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Full Transparency: Everything You’re Wondering About Caliva Vapes

A Note From Caliva

We want to reassure you our Caliva brands (Caliva, Fun Uncle, Bad Apple, and Deli), specifically our cannabis vape oil cartridges, do not contain additives like vitamin E acetate, propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin.

At Caliva, we believe in the power of the cannabis plant and its natural ingredients.

No matter the consumption method, long-term we strive to develop products that are known to be safer, most closely match the cannabis plant in its purest form, and are both approachable and accessible to all types of cannabis consumers.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Recently there have been news reports on tragic lung illnesses linked to vaping. This has led to many questions from Caliva customers. This post seeks to provide insights into Caliva vape pens.

Since cannabis legalization in California, we’ve seen a steady rise in the popularity of cannabis oil vaporizers. According to cannabis retail reporting BDS Analytics, in 2017 California dispensaries sold over $438.09M in vape oil cartridges. Sales increased to $688.15M in 2018, and are set to exceed that this year. 

In Caliva’s own retail store, one in three items purchased is a cannabis oil vape cartridge. Caliva and Caliva brands (Fun Uncle, Bad Apple, and Deli) have twenty-eight (28) vape products sold throughout California and at Caliva. Caliva’s retail store and online delivery sells many more brands as well. People often prefer vape oil over other consumption methods due to its ease of use, quick time-to-effect, and discretion. However, we are starkly aware of the recent news surrounding the safety of both e-cigarette and cannabis vape oils. Most recently learning about even THC vape oil out of Oregon purchased from a legal dispensary being implicated in a cannabis vaping death.

From its inception, Caliva has taken the position of safety and compliance, adhering to California’s stringent standards—not only in our retail store but also in the products we manufacture. Our brand promise for Caliva products is consistency, transparency, and accessibility. We want to provide you with full transparency on the what, why, and how of Caliva-branded and Caliva-manufactured cannabis vape oil cartridges.

What is in Caliva vapes?

We carefully select each ingredient used in Caliva vape oil. Each ingredient is selected for its purity and source history. As a company, we believe in the power of the cannabis plant; and in that vein, whenever possible, we use ingredients that naturally exist in the cannabis plant. (This means you won’t see us adding synthetic additives.)

Each Caliva vape oil includes at least two components: Cannabinoids and either terpenes and/or essential oils. When necessary, we add a third component to make the oil thinner, called a diluent. 


Cannabinoids are the base of any good cannabis vape oil. It is what gives the vape its THC, CBD, CBN, etc. profile. Depending on the product manufactured, we use one or a mixture of the following cannabinoids:

  • THC Distillate - A cannabis oil that’s been extracted and refined to concentrate cannabinoids and remove plant waxes, lipids, etc.

  • CBD Isolate - An ultra-pure, powdered form of CBD.

  • Full-Spectrum Oil - A cannabis oil that’s less processed in order to preserve the plant’s compounds outside of cannabinoids.

  • Live Resin - A cannabis extract that’s even less processed than full-spectrum oil to preserve flavors and terpenes in addition to cannabinoids. 


Terpenes are added to Caliva’s cannabis oil vapes to alter the flavor and effect. In the cannabis plant, different strains express different terpene profiles, giving them a sativa, hybrid, or indica profile. We use terpenes not just as a flavoring agent, but also as a way to change the effect of the vape oil. 

We actively use two different types of flavoring agents, including:

  • Botanically-derived Terpenes - Derived from non-cannabis plants, including Bisabolol.

  • Cannabis-derived Terpenes - Derived by steam distilling cannabis plants from Caliva’s own garden.

Cannabis oil is highly viscous, which is not always conducive to vaporizing. We discontinued the use of diluents which are used to decrease the oil’s viscosity, making the oil more compatible with the vaporizer hardware. Currently, none of the products we sell include a diluent.

Please note: Discontinued product Lavender 3:1 formulation included essential oils (derived from non-cannabis plants) and triethyl citrate, a food additive to ensure the vape oil is thin enough for vaporizing.

What is NOT in Caliva vapes?

Many e-cigarette and cannabis vape oils contain ingredients that we have intentionally chosen to not include in our vape oil. 

Caliva-manufactured vapes do not include additives like:

  • Vitamin E acetate (common antioxidant additive)

  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Propylene glycol (common in e-cigarette oils)

  • Vegetable glycerin (common in e-cigarette oils)

Caliva Labs tests every step of the manufacturing process.

In 2016, we opened Caliva Labs at a time when very few were testing the purity of cannabis products. Today, California mandates third-party testing for all cannabis products sold. But we still invest in Caliva Labs to ensure our products not only meet California standards but exceed them. 

In 2019 alone—since the most stringent cannabis testing standards went into effect—we have completed over 500 third-party Certificate of Analysis (CoA) tests with a 99.8% pass rate.

Every cannabis vape oil manufactured at Caliva is triple-tested. First, raw materials are third-party laboratory-tested to ensure purity. Next, cannabis oil formulations are repeatedly tested at Caliva Labs for purity, flavor-profile, and effect. Lastly, filled cartridges are sent to state-certified third-party laboratories for its CoA.

How to know you’re purchasing a legal, tested product.

There’s no doubt that purchasing cannabis products from a licensed storefront or delivery service is safer. Purchasing from a compliant licensed storefront or delivery service means that products have undergone California testing required for specific pesticides, residual solvents, microbial, mycotoxins, and heavy metals—each of which has been selected for testing by the State. But how do you know that you’re at a licensed dispensary and the product has been tested? Licensed dispensaries are required, by law, to post their license number in all marketing and in the store. If you don’t see a license posted, it is not a legitimate shop. 

Every legal product has a compliance label indicating that it has been tested. And in the next few months, all products will include a METRC label, so you can see the history of your product.

Image of Caliva cannabis vape oil compliance label.

Image of Caliva cannabis vape oil compliance label.

Our promise of transparency and innovation.

Our work for safer products and consumption methods is never done. As we strive to be the leader of a trusted cannabis industry, we promise to never take the easy path and to hold everyone, including ourselves, to a higher standard. Over the next months and years, it is our goal to analyze every compound in our cannabis vape oil and study the thermal breakdown of those components upon heating and inhalation. No matter the consumption method, long-term we strive to develop products and consumption methods that are safe, most closely match the cannabis plants, and open access for the greatest number of people.

For specific inquiries about Caliva’s vape safety and ingredients, please email

Updated September 11, 2019 to clarify current ingredients used in our vape oil formulations.