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Poetic Interlude

Chemical Love

By Michael Bell

My passion for you is like an ionic bond

An attraction so strong and durable it can’t be ignored

Our relationship is like sodium chloride

Two extremely opposite ions that can be terrible alone

But together form a completely new and beautiful compound,


And when I see you

Well you make my electrons get excited and want to react

Ready to form a new molecule

A little of you and little of me

You and I can swap properties whenever you want

But it goes deeper than the simple heat of the reaction,

you and I

We have something more than just nuclear attractions or

intermolecular forces 

What we have, baby

It goes outside the laws, theories and principles of chemistry

What you and I have is love


Flashback Movie Review!

Caliva Crew member Brandon digs in the crates to review the beloved (?) classic, "Bio-Dome." Does Pauly Shore stand the test of time? Read on... 

Strain: Purple Sticky Punch

Film: Bio-Dome

Year: 1996

Rating: PG-13

Director: Jason Bloom

Starring: Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin, Kylie Minogue and Joey Lauren Adams

What would be a better way to start Caliva's movie reviews then pairing Purple Sticky Punch with the movie that christened it, Bio-Dome. While not a classic, this mid-nineties throw-away comedy is endearing with the cult crowds and makes for one hell of a comedy. 

Just because we’re stuck in a bubble doesn’t mean we can’t cause any trouble.

A group of scientists create the perfect self-contained biological atmosphere and expect to spend a year locked inside it. However, things get complicated when a pair of local stoners, Bud (Shore) and Doyle (Baldwin), stow away in the Bio-Dome to impress their girlfriends (Teresa Hill and Joey Lauren Adams). They actually become part of the experiment themselves when they're discovered by the scientists. Unfortunately, they have a seriously negative impact on the project, crippling it. But they make a really good case for planting Purple Sticky Punch. 

I propose that we plant these seeds and I know what you’re thinkin’ “Illegal! Illegal!” but the value of purple sticky punch goes way beyond just tokin’ it!

Whatever Pauly Shore was going for Bio-Dome goes down as one of the most fun stoner movies of the nineties. The humor is more crude and mature than Shore’s previous work. Although his character stays the same. Bud isn’t far off from his other characters Crawl, Stoney and Bones with a bit more raunch. Stephen Baldwin was a great co-pilot. They work off of each other really well. Bio-Dome creatively combined toilet humor with a positive message about the environment. It’s great. It even featured Tenacious D in their first on-screen appearance. It was a trip to see Jack Black and Kyle Gass in ‘96. Other cameos include Kylie Minogue, Patty Hearst, Rose McGowan and Taylor Negron

There were a slew of low-budget braindead comedies in the nineties. Each one has it’s unique nostalgic charm. Bio-Dome is the crest of this tide. The stupidest of the brain dead comedies and that isn't a bad thing. If you want a stupid comedy that can shut your brain off for two hours. None is better than this. The lines. The characters. The ability to rewatch over and over. Bud and Doyle are fun. They remind us to chill and not take life seriously. Bio-Dome pairs perfectly with Purple Sticky Punch. An Indica-Hybrid that loosens the mood and relaxes you and chills you out. Great for laughs. Great for slowing down and forgetting the troubles. Definitely something that all of us should enjoy. 


Hiking Barefoot

For many of us, getting into nature is vital to our well-being. The combination of cannabis and nature is incredibly uplifting and restorative. Aaron Adams, Caliva Labs' tech, not only enjoys getting out into the Forest of Nisene Marks for a hike, but likes to explore the natural terpenes in nature. 

"Terpenes are organic compounds that are typically made by plants in nature and they have been used for a long time in traditional health and wellness applications such as aromatherapy and Chinese medicine.There are over 20,000 terpenes in nature and almost 200 that are found in cannabis; depending on the quantities of different terpenes a person chooses to expose themselves, they can fine tune the therapeutic benefits they are looking for"," explains Adams. 

               Pinene Molocule

               Pinene Molocule

For Adams, Pinene is a terpene he loves to take in on his hikes and credits nature for being his place of solitude and relaxation. Always the scientist, Aaron is consistently mesmerized by the wonders of nature. 

Yes, Aaron literally hikes barefoot!

Yes, Aaron literally hikes barefoot!

Canine Love with Shelah Barr

Shelah Barr  (CMT, ABW, SAMP, CCFT)

Shelah Barr  (CMT, ABW, SAMP, CCFT)

We recently sat down with Shelah Barr, owner of Happy Hounds Massage and Fitness to discuss all things canine wellness and the benefits of CBD for pets. 

Coastal Grown: Tell us a little bit about your business.

Shelah Barr: HHM&F is pretty much a one man show, so to speak. I started the company about 11 years ago with the idea to make wellness and preventative care for pets accessible, affordable, and fun.

