Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th is Coming (and it's going to be okay)!

Join us Friday the 13th as we celebrate a day filled with superstition and lore. We'll release Banana OG, an indica dominant hybrid strain that's sure to ease you into the weekend. Banana OG is a wonderful, bright green, unctuous flower with great trichome coverage. The high is fit for the rainy weather and allows you to chill at home, under a blanket watching something involved. Definitely an indoor kind of vibe.  

All Banana OG grams are $13 on Friday. 


Blue Belly Farms 


Banana OG hails from Blue Belly Farms. Blue Belly Farms is an organic, Santa Cruz based farm founded in 1990. Up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, above the coastal fog banks, beyond the busy roads, off the beaten path, in a naturally occurring sun-filled valley, protected by ancient trees and a pristine forest. Blue Belly Farms grows outdoor cannabis on their 67-acre garden thanks to the naturally occurring freshwater source, fresh air, perfect sunlight, fertile soil, and all natural nutrients their land provides. This remote, protected environment is the perfect location for an organic farm.

Their land is protected by a natural predator, one that enjoys eating all the pests that would threaten any organic crop- the blue belly lizard. These natural guardians of the crop were so special they decided to name their company after them!

Binge Watch Alert!

The Caliva team are all abuzz and are all catching up on The OA, a Netflix series that's a blend of sci-fi, fantasy and the supernatural. That's all we'll say because we aren't spoiler alert kind of people!

Vendor Days - Plus Gum and Whoopi & Maya

Join Plus Gum Friday, January 13th Join in store from 4-8pm and receive 10% off all of their delicious gums and candies. In addition to this killer deal, a member of the Plus Gum team will be onsite with promotional items!

Saturday, December 16th from 12-3pm, join the Whoopi and Maya crew in store. Maya is an award-winning cannabis product creator with a passion for innovation and quality products. Together with the fabulous Whoopi Goldberg, they are dedicated to making lotions, rubs, bath salts and tinctures that ease discomfort and provide tranquility. Their products have proven success with menstrual and joint pain. 
Meet a team member during their in-store visit and receive 10% off all Whoopi & Maya products. Also, be ready for some cool samples!