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best san jose medical marijuana

Happy Plants.
Happy People.

Caliva Collection indoor flower products are grown with intention, lab-tested, and sold in CA's premier dispensaries. Proven to delight customers in our San Jose dispensary (rated #1 in the nation by Business Insider), Caliva Collection products are making waves across CA.

Know your grow... #gocaliva

Premium Flower

What It Is:

Each Caliva Garden grown strain is selected for its purity, premier genetics, and superior effects. Tested in-house at Caliva Labs to ensure quality, we offer our Caliva Crew Members the best strains on the market.

Budtender Pro Tip:

Select strains that smell best to you. Flower that pleases the nose will work with your individual body chemistry to please body and mind!


What It Is:

6 Filtered Solo Rolls - (.7g/ea)

Smoking a toastie is a throwback to the cannabis of yesteryear. A blend of both THC and CBD strains, toasties are the ultimate casual cannabis experience for the discreet user.

This high-grade premium indoor flower is toasted at a low temperature for optimal consistency, flavor, and effect. This process creates a delightful, smooth smoke. Rolled in a traditional cigarette tube, toasties feel, taste, and look good.

What Budtenders Are Saying:

Toasties are the hands-down best choice for casual, refined and low-dose users who want a consistent, discreet and delightful cannabis flower experience. Let's toast to that! 

6 Filtered Solo Rolls(.7g/ea)


What It Is:

4 Premium Hand Rolls - (.5g/ea)

Dogwalkers are premium hand rolls for solo or shared sessions. Made from premium full-flower and rolled in natural hemp papers, you can expect an even burn and no excess tar nor resin in the crutch. Dogwalkers are available in a variety of strains and blends.

Budtender Pro Tip:

Designed in-house by our expert pre-roll team, Dogwalkers are the perfect product for the intermediate patient looking for a casual smoke with friends.


What It Is:

Pure & Terpene Rich Cannabis Oil - (1.0g/ea)

Rosin is pure, solvent free extract, and is the healthiest way to experience cannabis concentrates. Using an all-natural approach and state of the art technology, our pure hash-rosin is hand-pressed in-house at our lab.

Carefully selected genetics are grown to their greatest potential under Caliva's expert cultivation team, then pressed from indoor pharmaceutical-grade cannabis material to retain all organic terpenes (for the best scent and flavor!).

What Budtenders Are Saying:  

Rosin is the epitome of a full plant experience, and the obvious choice for the ultimate connoisseur. Users love the potency of the clean high and the flavorful terpenes that express the desirable characteristics of cannabis plants.

Fire Stick

What It Is:

Single High Potency Roll - (.8g/ea)

This premium flower preroll is dipped in C02 oil, then rolled in pure kief making for a high-potency, visually unique product that’s dressed to impress! An intriguing mix of terpenes and cannabis form factors, this product is the true "whole plant" experience utilizing flower, kief and oil.

Budtender Pro Tip:

This product is ideal for the connoisseur customer looking for an intriguing new cannabis experience that will take their preroll experience to the next level. The Fire Stick is the perfect choice for advanced patients.