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best san jose medical marijuana

buy caliva marijuana in bulk and enhance your Dispensary experience  

Caliva Collection indoor flower products are grown with intention, lab-tested, and sold in CA's premier dispensaries. Proven to delight customers in our San Jose dispensary (rated #1 in the nation by Business Insider), Caliva Collection products are making waves across CA.

Know your grow... #gocaliva

Premium Indoor Flower

Grown with intention under high pressure sodium bulbs in all-natural media. No harsh chemical fertilizers nor pesticides used. Hand trimmed and carefully selected for their greatest potential. Lab-tested and proven to delight customers.

Type: I/H/S/CBD

Total Weight: 454 G

Cannbanoids: See QC Report for details.

Strains: Ask your rep for Caliva’s current Harvest Forecast.



Pure & Terpene Rich Cannabis Oil - (1.0g/ea)

Pure solventless premium extract made from premium Caliva Collection in-house indoor trim, lab tested and verified.

Type: I/H/S/CBD

Cannabinoids: See QC Report for details.

Strains: Custom blends or strain specific pending availability.


4 Premium Hand Rolls (.5g/ea)

Made from premium full-flower and rolled in natural hemp papers. An even burn and no excess tar or resin in the crutch. Available in a variety of strains and blends.

Type: I/H/S/CBD

Strains: Custom Blends or strain specific pending availability.

Cannabinoids: See QC report for details.


6 Filtered Solo Rolls - (.7g/ea)

Premium indoor flower and shake toasted at low temperatures for optimal consistency, flavor and effect. A blend of strains (THC & CBD), toasties are the ultimate solo casual cannabis experience for the refined user. In a traditional cigarette tube, Toasties feel, taste and look good.

Type: I/H/S

Strains: Custom blended. 

Cannabinoids: See QC for details.


Our Premier Partnership Network Guarantee

  • Lab Tested Products & Results (our Caliva Lab has been certified to report results for THCA, d9THC, CBD, CBDA, and CBN within acceptable variance The Emerald Test®)
  • Early access to top shelf indoor flower and rosin 
  • Product consistency & availability  
  • Easy reordering capabilities
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Compliance and regulatory assistance/compliant business Ttansactions
  • Insights and takeaways from our lobbying efforts
  • A growing network of brand ambassadors to help drive sales to your store