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The 3 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Budtender

Shopping at a safe, legal cannabis dispensary really does have its perks! One of those perks is getting to interact with your friendly neighborhood budtender.

The cannabis retail sales associate, or budtender, is the gateway between cannabis consumers and all the amazing products available legally today. Their job is to sell product, of course; but their second function is to educate, inform, and help recommend specific strains or items for each individual customer’s needs.

You can share as much, or as little, with your budtender as you feel comfortable with. Though, if your goal is to get the absolute best cannabis product for your situation, we recommend asking these questions every time you shop!

  1. What’s special about this product?

Aside from all the cool flavors, cannabis products have many variations that can make or break your ideal experience. It would take awhile for you to research every item in your favorite dispensary’s inventory - so, why not just ask a budtender for the highlights on each product that catches your eye?

Budtenders are well-trained to memorize the basics of each product on the shelf. Plus, they hear tons of feedback every day from other customers who try the products. It’s safe to say that they are the experts in the room - so take full advantage! You can feel free to ask them anything and get that vital information, without worrying about wasting their time.

We believe in asking questions, early and often. Far too many people leave a cannabis store without the exact item they wanted, simply because they felt rushed or intimidated to ask for more information.

2. Can I see it up close?

Although you may not be allowed to open, smell, or inspect every product, you still have a right to some information. Pretty much anywhere you go with legal cannabis, you will be able to view crucial information about the product right on the packaging.

Normally, an edible, beverage, or tincture dropper will list instructions for use prominently on the label. This will of course include the total dosage of THC in the product, the recommended portion size, onset time, and duration. We know that you want to know how long you will be elevated for once you use it!

In addition, objective laboratory test results are required in most states. You’ll see the sticker on the outside of your favorite flower, vape, or edible. This will tell you the exact dosage of THC and CBD detected inside, as well as a passing grade for a pesticide and toxin test.

3. What else is good right now?

No matter how experienced you are in the world of cannabis, it’s always a good idea to stay curious. New products and delivery methods are coming out all the time. One of them might be your new favorite - or at least, may expand your horizons.

Budtenders are normally pretty experienced with cannabis, especially the products at the shop where they work. They know the latest trends and tips to make your experience worthwhile.

We know for a fact that our well-trained budtenders can answer your questions, and help you on your journey to pick amazing products that are safe, effective, and good for you. We hope you can visit our San Jose dispensary so you can see what we mean by customer service!