CALIVA Weekly 6.6.16: Fresh Shelf Additions and Reviews


We're gearing up for an exciting couple of months friends. The industry is bustling with change and we couldn't be happier to be smack dab in the middle of it. We just rolled out a limited line of the beautiful Marley Natural Black Walnut accessories, and we can't wait for more new surprises coming at you for our one year anniversary happening next month (around July 14th to be exact!). So in the meantime, enjoy this edition of Caliva Weekly, and soak up your weekly dose of #coastalgrownculture.

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  • A Bit You Should Know About Terpenes
  • Budtender Reviews: Medusa and Platinum Cookies
  • Latest Shelf Additions
  • Upcoming Vendor Days

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A Bit You Should Know About Terpenes


Terpenes have been a subject of fascination for us here at Caliva over the last year since we opened our doors. They are perhaps one of the least understood, most important compounds present in the cannabis plant. Responsible for the variety of wonderful fragrances present in cannabis strains that we all know and love, we're excited for how terpenes research and products develop in the near future.

In the meantime, we turn to our friends at Leafly for some more in-depth education on terpenes and their purported health benefits. This is some seriously interesting reading. And don't forget to check out our terpene smelling station next time you visit us at Caliva!

All About Terpenes: 3 Articels from Our Friends at Leafly...


Budtender Reviews: Medusa and Platinum Cookies



Hybrid Flower Reviewed by Manni
Dense and moist
Appearance: Light green with touches of orange
Taste: Piney
Smoothness: Clean and smooth, not harsh
Comparable to: Chem Dawg
Overall Experience: Every time I've smoked Medusa it's been to treat my nausea or migraine headaches - it always helps me out. Mildly energetic and uplifting, Medusa is always good when you're under the weather or in pain.

Rating: 4/5 and a Yes

Platinum Cookies

Hybrid Flower Reviewed by Manni
Dense with a longer leaf/bud structure
Appearance: Bright green green with touches of yellow and crystally trichomes
Taste: Sweet, clean flavors with slight languish
Smoothness: Medium-bodied taste with a smooth finish
Comparable to: Gorilla Glue
Overall Experience: For me, Platinum Cookies provides swift pain relief. It truly does provide a heavy "stoniness", an almost tunnel-vision-esque sedative effect. 

Rating: 3.5/5 and a Yes


Latest Shelf Additions


Marley Natural Black Walnut Collection Accessories

Dedicated to creating uniquely designed accessories, Marley Natural offers an elevated line of smoking products for discerning herb connoisseurs. We're proud to be carrying a limited line of Marley's Black Walnut Collection accessories. Drop by the store to see them in all their beauty!

Khalifa Kush Flower

This O.G. is about as nice as they get (Leroy aside). Long awaited and always appreciated by our customer base; the two pounds we purchased probably won't last 3 weeks. 

Zskittelsz Flower

The skittles are back! This strain is as fruity as they come, notes of just about every fruit imaginable hence the name. It has very relaxing effects but it’s not a strain to rob you of your functionality. It is high in THC, hits like a truck, but you can think through the pleasant fog it creates.

Cherry A.K. Flower

This strain combines four land races: Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani. Because of the predominantly Sativa make-up, this strain would seem to be a sativa-leaning hybrid. But as the cultivator warned, it is leaning hard on the indica side of hybrid. Either way, this strain is delicious and effective.


Upcoming Vendor Days

DSC06612 (1).jpg

CBD/ABX June 10th 4-7pm

Absolute Extracts and Care by Design will be back with us again on June 10th 4-7PM. Come say what's up and grab 10% OFF their products while they are in-store!

Von Baron June 11th 12-4pm

Von Baron Farms will be back with us again on June 11th 12-4PM. Come say what's up and grab 10% OFF their products while they are in-store!


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