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Cannabis 101: Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!


It’s 2018...can i just walk into a store and buy weed?

  • You are 21+ with Valid ID
  • Use for wellness, medicinal and/or recreational purposes
  • Order legally online (discreet, browse in private) or shop in store (ask questions/get recommendations)
  • Make sure your product has been tested (No pesticides!)
  • Start LOW (in mg) and go SLOW (time)
  • There is no “Black List" (your information is safe and will not be shared with anyone)

How will cannabis make me feel?

These major effect states are produced from the interactions between the compounds in cannabis (cannabinoids, terpenes) and your body’s receptors/neurotransmitters.

1. Relief

2. Sedative

3. Psychoactive

BUT... people’s metabolic systems vary widely SO people experience varying sensitivities and tolerances from the same compounds/products.

What are the different ways to use cannabis?

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 4.09.15 PM.png

How does cannabis work?

The Endocannabinoid System

  • This is how your brain communicates with your body and its cognitive processes like sleep, mood, memory, appetite, and pain.
  • It’s the nervous system’s super highway that connects messaging from the brain to receptors throughout the body.
  • Cannabis contains cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBD that fit into these receptors and stimulate your system in exciting, relaxing, and chilled out ways.


Okay, but what do these mean and what is the difference?

What are the different classifications of products and what do they mean?

Indica = deep relaxation                Hybrid = balanced high                   Sativa = energizing 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will cannabis affect any of the other medications I take?

  • This is something  you should talk to your doctor about, but remember that things like topicals do not penetrate your blood stream.

What if I start to feel like I’m too high?

  • Just relax. Lay down, take a deep breath, and turn on some mindless TV.

What if I don’t want to tell a lot of people I’m using cannabis?

  • Do what feels right to you. There are many people that use cannabis and don’t feel the need to tell anyone.

How much do cannabis products cost?

  • Cannabis products can cost anywhere from $5 and up. Do your research and find a product that fits your needs and your budget.