I do all the hands-on and face-to-face work, and all the admin stuff.  I’m really lucky to have met other independent and talented women who fill the gaps (canyons, really) in my knowledge and abilities about running a business. It’s been a goal to be able to give other women work and I’m really happy that the company is able to do that now.

I started out doing house and work-space calls for pet massage. In the last year, after finishing a specialized program at a vet school, I opened the canine fitness studio where the dogs do their personalized work-outs. The studio also works well for massage clients who live too far out of SF for a house-call.

The company has also been an avid supporter of our local rescues. I spend as much time as I can volunteering, and just finished sitting on a State mandated Task Force with the California Veterinary Medical Board regarding Animal Physical Rehabilitation.

CG: When did you start working in the canine wellness world?

SB: I started working with dogs 12 years ago after nearly 20 years in human health care, and officially founded the business in 2006.

CG: What drives your passion to help animals?

SB: It must be a combo of my love for working with bodies and my love for animals. Our domesticated dogs can’t really thrive without us. Not everyone has the knowledge or ability to supplementally support them the way they need, or even the foresight to do so – we all have our strengths, right?  Mine is understanding how a body stays healthy, ages well, and gets hurt and heals. And I’m really loving working with animals, so this is what I love to do.

CG: What role do you think cannabis plays in canine wellness?

SB: Cannabis, like any medicinal herb, could be helpful for some dogs with certain conditions. CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation and pain in humans, and successful in mitigating symptoms of certain conditions and the side-effects of some pharmaceuticals (e.g. chemotherapy drugs).  So far it seems that CBD can offer canines similar benefits.

For example some of the more popular and effective arthritis treatments for canines have undesirable side effects. It’s possible CBD could be an adjunct to a pharmaceutical allowing you to reduce the amount of chemical your pet is taking, or in some cases, be a replacement.

There could also be benefits to short term usage. As veterinary medicine advances so do the treatments available for acute injuries such as broken bones or torn ligaments. Orthopedic repairs are becoming more common, and even though dogs tend to heal more rapidly than we do, they still have post surgical pain and inflammation.  CBD might be a way to co-treat those temporary symptoms, as well as keeping your pet calm during the healing process so they don’t re-injure themselves.

CG: Are there particular products that you’re a fan of? Why?

SB: There are 2 manufacturers I know of that are using human grade medicinal plants to produce CBD tinctures for pets.  One is Treatwell and the other is Vet CBD

My belief is that if you’re going to administer a medicinal agent to your pet it should be of the highest and purest quality available. You should also be able to find out how it was produced, what the ingredients are, and what dosage to use.  These two companies are candid about their ingredients, processes, and are available to consumers who have questions about their products.

There’s another product I like but am cautious about. It’s a vegetable glycerin based tincture. Most tinctures are made with some kind of alcohol or even chemicals, and glycerin is frequently made from grape, which is highly toxic to dogs.  This one has no alcohol, chemical or grape, and is sweet so a dog is happy to lap it up, but it has mixed test results showing mid to high ranges of CBD, and mid to high ranges of THC ,which if accurate would make it inappropriate for pets. It’s also made for humans so you have to do a bit of math to calculate the correct dosage.

CG: Do you have advice for people who are hesitant to introduce cannabis to their pets?

SB: 1. Do your research. Read as much fact-based information as you can. Understand there will be very little of it not because it doesn’t work, but because studies about subjective symptoms like pain with a being that doesn’t have the power of speech are very difficult.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t information available, you’ll just have to be resourceful in finding it.

There are some veterinarians, especially in Colorado and California, who are doing their own small studies. Reach out to them if you have questions about their findings.

2. Talk to people who are using products that are made responsibly and specifically for pets. I don’t mean read the testimonials on a website, I mean find people who have been using the products for their pets and are willing to speak with you, or at least email with you. Ask if they had the same concerns you do, what their concerns were, and what swayed them, and express your own concerns. Also ask them what pet they’re using it for, and what condition that pet is in. Their experience might be with an arthritic cat and you have a dog with a torn ACL. You want to compare apples to apples to get a better and truer idea of what your results might be.

3. Talk to your vet. Ask them what their experience is with other patients and CBD, and if they think it might be appropriate for your pet.  And be clear it’s CBD, so they don’t get alarmed about THC toxicity, which is what they see in the ER.

CG: Describe a perfect weekend for yourself.

SB: A good session at the gym, working with some clients, getting down time at home with my crazy dog, hanging out with friends – maybe a hike, movie, dinner, museum visit or cooking. Some naps. I love naps!

CG: When not at work, where can we find you?

SB: What’s “not at work”? Any of the places above, or Land’s End. One of the best urban hikes ever.

*Please note that Shelah is not a medical provider and the comments made are her opinion based on experience in this particular field of practice. None of the comments are intended to be a replacement for veterinary advice or care.

