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Happy People: Harrison Miller


Happy People: Harrison Miller

Harrison Miller | Budtender

You may recognize Harrison from our Downtown San Jose Farmer's Market booth, the budroom or just from around San Jose! Harrison is a senior at SJSU majoring in Public Relations with a passion for spreading the positive vibes surrounding cannabis and an adventerous spirit! 

What do you like about working at Caliva?

I enjoy working at Caliva because of the people I work with. Upon walking in the door I'm greeted with smiles and positive vibrations. Everybody makes me smile. 

Where can we find you on your days off?

On my days off from Caliva you'll find me studying at SJSU, downtown at Original Gravity, San Pedro Market or 55 South or in Santa Cruz soaking in the beach rays. 

Tell us something we’d never guess about you?

I have an alter ego named Harry Miller. Be weary when he comes out cause' it'll be one for the books. Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll see him downtown. 

What do you love about Downtown San Jose?

My favorite quality about downtown San Jose is the walkability and close proximity of most things I need. From fancy, friendly bars to barber shops and street art, downtown San Jose has so much to offer. 

What are your favorite products? Why?

My favorite product that Caliva offers is the hmbldt vape pen. It's portability, aesthetic, and effectiveness make it my #1. The company also pairs terpenes with cannabinoids to produce a tasty draw. Hands down my favorite. 

What strain are you loving now?

I'm thoroughly enjoying Fruity Pebbles OG. This strain will leave you in a hazy state with a strong cerebral buzz as well as a heavy, couch-lock. A great sleep aid and sedating strain. On the first inhale you experience a sweet, berry taste then a musky, skunky and funky OG finish. 

What’s an activity/strain pairing you like? 

Although I medicate at the beach and around downtown San Jose, I most enjoy using my water pipe and bubbler at home. My favorite activity/strain pairing is a sticky OG Kush strain paired with a night on the couch watching an action thriller. 


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