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We Appreciate Your Desire to Partner With Caliva!

Caliva fosters a compliant environment to protect patients and expand our business ethically.  Caliva commits to supply lab tested, quality medical cannabis to patients and partners, while following regulated guidelines set forth by our municipality to ensure environmentally conscious, clean and reliable products. 

As our partnerships grow and regulated cannabis business evolves, Caliva invests in mutual success.  We adhere to the Title 6 requirements for cannabis in the city of San Jose and it is our duty to ensure we are working with compliant, regulated within their municipality, partners. 


1)     The highest in health and well – being

Every product featured in Caliva prioritizes the health, safety & well-being of all medical cannabis patients through safe, lab-tested and consumer-conscious choices.

2)     The finest in brand and aesthetic

It's our mission to provide the finest in professional, well-being oriented product experiences, placing an emphasis on ease of use and exceptional customer service.

3)     The best in quality, professionalism and consistency

Caliva Collection vendors are accepted and promoted based on professionalism and consistency. As we grow together in this evolving industry, we continue to identify the top brands and products to stock our shelves.

4)     The leaders in customer utility and education

At the end of the day, we are only as great as the utility and education that we provide our customers. The Caliva Collection is selectively chosen with customer education in mind, allowing us all to experience cannabis in a safe, informed and regulated way.



1)  Ethos

Partners must believe in medical / recreational cannabis legalization with a focus on compliance and demonstrate strategic decision making intended to shape the legal market. They must believe in our mission of higher standards by: being accountable to lab testing results; be willing to accept returns and refunds directly; be flexible and adaptable when taking their product to new jurisdictions and markets; believe in Caliva's forward thinking related to: consumer safety, compliance and best business practices driven by our #higherstandards objectives in the cannabis industry.

2)  Aesthetic

Clean simple branding. Uncluttered.  An avoidance of unsubstantiated health or production claims in naming of brand or products.  Organic product can be desirable in specific situations.  Preferred branding includes: wellness oriented, recreational and mainstream appeal.

3)  Viability

Partners must be able to grow with us.  Statewide implementation and strategy is key to our partner relationships.  Partners / Caliva may be leveraged to achieve the goals of the partnership.  Partners must be able to produce a consistent product with stable supply chain.  Lab testing result outcomes need also be consistent and a clear indicator of product consistency / value of product.  Partner must be able to provide insight to current capacity and ability to increase supply as needed.    

4)  Portfolio

Product must fit into our portfolio as dictated through The Four Principles listed above. 

5)  Quality

Product must meet quality standards specific to their related product category.  All product must be free of pesticides, molds or mildews.  Value of product is based on an ability to provide a consistent experience in potency, dosage and flavor.  Caliva in-house testing and partnered outsourced testing facilities will verify any quality claims.


Caliva Product Quality Standards

Caliva will consider the following products for purchase:

  • Extracts, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, seeds, trim etc.
  • Properly dried and cured flower
  • Any flower that is not properly trimmed will result in a reduced purchase price if purchased
  • All flower that is to be considered for purchase must be present and quarantined while pending test results

Caliva will not consider for purchase:

  • Product extracted with solvent-based methods such as Butane
  • Product extracted with alcohols including tinctures
  • Wet flower
  • Items that look home based or inconsistent in presentation and potency 


Caliva tests all flower product, raw cannabis products (hash, rosin, pre-rolls, etc.) and packaged goods prior to bringing in house for sale.  Testing performed includes: yeast, mold, coliform counts, pesticide residues, salmonella, cannabinoid profiles and potency.  


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