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Inside this weeks issue...

Enjoy this issue of the Weekly, and come visit Caliva! You know the vibes are always good when you walk through these doors... #staylifted #higherstandards

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First time guide to edibles: "Giggling and silliness often accompany their use, but if you don’t know what you’re doing THC-laced edibles can be an unpleasant experience."  


Fresh Budtender Reviews

True OG
Indica Flower Reviewed by Sean
Looks: Green, Orange, Cured, Tight, Dense
Aromatics/taste: Clean, Crisp, Fresh, Sharp, Floral, Lavender, Woody
Effects: Aroused, Energetic, Relaxed, Tingly, Pain Relief, Body High

This True OG was a great stoney high. The aroma on this has so much pine throughout the smoke that it felt like i was in the forest. It was a wonderful strain for body pains and nerve problems. It took on a very strong blanketed body high that was quite enjoyable and had me with a smile on my face all night.  This is a perfect nightcap for anybody willing to enjoy the strong smoke of this piney treat. 21.3% THC

Final score: 9.5 and a yes

Jack Herer
Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Flower Reviewed by Allison
Looks: Green, Orange, Dry, Crumbly, Dense
Aromatics/taste: Crisp and Earthy
Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Head High

This strain has a delicious nose and the taste was mild and the high was very mellow. 

Final score: 7.5 and a yes. 


Upcoming Vendor Days + Events


Downtown San Jose Farmer's Market - Friday, October 28th

Join us on Friday, October 28th for one of the last farmer's markets of the season! Stop by our booth, grab some information and don't forget to stock up on some beautiful autumn produce from your local farmer’s market while you still can. 

ABX/CBD - Friday, October 28th
Absolute Extracts and Care by Design will be with us on Friday, October 28th from 12-3 PM. Come say hello and grab 10% OFF their products while  in-store! 

Lola Lola - Saturday, October 29th
Lola Lola will be with us on Saturday, October 29th from 1-4PM. We'll be launching their incredible new line of vape pens. And this Saturday only we'll be offering buy one get one free on all Lola Lola cartridges, as well as Buy One Lola 3-pack of pre-rolls, receive one free Lola Lola joint. Don't miss out! 


Have a Great Week...

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Come on down to Caliva to say hello - and don't forget to check out our constantly updated menu. See you soon!  #higherstandards #staylifted