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Happy People: Rachel Kok

Happy People: Rachel Kok


Rachel Kok | Budtender

Rachel Kok is one of the HAPPIEST budtenders in our retail space and also one of San Jose's favorite Downtown Dweller. Rachel embodies the easy going spirit of Caliva and is an artist in her own right. She's an avid painter and finds time to help curate art shows around San Jose! 

What do you like about working at Caliva?

I love working with my coworkers. Each one of them has a passion for this job and there's nothing better than working as a team to get work done! Every time I come into work I'm greeted by such smiley and friendly people, it makes it hard to stay away!

Where can we find you on your days off?

Somedays I like to start with yoga in the morning at Be the Change Wellness Studio or a morning meditation. The rest of the day I usually spend riding my bike and picking up coffee from my favorite shop, B2, or one of the other great coffee destinations in SJ. I can spend my whole day reading and chatting and cruising around!

What do you love about Downtown San Jose?

I love the huge array of food to choose from, I love the murals all through downtown, but my favorite event is probably the First Friday art fair that happens throughout the year! Seeing the street full of people and music, sharing a love for art, and supporting their local artists is inspiring. I love the down to earth and supportive San Jose community.

What are your favorite products? Why?

Right now I can't stop drinking any of the Legal drinks that we carry. Every product of theirs has been not only tasty but some of the best consistent effects I've ever had. It feels like I can't go wrong with any of their choices! My staple is the 1:1 CBD Cranberry flavor because of it's powerful relaxation effect with a soothing and calm psychoactivity. I also love to micro-dose edibles so I make sure to keep stocked with Terra Bites, and the Beboe Pastilles to get the most therapeutic range from THC and CBD by small doses throughout the day!

What strain are you loving now?

I can't stop buying Ingrid from Madrone farms. Every time I smoke Ingrid I feel like I'm wearing a huge cozy sweater and sitting in front of a fireplace no matter where I am. It makes me feel content and warm; a perfect flower to end the day with.

What’s an activity/strain pairing you like? 

Black Jack is perfect for really settling in and focusing so I love to use it either from drawing or sculpture projects, or just for watching a movie or TV show! It gets me so into the zone I feel like I'm living anything I watch. 


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