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Our refined line of classic cannabis products is made to be easy, fun and consistent so you know how you’ll feel, every time. From your coffee table to the top of a mountain, Caliva Collection is the essence of cannabis refined. 

We’ve got something for everyone.  


Reef Leaf - Rip, Roll and Twist One

You shred the waves. We shred the flower. Reef Leaf is kind flower that’s bowl, bong and doobie friendly. This pre-ground flower is packed in a convenient pouch for at home or on the go. Our Reef Leaf is grown indoors with love for easy rollin’ and breezy livin'.

Toasties - Toast. Chill. Repeat.

All new look, same smooth flavor you have come to love in a filtered preroll, now in a convenient, smaller, five-pack. Throw these in your purse or pocket. No problem.

Dogwalkers - Your new best friend

These potent little doobies are perfect for you to take on a quick walk or to just enjoy in your favorite chair. Made from top quality flower, they pack quite a bite.

House doobies - THC with a little tLC

These are our best sellers! Blended perfectly for optimal burn and consistency, we rolled these .6g beauties with love. 

Super Session Preroll - Lift the scene

This mighty preroll definitely packs a punch. First we take top grade flower, then we add hash then we add kief. Ka-Pow!!! Now fly away.

Vape - Find your session

Formulated for ultimate flavor and potency, these vape oil cartridges will quickly become your favorites. With four available flavors, you'll encounter notes of citrus, fruit punch, pines, and grape soda.  

Caliva G Pen Gio Cartridge

G Pen Gio - Big Flavor, Easy to use Vaporizer

With more THC than any other Gio cartridge available in California, Caliva’s Gio cannabis oil cartridges deliver full-flavor vapor. Available for individuals and wholesale in four different extract formulations.