldn’t think of a better way to wrap-up our daily deals than with flower. On Friday, stock-up and save 15% off all flower in-store and online with code 420FRIDAY at checkout.

Saturday, April 20th | 420!

Too many deals and happenings to list here! Take a shortcut to get the low-down on everything that’s happening on 420.

Sunday, April 21st | 15% Off Select CBD

After a full week of deals, we’re topping it off with 15% off select high CBD products.

What’s Happening On 420?

420 is about celebrating our cannabis roots (and leaves, and buds, and… you get it!). In 2019, we’re making sure you’ll not only get the best deals on the best products, but we want you to #GoCaliva while you’re at it.

What does it look like to #GoCaliva this 420? It means you’re observing this holiday by going one step further. You’re sharing it with friends, enjoying some entertainment, and rejoicing in the moment.

This 420, Caliva is taking it one step further by donating 4.20% of all sales on 4/20 to the California nonprofit Code for America in recognition of its project Clear My Record, which is dedicated to giving people a second chance to get jobs and housing by clearing cannabis records.

As a cannabis company in a now legal state, we feel it’s important to recognize the communities that were (and are still being) impacted by cannabis prohibition. Thank you for supporting us this day in our mission to recognize our past to create a happier future. Read more about our Puff Puff Pass It Forward campaign this year on our blog.

Spend More Save More + Up To 50% Off

No matter if you just want a pre-roll or a whole basket of items this 420, you’ll get a special treat and the opportunity to save big.

Spend $50* Get 10% OFF in-store or online with code HAPPY50

Spend $100* Get 15% OFF in-store or online with code HAPPY100

Spend $200* Get 20% OFF in-store or online with code HAPPY200

Spend $300* Get 30% OFF in-store or online with code HAPPY300

Everyone shopping also gets a goodie with any purchase: a Fun Uncle Purple Diesel Pre-Roll for just a penny. And, if you spend $100+, you’ll get a Caliva tote bag.

PLUS! We’ll be offering up to 50% off a variety of flower, vapes, edibles and pre-rolls from District Gummies, Caliva, Bad Apple and Fun Uncle.

Live, Laugh, And Learn On 420

Thinking about dropping in to Caliva’s San Jose store on 420? Please do! We’ll be well-stocked with food and entertainment ALL. DAY. LONG.

Wake-and-bakers will rise-and-shine to coffee and pastries from Academic Coffee and the first 50 people to visit will get a Caliva Puff Puff Pass It Forward t-shirt.

In the afternoon, we’re welcoming Doug the Surfing Magician to wow our crowd while we dine on food from the Waffle Amore food truck.

To close out the day, Ryan Brantley, Caliva’s Master Grower, will be available for a meet-and-greet along with a preview of some of Caliva’s cannabis-derived terpenes.

420 is all about good people coming together to celebrate cannabis, so we hope to see you there!

*All spend is calculated pre-tax.