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The best things to do when high For The Active Marijuana User 

Take a hike! 

Time with nature is always special. Even better when paired with quality cannabis! 

We recommend the Alum Rock South Rim Trail. Enjoy gorgeous views of the Santa Clara Valley, artisan cobble stone dating back to 1872, and a moderate workout! Quicksilver County Park is another awe-inspiringly awesome destination! This 4,163 acre reserve formerly housed over 1,800 miners and their families. Walk the rolling grounds, explore a mine, and have a grand time. 

Get Cultured!

A world of mystery and culture are at your fingertips in San Jose. Check out the Winchester Mystery House for a silly-good time when high. Prepare to be baffled! A staircase that goes down 7 steps, then up 11? Yep! Don't stray from your guide or you will get lost in miles of hallways and secret passages built to confuse ghosts who followed the owner...not kidding!

Looking for something more cultured to do when high?

Slightly less spooky than the Mystery House, check out the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in North America. Sparkling gold artifacts and bejeweled mummies tell a story of a glorious and mysterious past. 

Feeling Crafty? Here are some fun things to do when high! 

Card Party!

How often do you receive a personal note in the mail? Never! Create a personalized card, mail it, and make someone's day! The chances are high you already have what you need in your house. Repurpose paper bags, yarn, thread, paint, beads...whatever. Get crafty!

Marble Paper

Speaking of greeting cards, if you want to knock someone's socks off, try marbling your own paper! The Oh So Beautiful Guide provides easy step by steps. 

Tie Dye

Tie dying can be chic! With roots in the hippie hay-day of marijuana, tie-dying is a great way to pay homage to the marijuana smokers of yesteryear. Most people think of rainbow swirls, head bands, and raggedy old t's, but it's time to update! Try dip dying a cotton tote, or working with one color designs to create something modern and current. 

For The Marijuana User Who Likes To Sit On The Sofa

Just because you're on the sofa doesn't mean you have to be psychologically lazy! Here are the best movies to watch when high and stimulate different parts of your brain.

Smiley Faces - OK, don't use your brain.

This darling comedy staring Anna Faris chronicles the day of a woman who unknowingly eats a dozen marijuana cupcakes. 

Enter The Void - Watch If You Dare!

Directed by art-house film maker Gaspar Noé, this one may take a few tries to get through. Provocatively experimental, good luck making it through the opening credits!!!

Being John Malcovich - You've probably seen it, and are overdue to watch it again!

Wait, what? A portal in an office space that leads to John Malcovich's brain? Enough said. Cameron Diaz becomes addicted to the portal in a refreshing and unexpected role. 

What's The Best Music To Listen To When High?

If you wanna get up and dance, check out Midnight Magic. Nu-Disco to keep you grooving all night long. 

If it's time to chill out, but still tap your foot, Luke Temple is #1!

Looking to discover someone new? Janelle Kroll is a rising star from NYC who creates music for every mood.  

What's the best book to read when high?

At Caliva we like to laugh, smile, and feel good! Try of these books to keep the happy vibes going.

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is a collection of short stories about the life of the provoking humorist, David himself. 

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey is a hilarious autobiography and was the #1 bestseller in the US for 5 weeks!

Go The F*ck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach is a great children's book for the fed up parent!

Where To Eat While High In San Jose?

San Jose has some real gems for craft cocktails, international fare, and good ole fashioned bar food. 

Firehouse #1 is a great place to eat when high. Enjoy elevated american pub food in a lively and fun environment.

Mezcal is your go to spot for gourmet Oaxacan fare. Complex and tasty Mexican food to fire up your palette!

San Pedro Square Market is so fun! A specialty market with a bar, and live music? Yes!

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