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CALIVA Weekly 5/9: Fresh Budtender Reviews & Caliva Collection Concentrates!

CALIVA WEEKLY: The latest news, knowledge and coastal grown culture...

Another Monday is upon us friends and the time is simply flying by. With 420 in the rearview mirror, we're looking forward to spending the beginning of summer releasing our house line of top-shelf concentrates in preparation for the 710 holiday. Drop by the collective and see which of these delicious concentrates we've already got on the shelf! We'll also have some delicious new Caliva Collection flower coming at you around that same time in July too.

So in the meantime enjoy your member benefits and remember to take advantage of our stellar everyday pricing on our Caliva Collection flower and concentrates currently on the shelf. Weed love to see you soon! #higherstandards

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Budtender Review: Kiva Confections

The Kiva chocolate samples that I tried were Tangerine Dark Chocolate, Irish Mint Cream and Espresso Dark Chocolate. I took about 6 doses at once and that was just about perfect for me. The high was a very comfortable indica body high. I was sleepy, but not so sleepy that I couldn't stay awake. In fact, I watched the old Willy Wonka movie with my mother while on the Kiva, I felt it was appropriate. The taste was great. The mint chocolate was my favorite, followed by the tangerine and lastly the espresso chocolate.

I also tried the blueberries and had a nice little buzz from 6 berries. I gave the coffee beans to my brother. They didn't do much for him, but I think he has a rather high tolerance.

- Joe, Caliva Budtender
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Budtender Review: Vet CBD

At first I was a little skeptical about this product because I have tried other similar ones and they didn't seem to work. The first time I gave my dog this product I gave him the recommended dosage for his size. It worked almost immediately because I could tell he was a little loopy and doped up. The next time I gave him a half-milligram and less and it worked wonders. It's been almost a month since I started giving it to him, and he hasn't had one seizure or whimpered when he laid down. However, I can still tell he's anxious so I'm considering taking him back up to the normal dosage. All in all this product has been a dream, he eats it right up and he seems to feel much better. I also feel very comfortable giving him something that was created with the help of a qualified veterinarian. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to offer relief to their animal.

- Claire, Caliva Budtender
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Staff Pick: Ingrid Connoisseur Strain

This new connoisseur strain is a very strong Indica. The scent is cheesy, musty and funky in the best way possible. We've got a limited supply on the shelf, so grab some on your next visit and experience the Ingrid! Perfect before bed.

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Have a Righteous Week

Looking forward to seeing you soon friends, and we're glad that you've been enjoying our new Caliva Collection flower and concentrates! Come on down to Caliva this week to say hello - and don't forget your everyday member benefits. See you soon!  #higherstandards #staylifted