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Marijuana Grown Indoors With Higher Standards

"Nature does nothing uselessly." Aristotle said it first. We embed this mantra into all of our cultivation and indoor grow practices to bring out the best qualities and characteristics from seed to plant to product.

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Exploration of LED light technology as supplemental cultivation lighting technique to reduce energy consumption.

Division of facility during flowering cycle for of off-peak electricity operations.

Strict temperature and humidity controlled/computer automated environmental systems resulting in 25% reduction in energy usage from industry standards.

Implementation of micro-irrigation system to dramatically reduce baseline water use and agricultural runoff/liquid waste.

Composting pilot program with emphasis on waste reduction and soil medium recharging and recycling.

Use of organic plant treatments; integrated pest management protocols and utilization of reliable resources (biological and natural options) to protect against plant contamination.

Product Traceability to support product recalls and prevent diversion of product.

Detailed records of observational data to improve ability to maximize high-quality yields that are pest and disease free.

Strict hygiene and sanitation practices and protocols for both preventative and reactive principles.


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