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Try the Best Marijuana in California and #GOCALIVA!

What does #GOCALIVA mean?

GO CALIVA is a state of mind, the freedom to live well. To get up and feel great, to make every moment count. The freedom to live of sound mind and body, and the power to make every day your best!

To GO CALIVA, you have to experience the best marijuana on the market: mindfully farmed, lab tested, and socially responsible. We practice the highest standards in sustainability and safety, fostering a loving environment for our plants and our people.

It's all about love!

At Caliva you'll find happy plants and happy people. Our marijuana is the best because it's grown with love. Everyone on the Caliva team has a passion for marijuana and its power for wellness. 

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The Best Marijuana is Grown with Higher Standards

"Nature does nothing uselessly." Aristotle said it first. We embed this mantra into all of our cultivation and grow practices to bring out the best qualities and characteristics from seed to plant to product.

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Exploration of LED light technology as supplemental cultivation lighting technique to reduce energy consumption.

Division of facility during flowering cycle for of off-peak electricity operations.

Strict temperature and humidity controlled/computer automated environmental systems resulting in 25% reduction in energy usage from industry standards.

Implementation of micro-irrigation system to dramatically reduce baseline water use and agricultural runoff/liquid waste.

Composting pilot program with emphasis on waste reduction and soil medium recharging and recycling.

Use of organic plant treatments; integrated pest management protocols and utilization of reliable resources (biological and natural options) to protect against plant contamination.

Product Traceability to support product recalls and prevent diversion of product.

Detailed records of observational data to improve ability to maximize high-quality yields that are pest and disease free.

Strict hygiene and sanitation practices and protocols for both preventative and reactive principles.


Caliva Labs - Tested. Verified. Premium

Caliva is equipped with an in-house laboratory to ensure top quality marijuana products. Lab generated data guarantees all Caliva Garden grown marijuana is reliable, consistent and predictable. Our advanced analytics enable our team to innovate and provide the safest and most effective delivery methods for your medicinal enjoyment. We continually work towards advancements in sustainability and energy efficiency, achieving higher yields at lower costs, stretching your dollar and enhancing your wellness. 

This award signifies that Caliva Labs has been certified to report results for THCA, d9THC, CBD, CBDA, and CBN within acceptable variance. The Emerald Test® is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Testing (ILC/PT) program.


Who is the best grower of California cannabis?

Caliva of course ;)

Much like wine, marijuana growers look to plant the appropriate strains for their environments, indoors or out.

The Emerald Triangle, comprised of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity County, is California’s most fertile cannabis region. Producing some of the world’s finest marijuana, the Emerald Triangle propagates the most sought after strains in the state. The Wall Street Journal recently hailed this region as “The Bordeaux of Cannabis”, comparing the sophisticated growing terrain to the most celebrated wine region in France.

Consumer knowledge is rapidly increasing and the desire to understand the origin of the product is evident. At Caliva, we pride ourselves on purchasing and growing the best cannabis in the state, complemented by deep rooted relationships with farmers.

Frequently Asked questions about marijuana growers

+ What is the difference between indoor and outdoor grown cannabis?

At Caliva, we pride ourselves in working in the State of California's largest indoor grow. We foster relationships with growers around the state to not only showcase their flower in our retail outlets, but also use their product for our state-of-the-art extraction machines. Growing cannabis indoors allows growers to perfectly control the environment and nutrient levels of the plants which leads to faster bud growth and higher THC levels. When grown outdoors, cannabis is exposed to the elements which can lead to less picturesque flowers but a more full flavor and smell profile. It's really up to the consumer to choose what they want!

+ What strains grow the best indoors?

A strain's success depends on its environment and growing methods. Every indoor grow is different. Some are small, some are large, some use different lighting and air flows, water treatments and nutrients. These factors all play into a strain's success or failure in an indoor environment.

+ Who is one of Caliva's favorite indoor strains?

As Caliva continues to refine its grow, we find we do have the environemnt to grow strains like Black Jack, Dream Queen, GDP, and Alien OG. That said, we are always experimenting and evolving our strain portfolio to meet the needs of consumers.

+ Why are cannabis genetics so important?

To grow the best cannabis, a grower must have plants with the best genetics. Just like other plants, these genetics hold the key to bud’s effects, flavors, vigor, and growth attributes. Our growers work tirelessly to replicate and refine their plants with the best genetics in order to provide the best possible final product.

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