February is already here?

We're Listening to this on Repeat

We've been into Marian Hill for a minute and are loving this video. The perfect afternoon inspiration!

Super Pairings for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl is upon us and there's no other way to celebrate, but with food! We've got a great line up of low dose edibles to keep you on the level no matter what the score is. From the savory Auntie Dolores line (pretzels, peanuts and cheese biscuits) to the sweet confections of Kiva to Altai's sour cherry chocolates. 

Vendor Day - Lola Lola 


Join us in-store Tuesday, January 31st for a demo day and deals from Lola Lola! They will be here 4-8 pm, giving away 1 FREE CARTRIDGE for each one purchased! Plus, 10% off!