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Caliva in the Wild: Outside Lands

Brand Ambassadors take Outside Lands!

Outside Lands

Sponsored by Caliva @gocaliva



Outside Lands 2017 in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco was surely a Saturday to remember, thank you Caliva!!

We passed through security and entered the park with our boxes of Toasties and Dogwalkers.  The convenience of the packaging was a life saver because our bag was searched and questioned before we were able to get through.   Thankfully, we were easily able to get past security because of the packaging.  

The energy was so high that we immediately sparked up and started sharing.  People loved the ease and discreetness of the Toastie.  They also loved the filter and the“tingly” feeling it gives you- a very chill, and relaxing high.  Toasties were said to be “smooth, easy, and effective.”  We journeyed through the park smoking, taking in the good vibes, and enjoying the outdoors- smiling the entire time. 

We broke out the Dogwalkers amongst the Metallica crowd, which turned the excitement all the way up for the legendary performance.  This more potent high had everyone relaxed and amplified the experience.   This part of the festival was a blast- Metallica was epic with their laser light show and fireworks as we finished our last box of toasties with the crowd!

The experience put a smile on every ones face, as we enjoyed great music, food, activities, beer, wine, art, lights, and the outdoor scenery.  Friends of all ages and backgrounds were coming together to be a part of the organic, genuine, adventurous feeling that @gocaliva gives you.  

Overall, we got amazing feedback and made some great friends along the way, until next time OSL!