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Von Baron Vendor Day + Weekend Specials

We can't wait to showcase Von Baron Farms for our vendor day tomorrow! We've also got our usual weekend specials lined up for your enjoyment. So come on down, and make the most of your weekend by taking home something tasty. Here's the lowdown...

Von Baron Farms Vendor Day - Friday, February 26th from 4-8PM

The Von Baron Family originated in the Bordeaux valley of France.  In the 12th Century, the Von Baron family owned large dairy farms that produced butter and cheese that was sold through all of Northern Europe.  Dr. Hans Von Baron, the grandson of Herve Van Baron, would treat his patients with herbal medicine grown on and around the family’s farms. His wife Sofie Van Baron, an accomplished baker, would infuse the medical herbs into sweet butter that was made from the family’s diary farm. Sofie would bake with the infused sweet butter in her various recipes to treat Dr. Von Baron's patients. Today the Van Baron family is continuing Hans and Sofie’s quest to provide people with the medical benefits of these herbs with a modern twist on the old recipes.

Join us tomorrow (Friday, February 26th) from 4-8PM and meet the folks from Von Baron Farms. Plus, get 10% OFF all their products while they're here! 

Weekend Specials 2/26 - 2/28

We'll be featuring some great daily specials through the weekend. Come say hello and grab the deals while they last...


FLOWER SPECIAL: Master Kush - $50/$85/$165
VENDOR DAY: Von Baron Farms - 10% Off Their Products 4-8PM


FLOWER SPECIAL: Master Kush - $50/$85/$165


FLOWER SPECIAL: Super Glue - $65/$120/$230

Have a Lifted Weekend, Friends

Stop by the collective for one of the specials to complement your weekend relaxation - and say hi to our team of helpful budtenders! Visit us anytime 9AM to 9PM Monday through Saturday and 11AM to 7PM on Sundays. We'll be stoked to see you. #higherstandards