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Four Formulations, One For Each Mood


With more THC than any other Gio cartridge available in California, Caliva’s Gio cannabis oil cartridges deliver full-flavor vapor. Available for individuals and wholesale in four different extract formulations.


Gio Classic Jack

Sativa - 80% THC  0%CBD

Candied lime and dewy forest flavors abound in this Classic Jack that produces a creative, focused, and delightful high. This sativa is great for active days that require a lot of energy.

Weight: 0.5g


Gio Day Dream

Hybrid - 80% THC  0%CBD

Day Dream is a balanced hybrid great for anytime use. Its fruity flavors and smooth finish will leave you feeling happy and focused. This is one of the tastiest vape experiences you'll have.

Weight: 0.5g


Gio Cali OG

Indica - 80% THC  0%CBD

A true OG, this pungent, earthy, and potent indica Gio cartridge is your mellow buddy. The formulation is great for nighttime, bed side, and those days when mellowing out is your pleasure.

Weight: 0.5g


Gio Lavender CBD 3:1

CBD - 10% THC  30%CBD

This 3:1 formulation produces mild psychoactive effects and is reminiscent of an afternoon at a day spa. Lavender flavors layered with CBD and indica produce a relaxing state of being that eases the mind and body.

Weight: 0.5g

Learn Which Gio Formulation is Right for You


High fives all around

Caliva’s Cali OG cartridge is a delightful product with subtle, well-crafted flavors. This indica set the mood for an evening for a board game, conversation, and quite a few laughs.

The terpenes are out in full force in Caliva’s Classic Jack; pinene, for sure, and if we had to bet, limonene as well. Lots of lime and citrus on both the inhale and the exhale. After a couple of hits, this Jack reminded us of Trainwreck, in a good, flavorful way. An excellent head buzz and an upbeat high means that basically, if you like Jack strains, you’ll definitely like this one too.
Cannabis and Caffeine

Classic Jack is perfect for vacation

I’ve had this #GPen a couple days now & I like as much if not more than my #PaxEra . . . . . Only thing is I can’t tell if the battery is not as good or if I’ve just been using it more, probably the latter...


What is the g pen gio battery?

The Gio is G Pen’s new, powerful THC and CBD oil vaporizer. Made from super smooth zinc alloy and completely buttonless, it’s perfect for those who want a high-quality yet discreet vaporizer. Sleek and portable, the Gio produces a powerful puff when paired with Caliva’s high THC or soothing CBD cartridges.


- Charge: Micro USB

- Battery Life: ~100 draws

- Warranty: 1 Year

- Includes Micro USB Charging Cable



Get the low down on Caliva oil

At Caliva, we invest in innovative oil extraction and refinement technology for a pure product. Each Caliva Gio oil cartridge is filled with 0.5g of clean cannabis extract. Passing the state’s Category II compliance standards, our oil is some of the purest and most potent available today in California.