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Lola Lola x Caliva & This Week's Shelf Additions!




  • Lola Lola x Caliva
  • Budtender Reviews: L.O.B. Island Sweet Skunk Raw-Zen and Top-Shelf GDP
  • Latest Shelf Additions
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Come visit Caliva - you know the vibes are always good when you walk through these doors... #staylifted #higherstandards

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Lola Lola x Caliva

A VERY limited run of Lola Lola Cone Kits (grade A flower, locally and organically grown) is available on the shelves at Caliva for a limited time & - BONUS - each kit comes with a collectible Lola Lola lighter. Read more about this whimsical brand:  and get your hands on the remaining Cone Kits while supplies last.  


Latest Shelf Additions 

Stardawg | Mid-shelf Hybrid Flower

This mid shelf flower is a real steal. The nose is sour and fuel-laden. and the smoke is nice and hefty. The high is best described as relaxed with a creative boost and leans toward mental clarity without much haze. This strain would be great for right after work, it won’t knock you out but it will certainly take the edge off after a stressful day. You'll love Stardawg for its great hybrid effects and uplifting boost!  

Professor Chaos | Top-shelf Hybrid Flower

Professor Chaos is an awesome sativa dominant hybrid grown with an all organic  home brewed compost tea. This is as clean as it gets and very tasty! The nose on this bud is absolutely amazing-  super sweet, fruity and citrusy. This top-shelf sativa dominant hybrid is some of these are some of the nicest buds we have seen yet. 


Budtender Reviews

GDP | Topshelf Indica Flower review from Laura

These round, dense nugs are purple, sticky and all bud with no stem. It gave a delicious, smooth smoke that left me craving more. This Indica was heavy enough that I was not able to finish the movie I was watching but instead fell right asleep and slept through the night- just what I was looking for!  Final Score: 5/5

L.O.B Island Sweet Raw-Zen | Concentrate Review from Sarah

This dark amber raw-zen has more of a shatter like texture than a gooey consistency. It’s very smooth, tasty and not at all harsh on the lungs. For someone who is not typically a fan of the taste of raw-zen, I was VERY pleased with the taste. Overall I had a very pleasant experience with this product but it may be a little too much Sativa for those who experience anxiety or prefer an Indica. Final Score: 4.5/5

Sour J1 | Sativa Flower Review from Joe S. 

The Sour J1 that I received was a lush, verdant green with a gaggle of orange hairs. The aroma was sweet and piney and when I broke the bud down it was sticky in the best possible way. The taste was totally on point with the aroma and the overall smoke was smooth and tasty! The effects came on rather quickly, and I noticed that even after a long day's work, I was suddenly feeling upbeat and ready to have some fun. What I really wanted to do was go out to the garage and play my drums, but it was almost midnight and so I had to settle with powering up the PS4 and playing Rockband. The strong sativa effects had me upbeat and feeling fine for over an hour, and my Rockband session was epic! This strain is highly recommended for anyone that enjoys fantastic cannabis. Final Score: 5/5


Upcoming Events

Veda Chews will be in-store Saturday, September 3rd from 12pm-4pm. Stop by, say hi and receive 10% off all Veda products! 


Have a Lifted Week....

Looking forward to seeing you soon friends! Come on down to Caliva this week to say hello - and don't forget your everyday member benefits. See you soon!  #higherstandards #staylifted