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Who is eaze?

Eaze is an reliable, safe and discreet marijuana delivery service, bringing access to cannabis products at low prices throughout California. Getting cannabis delivered means you can skip a trip to the dispensary and still have access to a vast selection of products. Eaze customers love how simple it is to order their favorite flower strain or vape cartridge online and get it delivered to an address of their choice. With delivery in over 30 cities across the state, Eaze makes it easy for you to get the best products in your hands. The Eaze menu includes premium flower, vaporizer cartridges, edibles, prerolls, topicals and dozens of other quality cannabis goods.  No matter if you’re staying in, going out, looking for healing or simply maintaining wellness, Eaze has something to fit your needs. When it comes to quality cannabis, Eaze truly delivers.


who CAN use eaze?

Cannabis delivery is legal to all adults in CA that are 21+ with a valid government issued ID.

Visit and #GOCALIVA! Indoor, Premium Flower and vape cartridges to your door.


Premium caliva flower

Tested. Certified. Quality Cannabis Grown Indoors With Intention

Black Jack - Sativa - $39

Alien OG - Indica - $39

Day Dream - Hybrid - $39

GPEN gio cartridges

A Dynamic New Cartridge Based Vaporizer

Classic Jack - Sativa - $40

Cali OG - Indica - $40

Day Dream - Hybrid - $40