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Happy People: Chris Stroman

Happy People: Chris Stroman

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Chris Stroman | Budtender

What do you like about working at Caliva?

In all honesty I would have to say the people I interact with. Also the vibe Caliva brings to the business. We are very simplistic and mellow and I love that feeling of contributing to that.

Where can we find you on your day off?

All depends on how many days I have off! ha ha. Normally if I'm not traveling with friends for a music event or adventure, I'm usually a sucker for a nice spot with good music. 55 South is my spot Sunday's for jazz or myth in a section tucked away.

Tell us something about you we didn't know?

I'm a big Frank Sinatra fan. I really dig his simplicity and soulful delivery. Plus, it completely throws off anybody my age that I like him. I used to DJ for couple years.

What do you love about San Jose?

I was born in Pasadena, California but I credit San Jose for raising me and giving me jewels. I love the small town city life. It's like having the hustle and bustle of a big city, but still have the community of being a small town.  

What are your favorite products? Why?

Personally I really like the Clarified Confections ghee butter we carry cause of its strength as well as our Legal drinks. The combination of the two make for great meals.

What strain are you loving right now?

I am really digging our Chocolate Hashberry right now because of how exotic it smells and taste .

What's an activity/strain you pair together?

I like Bubba Kush late at night for when I wind down and start searching for music. I only search for music that fit two occasions. One, when I'm winding down after work; Frank Ocean, SZA, maybe a Little Mansionz. Second, mood would be for energy, some Kayzo, a little DMX, basically anything that would be found playing loudly at a concert you can mosh too or work out too.


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