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CALIVA WEEKLY: Daily Deals, Staff Picks & Von Baron Farms

Introducing our first issue of CALIVA WEEKLY: the scoop on what's up around the store, latest product and vendor knowledge, our member community and CALIVA culture at large.

We've got an epic week coming up for you with some screamin' top-shelf deals, another Vendor Day on the books AND we'll be kicking the week off with member-appreciation $35 eighths of top-shelf Black Jack (24% THC) on Monday and Tuesday! Later in the week Grandaddy Purps and White Buffalo will be on special to sweeten the deal. We've also got some great staff picks and Von Baron Farms for vendor day on Saturday. More details below...

All products and special pricing listed in CALIVA Weekly are pre-tax (8.75% California Sales Tax and 10% San Jose MBT are added upon checkout).

Top-Shelf Deals this Week


MEMBER APPRECIATION: 1/8's of Top-Shelf Black Jack (24% THC) - $35


MEMBER APPRECIATION: 1/8's of Top-Shelf Black Jack - $35
TACO TUESDAY: Purchases over $45 get 2 FREE tacos and FREE drink


FLOWER SPECIAL: 1/4's of Grandaddy Purps - $60


FLOWER SPECIAL: 1/4's of Grandaddy Purps - $60


TGIF FLOWER SPECIAL: Top-Shelf White Buffalo - 25% OFF


WEEKEND SCREAMER: Top-Shelf Black Jack Halves and Fulls - $125/$220
VENDOR DAY: Von Baron Farms - 10% OFF Their Products 12-4PM


WEEKEND SCREAMER: Top-Shelf Black Jack Halves and Fulls - $125/$220

This Week's Staff Picks

There's no one who knows our medicine better than our budtenders and Caliva crew members. As part of CALIVA Weekly, we've decided to start sharing some of their favorite products and expert knowledge. Here are the picks for this week...

BriteLabs Vape Pens and Cartridges

Brite Labs vaporizer extracts are made from California cannabis that is supercritical CO2  extracted, scientifically purified, and never cut with fillers. Members who buy BriteLabs cartridges almost always switch over from whatever brand they were previously using.  Each cartridge contains a half-gram of amazing quality CO2 oil.


Clarified Confections' Medicated Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Ghee is a traditional and delicious clarified butter that originated in India. At 1875 mg of THC this Ghee from Clarified Confections is the strongest edible we carry. Great for baking, this amount of butter fits perfectly into a standard cookie recipe and, separated into 25 equal portions, can produce around 25 separate 75mg cookies. Potent and delicious!


Daydreamer's Edibles

A highly-requested item, we have Daydreamer's edibles now in stock! Our current inventory includes: Indica 180mg Bar, Indica Apricot 180mg Bar, Sativa 180mg Bar, Sativa Blueberry 180mg Bar, CBD:THC 90:90 Bar, CBD:THC 90:90 Mint bar, Dreamcatcher (H) 360mg Bar, and lastly the Black Diamond (S) 720 Bar. Chocolatey and delicious.

Von Baron Farms In-Store Saturday 12-4PM

The Von Baron Family originated in the Bordeaux valley of France.  In the 12th Century, the Von Baron family owned large dairy farms that produced butter and cheese that was sold through all of Northern Europe.  Dr. Hans Von Baron, the grandson of Herve Van Baron, would treat his patients with herbal medicine grown on and around the family’s farms. His wife Sofie Van Baron, an accomplished baker, would infuse the medical herbs into sweet butter that was made from the family’s diary farm. Sofie would bake with the infused sweet butter in her various recipes to treat Dr. Von Baron's patients. Today the Van Baron family is continuing Hans and Sofie’s quest to provide people with the medical benefits of these herbs with a modern twist on the old recipes.

WE RECOMMEND: Cookie Butter (50mg) - this little jar of goodness took a First Place Award for Connoisseur's Choice Edible in 2015 - spread it on toast, pancakes, apple slices or just do like we do and just dig in by the spoonful.

Join us Saturday, March 19th from 12-4PM and meet the folks from Von Baron Farms. Plus, get 10% OFF all their products while they're here! 

Have a Lifted Week Friends...

Don't miss out on any (or all) of the awesome member-appreciation deals and specials we've got going on. We created them for you! Stop by Caliva to get something tasty and say hello to the crew! We're open 9AM to 9PM Monday through Saturday and 11AM to 7PM on Sundays. We'll be stoked to see you... #higherstandards