The Soul of Mattole 

Nestled on the Northern reaches of Humboldt County's Lost Coast, in the iconic Mattole River Valley, lies Mattole Family Farm. MFF is a small-scale farm specializing in organic and sustainable cultivation practices. From composting local cow manure to make our soil, brewing compost tea from our farms Alpacas and worms, and utilizing strict water management practices, we pride ourselves in being stewards of the land first, and farmers second. We made it our goal to produce some of Northern California’s most quality, conscious-minded, organic cannabis; without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. And now, four years after our inception, we are happy to provide some of the most ethical cannabis products on the market. 

Mattole Family Farms was started in 2012 by a group of like-minded friends with various backgrounds in cannabis cultivation. With a shared interest in an agrarian lifestyle and a keen desire to continue surfing as much as is humanely possible, the Mattole Valley's quaint town of Petrolia was a perfect fit.  A mere 10 miles from the shores of the Lost Coast, we not only benefit from consistent summer breezes and a temperate climate, but views and access to a rugged and stunning coastline as well. Our farm sits tucked back from the coast, behind the tail-end of the Kings Range mountains, on a scenic property adjacent to the Mattole River.  Through much trial and error, triumphs and tribulations, we’ve evolved the techniques and practices being utilized on our farm to this day.  As the emphasis for many cannabis producers has been to ‘go bigger’ and produce as much as they can, we continue to harp back to our roots and focus on creating a quality product in an ethical manner. 

Working with members of our local community, we source as much local material as we can for our farm. This includes hauling cow manure from our local organic dairies, which we then compost for 6-8 months to create our soil medium. We are firm believers in maintaining a high beneficial biology in the soil, as it creates the environment for much more vigorous and healthy plants to grow. To do this, we enlist the help of millions of earthworms, who turn our beloved Alpaca manure into a rich, dark, soil teeming with micro-biotic life. These castings are utilized into our soil mix, as well as brewed into our compost teas, which serve as the primary food source for all of our plants.  Our soils are inoculated with spent mushroom compost from a local organic mushroom farm, creating a healthier root system and the periodic emergence of any number of edible fungi. We are committed to purchasing the least amount of plastic products as possible, and buying local whenever we have the opportunity to do so.


As the industry continues to rapidly evolve, Mattole Family Farms hopes to evolve with it. Throughout many industries, the demand for organic and ethical products has seen massive growth over the last few years, and that awareness is becoming equally relevant to the cannabis industry. The increasing standards and more scrupulous testing being applied to cannabis products is guiding the industry to abandon once commonly used toxic pesticides and fungicides, and seek alternative means to accomplish the job. With experience under our belt and a commitment to farming sustainably, we’re confident that Mattole Family Farms will have a place in the cannabis industry for years to come.

Happy People: Nelson Ricardo

Nelson Ricardo


Nelson Ricardo.jpg


Originally from Santiago, Dominican Republic, Nelson Ricardo is Caliva Lab's Extraction Lead. Known for his incredible skills and expertise, Nelson's right where he belongs; perusing his passions at Caliva.

Favorite product on the shelf –

Eternal Sunshine Flower Rosin

Favorite strain –

Jack Herer / Alien OG

Coastal Grown: What inspires you about Caliva?

Nelson Ricardo: The professionalism, quality of staff and product. I love the support and encouragement for new ideas and projects and also the great vibes every time I come to work.

CG:Where can we find you on your day off?

NR: Surfing in Santa Cruz or getting groovy in Oakland or SF. Also, my wife and I, along with our dogs like to get unintentionally lost on hikes.

CG: Any TV/Movie obsessions?

NR: TV Channel: Viceland, TV Show: Portlandia/Narcos, Movie: The Fifth Element

CG:What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

NR: Puscifer! Saw them at The Ace Hotel theater in Los Angeles.

CG: What’s the best vacation you’ve ever gone on?

NR: Costa Rica 2012!!! From jungles to volcanoes to world class waves. It was the best.

CG: What is your science background? 

NR: I have a bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Tourism, but left that behind to work with my true love; The Cannabis Plant. It all started with 4 plants in my closet. After a lot of trial and error; the more I learned, the more love and passion I felt for the plant. Amongst my friends, I was the “weed geek” that was always experimenting different ways to make hash and oils. I was always taking notes on the aromas and flavors of cannabis. For me, it was more than smoking and getting high. I went from reading blogs to buying books and then finally I moved to the United States and got certified in Cannabis Horticulture and Budtender in the THC university here in California. I’ve also have participated in events like The Emerald Cup and The Lost Art of the Hashishin workshop.

It always made sense to me to grow your own and see the fruits of your crop, even more when you can get so many different products out of it. Thanks to the support at Caliva I’ve been able to keep up the research and fine tune my technique focusing in solventless and organic extraction methods like Ice Water hash and Rosin, this basically turned my dreams as a teenager into a lifetime career.